How To Sell Your House, Bunker, Facility, Hangar, Clubhouse & Nightclub In GTA Online [PS4, X1, PC]

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yourself you guys welcome back to my

channel in this video I'm going to be

showing you guys how you guys can sell

your properties fight your bunker your

facility or your a nightclub all of that

good stuff I'll be showing you guys how

you guys sell them and you guys can get

a lot of your guys's money back it's

okay it's a neat trick I think that

everybody should know this trick so I'm

gonna go ahead and make this video and I

will show you know you guys are new to

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GTA 5 online videos it is secret bring


well I'll make it out of my car alright

and then what you're gonna do is so

let's say let's say that I want to sell

my Clubhouse so this is my Clubhouse

right now so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna find our Clubhouse

cheap is cheap this water I think this

one the cheapest one

bring clubhouse


so this is how I sell my Clubhouse

so whenever I go to question everyone is

a trade in here the older one I will

save six hundred and seven thousand