Documents Needed to BUY/SELL Property in the Philippines


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today we're going to discuss the

documents that you need to determine if

a property is legitimate or real if

you're a seller these are exactly the

documents that you have to prepare which

you will present to the buyer now in

case you are a buyer

these are exactly the same documents

that you need to do due diligence these

documents are needed based on the

assumption that this property is a

recent property or in property the


for a pre-selling on the Bingham Union

this documents are not needed because

they still do not exist

okay so those are very specific for

resale for a Honda Insight Network

so what are these documents first we

start with the title for a condominium

we call it the dominium certificate of

title this condominium certificate on

file you can just ask get a copy because

it is certified to copy from the

registry of needs

second would be the tax declaration the

tax declaration again get a certified

true copy of the tax declaration from

the assessor's office third one is the

real property tax receipt for the real

property tax received it just identifies

if it determines rather if that

particular person is paying their taxes

on time so if you have this real

property tax receipt

you'll get the past clearance from the

city treasurer

so that's already third what the first

one will be the condominium Jews get a

copy of the official receipt of because

the meaning tools again you just have to

establish if the property is legit you

have to make sure that all the names are

consistent based on that you can see the

trend if everything has to be consistent

again if you're the seller these are the

documents that you have to prepare if

you're the buyer these are exactly the

same documents that you have to look for

to determine if that property is real or

if it's legitimate I'll see you again

soon here in BGC consultancy bye