How To Sell Your Business/Property In GTA 5 Online

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in this video I'm gonna show you guys I

could sell your properties in GTA 5

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after you let's get right in today's

video so a lot of people have been

wondering of how they can go ahead and

sell or refund their properties in GTA

online I'll be basically showing you

that now for the first method right here

is basically what you do is you trade in

your properties for cheaper properties

and then you make the return back and

that's one way that you can really make

a lot of money back from buying

apartments especially what you could

basically do is that if you have a

high-end apartment for say you could

just go to low to high and buy like a

unit one to four popular Street garage

which is are only like twenty five

thousand dollars and what basically

happens is that you trade in your one

hundred thousand or a million dollar

apartment for your $25,000 garage and

then the return you make back so right

here you see that I received eighty six

thousand five hundred dollars back from

trading in my apartment for just this

two-car garage and if you guys already

had vehicles inside this garage do not

worry because you could just call your

mechanic at any time and get the

vehicles whenever you want they're just

put into storage and you can only see

two vehicles at the time and the same

goes for like hangars bunkers club

houses facilities basically it's all the

same but if you guys have any upgrades

on these club houses or whatever then

you're gonna be able to not make that

much money but because of the fact that

you already have upgrades such as

storage and stuff and that's why you

might lose some money while you were

downgrading or trading in your


but just keep that in mind before you go

ahead and do this little trade method

right here because as you can see right

now when I went to trade it in the

nightclub you see that I it says that it

will save you $850,000 but it ended up

wasting my two hundred and thirty

thousand dollars for upgrades and stuff

so that only happens once you have

upgrades already installed inside your

businesses so just keep that aware

before you guys go ahead and try this

method make sure they don't have any

upgrades on these businesses or you'll

be losing out on money now moving on to

the second method right here basically

all you really need to do for this

method is that go down below inscription

I have a link to the Rockstar support

page and then what you have to do is

create a ticket on this page and you'll

get an email back from Rockstar you just

have to fill in your information and

describe what your issue is all you

really need to say I want to go ahead

and a refund one of my businesses or

your properties or whatever and then

make sure that is recently purchased

because if you bought this thing like

about a year ago or something I highly

doubt you're actually getting a chance

of going ahead and selling or getting

our refund on any of your businesses

right here so just keep that in mind so

I just want to let you guys know this in

today's video hopefully you guys learn

something in today's video if you guys

have any questions comments or concerns

to leave in the comment section down

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video it's been a boy now and I'll be

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