BUY Real Estate in Cyprus: Everything You Need to Know!

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okay so this is pretty interesting I

moved to Cyprus about four years ago in

the real estate market changed so much

that you could easily buy a house for

100 000 Euros back then and now you're

lucky if you can get a two-bedroom

apartment for the same money literally

everyone wants to buy properties as an

investment as a holiday home for

permanent residency reasons or even just

to live rent free here and all of those

are legit reasons to do so but as we

only have a limited supply of properties

here in Cyprus and building them takes a

while the demand Rises way too fast in

relation to the supply and this leads to

inflated numbers and makes the real

estate market more and more expensive

but some people just don't care about

this as they are very rich rich people

come here to the island take a five

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