How to Sell Promotional Products!

hi it's Don Sanders I'm sorry we had a

little technical glitch there with my

go-to meeting but I think I've got to

screen up now and we'll get going and I

want to apologize for that happening I

just you just locked up on me and I

didn't know what to do but I think I've

got it too you're now now I'm Don

Sanders and I want to thank you for

turning out today for the webinar how to

sell promotional products I know that's

a big statement to make about selling

promotional products but I've been doing

it for a very long time and I'm not the

one that's going to be telling you how

to do this the other large distributors

in the industry who do exactly what I do

are the ones that are going to be also

telling you to do this because I do

exactly what they do to sell we need to

thank the suppliers who sponsored these

webinars they're on the screen right now

I'm not going to go through the litany

of all their names but every one of

those suppliers it's one that I would

bow far one that I've used and ones that

will never let you down so with that

said let's get started finally first

thing we need to do is let's take some

notes I've got some very good offers

that I'm going to show you some ideas

and I hope that you'll take away from

the webinar so if you've gotten a pen

and paper please get it out because I've

got some valuable email addresses and

some information that I think that will

help you going forward and if you'll

notice throughout the webinar I've got

some great coupon offers and there are

two on the screen right now one for a

cool swipe from cloth promotions and

another coupon from an ad match which is

just a great supplier as GM gpn I

started selling GMG pens 9 or 10 years

ago when they came in the interest rate

and I just never stopped now

a little bit about me I've been in the

promotional products business for a very

long time more than 35 years I started

selling when nobody would give me a job

and I never looked back

it just turned out well for me because I

did the things that other big

distributors yeah the 15% of people in

the industry who make really big money

they grew this right I've tried to do it

like that myself I am still a

distributor I don't sell the amount of

promotional products that I use

- 496 months in a row back from 19 let's

say 94 maybe - 2001 or - my ex-wife

myself a full-time assistant and three

students from SMU sold hundred thousand

dollars a month I did this the right way

I did it to make money I live by the

rules and because of that I've been

successful I also own a sales training

website sell promo products calm that

many of you know me from I've been a

speaker at many industry shows I am

still distributor I spent most of my

time now running my website and doing

these webinars they are my cards on the

screen my Don Sanders marketing and

myself promo products calm and there is

my photograph on the screen or was now

the things you've got to remember is

big-time sellers operate by rules and

they are proficient at certain things

you've got to be unique can I do this if

you're not unique

saying you're the cheapest around or you

offer a bunch of products that's not

going to sell you very much you've got

to use Direct Mail effectively you've

got to sell annuity programs those are

products that people buy frequently

that's going to be bottled water name

badges be a couple pens there are

several other products that can be sold

on annuity programs networking you've

got to be a good networker I'm not

talking about going to the man just

chatting somebody about religion or

politics or what's going on with your

children I'm talking about finding out

if they're a buyer and proceeding from

there you've got to understand your

products that means you've got to know

what you're talking about a lot of

distributors lose orders because they

don't understand product differences and

what somebody's cheaper they say well I

just you know I don't know what to do

and they cut their price but if you

understand the difference in bottled

water I'm going to talk about that at

length a little while I'm going to use

bottled water and also power banks is

two product lines that are so

misunderstood that distributors lose

business over them all the time because

they don't know there are differences

you've got to be good at social media

and that's an obvious you've got to

create referrals they've got to be 25

percent of your

business and you've got a qualified

prospects that means you don't work on

orders or you don't work on prospects -

you have the facts and I know that many

distributors don't do that Burleigh camp

is one of the sponsors of this website

there's a free money coupon from them

Kimberley camp owns that company they

are a supplier and I would vouch for

them any time now our goal is to look

for awesome clients the big failing with

a lot of distributors is they sell

inferior clients I don't sell them

through your clients I go away from

people who don't give me the chance to

do what I do best and that is try and

make money so always look for awesome

clients avoid inferior clients I don't -

