GTA 5 How to SELL your HOUSE and More Properties!

hello so guys today I'm going to show

you how you can sell your house property

is pretty easy to do also how you can

sell some other stuff like your facility

bunker and some other stuff

so let's go on let's just say that you

have already a apartment but you want to

sell that apartment and you want to buy

a new one but what you can not do guys

is let me tell you that you cannot go

under one apartment so once you own the

apartment you cannot sell that but if

you have like about five apartments or

four or three or it maybe even like one

already that you own what you can do is

you can sell the other apartment and buy

a new one so it goes like this let's go

to the Internet let's go to manya

services and let's go to dynasty 8 real

estate so let's go to our few properties

let's just say that I already own a

apartment so what I can do is I can

maybe like that you say get this one and

now purchase so what you can do once you

do that even though you own one

apartment you can even sell that and buy

this new one but I will say that if you

only own one apartment it's not gonna


so I'm just gonna sell this or I can

sell this for like maybe this apartment

for 400,000 and you can only own up to

five apartments at once and I already do

that so I have over five apartments

already but I can sell them if I want to

like let you say that I buy a new

apartment that is only worth about two

hundred thousand and I will make like

two hundred thousand back in my pockets

so what these are some things what you

can do

or what you also can do is if you want

to buy a garage so let's go to back to

here go to dynasty eight if you want to

fold money but you will lose a little

bit of money I will say that guys so

what you want to do is you want to go to

low ends just go to the lowest price

possible now click on this purchase

property and now you can do the same you

will lose only 25 grand but you will get

like three hundred seventy five grands

back for it so if you really want your

money back you can always do this but to

remember guys if you have a lot of

vehicles it will be affected because you

test is only for two but what you also

can do is if you have like about ten

vehicles but you only want like a ten

garage what you do is you want to go to

high end let's go to high end and do low

- and you want to get this this is a

garage we have ten people but this well

be over understand 5k so you can already

also purchase this so now let's go to

the other buildings slide let you say

the CEO if you are not proud with the

CEO what you easily can do is just go

ahead and buy any CEO and once you buy

one and you already own one you can just

sell the other old one so let's just say

let's go to dynasty age real estate

again here and click on here so I

already own this one this costed me

about I think about three million I'm

not for sure I just like the location in

the garage like the underground garage

thing that's why I bought that one but

if you want to go cheaper or if you want

to go higher you can sell the other one

so that's green what and this green one

I already own it so let's go for this

one - bye - bye again and like you see I

can sell my old one for about 1 million

nine hundred death

150,000 so this is already also an

option you can do the same on the

bunkers you can do the same on the club

houses and other a lot of other stuff

that's your own like property but I will

say if you have a yacht it won't be like

that on the chart once you own it you

own it you can not like by New York's

you can only renovate it and that's it

so some stuff it's maybe not possible

it's like selling your I think your

terabyte was also not possible to sell

also in your MOC Avenger and that other

thing I don't know what it's called I

think there was none so this was a video

guys about how you can sell you some

properties your house some business or

some other stuff so thanks for watching

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