GTA 5 Online: How to Sell your House - (GTA 5 Online Sell your House)

what's going on guys sit here welcome to

GTA online today we'll show you how to

sell your apartment in this game so

let's get started so as you guys might

already know there is no option of

selling apartments in this game and this

is kind of frustrating because sometimes

you actually take very very fast

decisions and buying the apartments for

example it happened to me more than once

before actually I bought an apartment

which was very expensive cost me

something like I don't know $200,000 or

something and then I realized that the

apartment was not a good choice and it

was not in a good location so I decided

that I wanted to get rid of it I wanted

to sell but unfortunately there was no

option of selling it at all so all that

money was at waste but today I'm going

to show you a way that you could

actually use to sell your apartment and

even though it's not exactly going to

bring you all your money that you paid

on it and the first time back it's still

better than nothing I mean for example

if you paid for your apartment something

like $300,000 the amount of money that

you're going to get back from selling

the apartment by the message I'm going

to tell you might be something like 150

thousand on or maybe even less maybe

hundred twenty-five thousand dollars or

something but you can consider that this

amount of money that's going to go on

you it's going to be the amount of money

that you paid for the amount you for the

time you spent on this apartment or

something or that time you spent in this

house so it's not really that big of a

deal my opinion like I see it's still

better than nothing if you hate your

apartment and you want to get rid of it

so that mess that I'm talking about

that's gonna bring you some of your

money back it's still better than not

being able to sell your apartment at all

and not using it so all the money will

be gone for you like literally so yeah

let's get right into showing you how to

sell your apartment in this game or not

exactly sells but how to make some money

off your apartment in this game and get

rid of it so let me just get out of my

car because I don't know I just don't

like I don't like being in my car when

I'm doing stuff oh crap I just got out

of my car for one second why am I in the

graveyard by the way I mean can I just

point that out I mean I died and then I

spawned in the graveyard is that

something new I mean like I said I

haven't playing Grand Theft Auto online

for a while but I'm not exactly sure is

that actually something new they put in

the game every time you die you actually

spawn in the nearest graveyard like you

were dead and then you came back into

life like a zombie I'm on my zombie

right now my zombie I'm not a zombie

okay is that a coincidence is that a

coincidence that I I spawned in a

graveyard or is it not I'm not exactly

sure but if that's a new feature in the

game I know that's kind of cool I guess

anyways let's get back into my car or

why would I want to get back into my car

I just wanna I don't know I just wanna

be next my car because it makes me feel

where's my car other there it is okay

that the Batmobile or not exactly by

Maria but yeah it's kind of cool so the

method I'm talking about in selling your

car in this game and I want to do it

real quickly before the event starts

because I kind of want to be in that

event in mind to be honest so you need

to go into dynasty eight executable

whatever it's called and then go here

and you need to go here to lie low to

high and go into the least the least

cost apartment ever or not exactly our

apartment that's a garage or a house or

something it doesn't really matter what

it is what matters is that this is the

cheapest thing you could ever possibly

buy in this entire website I'm pretty

sure it's a garage I don't think that's

the house there's no way a house and

granted online cost twenty five thousand

dollars but this is a garage definitely

so what you want to do is to click

volume down one and then purchase

property and it's going to give you the

choice of trading it as one of the

apartments that you have and as you can

see if I trade it with my Eclipse tower

is going to give me two hundred and

fifty thousand dollars back and if I

trade it with the other apartment is

gonna give me eighty seven thousand five

hundred dollars but well to be honest

I'm not I'm not exactly guys do that

because I love those two apartments and

I don't want to get rid of any one of

them but that's the way you do it

you just go into the website choose the

cheapest garage ever which is twenty

five thousand dollars and after that

it's going to give you the choice of

trading it with one of those buildings

or apartments that you own right there

and then you can just click on one of

them and it's going to bring you some of

your money back I like I said it's not

going to be done much of money I mean

for examples that Eclipse tower

apartments we I I bought it with five

hundred thousand dollars and now it's

going to bring me back two hundred and

fifty thousand dollars so yeah it's not

really that much that's literally half

the price but like I said what were you

expecting I mean were you expecting to

get that all the money back that doesn't

make any sense so there's gotta be a

sacrifice somehow and like I said this

is still better than nothing this is

still better than still having the

apartment that you don't even use and

you don't even want and not even using

it and not even having any money back so

yeah that's still better than nothing if

you have an apartment that you do not

like and you don't want to use at

all then you could you can literally use

that measure to just get rid of it and

get some of your money back so yeah like

I said I'm not gonna do that to any of

my apartments because I just [ __ ]

love those two apartments they are the

best two apartments and the best two

locations I've ever found in the entire

map but yeah that's the way do it and

yeah that's how you sell your apartments

or sell your houses in this game or

that's the closest you can get into

selling your apartments or houses in

this game and that's all let's end the

video by excluding this course