many distributors that deal with

substandard clients and getting beaten

up a price they lose orders and they get

frustrated and there's a nice order for

three on I've sold three I'm hosting

notes since 1984 that was the first year

they came into the industry and I sold

them to Fort Worth mortgage when I got

started if what word mortgage ended up

having 34 offices and I did those posted

notes for every one of those offices and

that's a great self promo order offer

right there on printed post-it notes I

never looked for customers dude

I told you that I'd look for and figure

your customers don't look for customers

who shop you around somebody starts

saying well I'm going to get prices you

know what's your best price I just say I

can't help you I don't deal with being

with it's low pay invoices you pay me on

time I did the work for you I expect you

to pay me on time I don't deal with

people that ignore calls emails and

texts because if they do that I can't

make a sale and all they do this

frustrate me they'll frustrate you and

if they're that way up front they're not

going to get any better down the road

and I don't deal with people who beat me

down price the price is the price and I

can get my price because I give them

what they need I'm looking for those

awesome clients they won't beat you down

on price and I don't like vague or

difficult people just tell me what the

deal is you want

the caps send me the artwork don't tell

me that you're working on it don't tell

me you're thinking about it avoid

customers who are those five ways in

other words avoid difficult prospects

there's a free strip setup charge from

Petco that's a great supplier down in

Wharton which is down near Houston at


is the sports promotion leader now you

must be unique I'm not talking about

being unique by selling on price you've

got to have a brand I have branded

myself several different ways since I've

been in the industry I've changed my

brand maybe eight or nine times our

colorful shoes if people have seen me it

shows they'll see that I wear the most

different show shoes than anybody in

this theater tradeshow I started wearing

these when I bought a pair and an Art

Fair I was a speaker at ASI shows and I

wanted to kind of spice up my routine so

I wear very nice khaki pants a white

Brooks Brothers shirt very expensive

Hermes tie a nice belt and I had these

shoes I don't have 13 of these different

pair of these shoes I wear them

everywhere I go and though it might seem


it gets me more business than anything

you can ever think of again there's how

I brand myself with my Don Sanders

marketing card at the bottom what does

your marketing say about you telling you

that I wear those shoes I am going to be

different in marketing and there's my

self promo products not contoured for my


same pitch shoes are my thing now I sell

buy shoes and I don't sell by a price

like distributors who are always saying

the wrong thing if you're a distributor

who says check us out for great prices

all your promotional products these

thousands of products offered we beat

any products never a rush charge lowest

price is around call us today for quotes

if these things are on your card you're

not going to be a big-time seller I'm

not being harsh about that I am looking

and you should be looking for people

that will buy from you pay you and pay

the price that you deserve it's a

self-esteem issue don't let people make

you feel bad about yourself I have into

hackle yes on price know what you're

doing stand up for what's right and

you'll be able to sell on your abilities

and not by price and there's a great

coupon for or elapsed down there's the

bottom 10% off there in Colorado

that's american-made lip balm and health

care products and their products do not

have toxic ingredients in them like on a

lot of these import health care

suppliers and they are there now what is

your marketing monitor these are all

names of people that I've gotten emails

from from my website look at the

different names there there's the swag

Swami the garment genie you're seeing

those on the screen get it done day

there he is or that smiling wink and

there is the princes of possibilities

there at the right how cute is this this

gets my attention that title makes you

different than so-and-so I sell

advertising specialties I'm the cheapest

around I want to deal with somebody I

want to deal with a chief creative guy

they create ologist make yourself unique

think about it and brand yourself where

people will know you when they see you

now demonstrate your brand all the time

the way I do this is I do not have paper

cards I use products with my logo on it

those cool swipes are those little phone

phone cleaners that stick on the back of

phones cloth promotions has those I'm

going to talk to you about their lens

cleaning cost which I've used for

business cards forever this is a brand

new little thing I'm using for them and

I meet somebody and a networking event

I'm gonna talk to you about what I do

with these I clean their phone and stick

that thing on the back of their phone

they're not going to take it off I

