How To Make $111,300/Yr as a P&C Insurance Agent

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thank you so much yelling I really

enjoyed it man out make sure you check

out the video I'm fixin I'm pickin to a

video and diagnosed our call - so you

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good luck bye all right I just got the

phone with a guy Sean Graham out in Cali

and he's a PMC agent

he watched our Channel he follows

everything we do and he wanted me to

break we just spent an hour on the phone

together breaking down the PNC business

I've had more experience with the PNC

business than people realize but what he

said was he said hey Cody he said hey my

target is 53,000 per month he's a 53,000

per month and then I will make $100,000

plus per year as a PNC agent I mean the

dude knew his numbers pretty well we

have to dive even further cuz you guys

know me I'm like dang dude okay so what

do we have to do to do this and that man

okay so I said okay so what does that

look like well if you break it down when

he writes a home in California it's

worth about 700 bucks

on average when he writes an auto in

California it's worth about 2,400 bucks

okay so the two of those that's about

$3,100 when he writes a when he combines

those okay and writes home and auto in

one in one sitting on one family his

commission if you if he does a combined

policy is seventeen and a half percent

okay so when he does that he just

realizes that he needs to do

it was literally he needs to do that

when you divide it from this he needs to

write a one home in one auto seventeen

times per month okay if you look at 20

business days

that's almost every single day so how do

we get to where he's riding one home and

one auto my handwriting is almost

perfect today - if you haven't noticed

one home and one hata Auto every single

day how do we do that I said okay well

dude what's your closing ratio what are

you doin he said right now I'm getting

back in the swing of things he said I'm

in about he said I'm at about nine

percent so I'm about nine percent

clothes when I get a quote you know when

I get someone that allows me to quote

them and then he can take it a step

further east okay that's it okay well

he's it needs to be back like 10 11 12

percent he said they will get there he's

right now in about a nine percent the

perfect thing should be an honest


so what he needs to do all this guy

needs to do to make $100,000 per year is

what he needs to quote to get a full

hundred percent closings where he closes

a policy he needs to quote 11 per day so

he so what what he means is he needs 11

quotes every single day how do you get

to 11 close and the way we broke it down

was every time that he knocks 50 doors

he ends up with about four quotes okay

every time that he calls and speaks

because he uses Zen call every time he

calls and speaks to a hundred people he

ends up with six quotes this was a

little more efficient for him because

this takes him about two to three hours

that's okay Sean what you need a do bro

is you need you need to speak on the

phone to 200 people per day now can he

still follow up can he still write

business Kenny still serve as his own

clients and all that

if he is spending four to six hours per

day on the phone well maybe not so what

he does is he's already got other

expenses in his agency where he's

spending money so what you do is in his

example I said dude could you

hypothetically could you because he has

all of that word could you train someone

to make calls like you do part-time he's

already spent a couple hundred bucks a

month on random crap anyway could you

get to where you could train someone to

get to talk to Hunter people a day and

get you for five to six clumps he's like

yeah you know I could do the script I

can walk through it okay so if he hired

someone part-time and they worked let's

just say that they worked like three

hours a day five days a week you're

you're only it you're only at 15 hours

you can pay someone like 10 bucks in an

hour and he's out of pocket a week like

a hundred and fifty measly dollars I

mean dude that's a really good steak

maybe a couple steaks but you know you

see where I'm going it's not a lot of

money it's not a ton I've never bought a

hundred dollar stake but dude we need to

someday 150 bucks part time for the

whole week and that hundred and fifty

bucks but you get it you get it you're

going to break down numbers you're going

to know the numbers you understand this

what happens is they talk to 100 people

this part-time person is generating him

six quotes per day 30 quotes per week

and if he still spins if he still spins

the additional three hours on his own

also calling and they call at the same

time so they're hearing him call he's

got he's got social proof he's showing

them what to do how to do it they're

learning from him he's leading by

example he's at sixty quotes

per week and how many did he need he

needed 55 a week 11 per day to make over

a hundred grand with all the math that

he gave me this is none of my math I

simply asked questions

he gave me math I said dude that's 55

quotes a week you and a part-time person

only additional hundred 50 bucks is 60

quotes a week break that down though

break that down so because literally

what that is though that person to 150

quotes he's paying $150 that part-time

person is generating him $5 quotes all

day every day $5 quotes hey five bucks I

get to quote somebody like what PNC

agent wouldn't exchange that he's in

California he's never going to round up

people to call so at the end of the day

it's numbers it's just putting forth the

work figuring it out that's what we do a

lot of consultations I love doing

retreats and trainings and go into

offices and helping agents and talking

through stuff I got a guide as a part of

one of our mentorship programs we talked

couple times a month and there's all

these different things we're doing but

in the day for an agent to succeed all

you have to do guess what you've got to

have a target what is your target break

that target down into weekly and daily

and then what do you need to do every

single day to smash that target most

people have no clue to accomplish it

you've got to be in the know you've got

to know what you do every single day -

freaking crushing and hit that target so

my challenge to you I don't care if

you're in P&C life and health final

expense Medicare doesn't freakin matter

you can make 100 grand everyone in the

country can it's all about knowing what

the target is and then what do you need

to do every single day to frickin smash

it I've helped a few PNC agents along

the way and if I can help anymore as you

watch this dude let me know this twos

gonna make 100k in 2019 all because he

knows his numbers

you have to spend a little bit of money

he's going to invest but dude most PNC

agents are doing like a handful of

freaking quotes a week or maybe a month

you know right now writing a measly

eight four four eight policies I mean

it's a joke

PNC edges are freaking lazy who wouldn't

like to do about two about 3,000 quotes

a year just by knowing what to do