demonstrate my brand all the time it's a

mobile marketing thing that you've got

to be aware of and there's a great set

up coupe

for claw promotions on that cool swipe

product now add match makes these great

bacterial wet wipe packs want to get

somebody's attention how about that is a

business card I have those you can see

them on the screen I will whip those out

give them to somebody they never say

Donna I don't want that it's ten times

no it's a thousand times better than I

pay for a business card if somebody gave

you those wet wipes in their load

morning what would you do with them if

you had a purse you would put them into

your purse to be in a briefcase I would

put them in my briefcase and I would be

thankful to have them because wet wipes

are needed today that's a business car

that is a much better car than a paper

card and that's a great deal from admin

I think you 250 of those $441 there's

the add match information Phil Sharkey

runs that company I've known him a long

time he just does a great job here's

another one of my cards bear with me on

these cards this is so important

drumline up in Stuttgart Arkansas and

here is a little creepy thing about them

they have the world duck calling contest

and stood guard I didn't know that the

last month I'm not much into duck

calling but I think that's a pretty neat

thing drumline makes calendars they make

all kinds of paper products but they do

a business card for me you're seeing it

there's my John Sanders marketing what

did you learn he say about you my email

and my cell phone number there are some

shoes open that up each sheet says Don

Sanders marketing you can email

Gaddis and that's Gina Addison at drum -

line coming she'll talk to you about

these things they're not expensive any

time I meet somebody using this product

I will write on that first sheet of

paper what I am talking to them about

and where I met them you get like 250 of

these or a hundred of them at a really

good price and look at the things you

can put on the back you can put your

website your services offer the press

photos graphics I'm not going to go

through all of them but you could even

put testimonial marketing information

somebody says I don't know you

why should I buy from you you could turn

it around and say well I do business

with so-and-so that's what they think

about me this is what you can do with

this product to differentiate yourself I

live in Texas and Dallas it's actually

cool here today it's only going to be 90

degrees but I have bottled water from

Alexis Springs much better than a

business card there are my shoes on that

bottle of water I have two different

versions keep these in my car when I go

in to make a call on somebody they're

much more excited about getting a bottle

of water with not on it then a paper

card and there's this skip a column

pricing coupon from Alexis Springs

there's my Don Sanders merging with my

shoes that could be you is a Swami genie

or whatever you can get samples for the

likes of Springs one from Bryan at

Alexis Springs comm and I use

testimonial marketing all the time to

show that I know what I am doing I think

these quotes because I've done business

for so long some people have gotta have

said something good about me but if you

don't have these testimonial quotes ask

your customers you've got to have

something I have these in an email

format what you're seeing on the screen

now with my shoes there's my picture and

there's my card and these are things

that people have said about me I could

put those on the back of my drum line

little business card past makes me feel

good about myself because when I see

somebody they don't know I mean they'll

say well Don you know how long you've

been in business and say well I juiced

up with the Nature Conservancy or I do

stuff for doctors hospital makes me look

credible makes me feel good about myself

makes me strong so show your abilities

now everybody always asking about

websites and search engines and this and

that and I avoid difficult search

engines because there are I don't know

how many different companies are out

here offering these search products and

virtual samples of order entry etc etc

but I use distributor central I have

since they started maybe 15 16 years ago

about the same time I started my website


- owns a train at the magnet cut me

started that out of his garage they are

so good and if you are looking for a

website a free website or if you're

looking for a certain capabilities you

could email t tar tiffany tar and

distributor and she'll do a

demo demo for you because it's

distributor central you can have product

ribbon that you can forget your website

colors favicons image slider options you

can do all kinds of things and I'm

showing trainer right now because

trainer was the first hystrix supplier

in this industry I sold in order for

maybe back in 1984

you can enter orders from distributor

central from these suppliers and save

five dollars on your or it's not much

but it's better than nothing so I'm

showing you how to trainer as partner of

the distributors simple a lot of these

big suppliers have done that where you

can do your order entry on that so

there's a five dollar off coupon if you

entered an order for trainer or

distributor central and I'm just showing

you those cool off

collapsible coolies because I think

that's a really good summer product the

thing on there's a lot of suppliers that

make those but I think those are neat

because trainer has them those really

bright neon colors and you can enter

your order for that on distributors

central this is my last pitch on

distributors central you can go pro with

them where you pay and get all kinds of

services if you want to get more heavily

and Internet work they offer different

plans I'm not going to bore you with

those but you can adjust product pricing

you can get Google product feed and you

can do virtual sampling so that's my

pitch on distributor central I just know

them so well and they're so smart and it

makes me feel like I'm I know what I'm

doing when I use distributor central now

let's not be a junk seller there are too

many already look at those customers up

there you ruin my business

why did you sell me in that product

these product recalls in this industry

are a problem especially with electronic

product recalls

four months ago I got this off promo

gram about bluefin International is

volunteering and recalling

wireless phone chargers that means

they're not any good that means you

can't sell over suppliers they're

selling faulty products and I'm not

talking about this being from small

suppliers there are some legacy large

suppliers have recalls you want to look

bad in front of your customer you have

to call them and say hey power banks I

sold you are not any good so watch out

don't be a junk seller sell quality

products especially in the electronic

business here it was last month here's

another one I don't know what this

company is here I'm not saying anything

bad about anybody but I got this off

he's like here's another one of these

companies recalling these power banks so

be careful and selling electronic

products so what I do is I have a custom

website from son joy here's the fuel on

son joy he is a stand-up guy that they

have never had a product recall doesn't

mean they haven't in products with

custom maybe some problems with problems

with product but they always do the

right thing and take care of it so I

have a website just for electronic


it's got my logo my shoe logo on it it

has a custom URL so like any customer I

have walked by electronics I send them

that link knowing that every product

they look like look at on that son Joyce

I is not gonna be one that's going to be

recall no other supplier in the industry

does this I don't think there's another

supplier who offers custom websites it

may be it probably is but I'm not aware

of it maybe you want to know about this

so you can email Harrison at son join us

this is the coolest thing in the world

protects me from those product recalls

son joy last own son joy they can

be trusted

I would vouch for them you have a

problem with them to call me I'll help

you with it they make wireless products

they make Bluetooth speakers they have

every electronic need you need and

there's a nice $20 off coupon on your

exclusive-or quick shift order from son

joy and remember that custom website now

let's have a don't ever do this thing

always ask the right questions never

work on an order never work on a quote

never work out anything until you ask

your prospect or customer for things how

much you want to spend when do you need

it how many and what is the product

purpose and I know most distributors

don't ask these questions because I get

emails every day so my website of the

people saying I've got a customer I've

got a dry cleaner I go do they want some

they want to buy a product to give to

their customers I'll email them back how

much do they want to spin it oh I didn't

ask him back how many do they need

didn't ask him that well you're wasting

your time working on any order unless

you know those answers because if the

customer does not know those things

they're not a buyer they're a looker and

I'm not looking to sell lookers I'm

looking to sell buyers so never work on

anything without knowing the answers to

those questions and there's my oral ads

coupon again levena Hunnicutt runs that

company they're up in Denver which I

wished I was there today because there's

got to be cooler there that it is here

remember answers to those questions now

let's talk about effectiveness of social

media orders are created 84% my

referrals 32% my cold calls 30% by

networking 27% by social media that's

not as much as the others but you just

think about it 20 years ago 15 years ago

whatever social media started there were

no orders created by social media so to

go from 0 to 27% that is a huge increase

and you know by common sense that social

media will create more and more orders

going forward so you've got to be adept

Apted acted good at let's say that n

trainer graphics there's a great little

screen charge for them Facebook bonding

sells orders these are all pictures I

posted on my Facebook page and I am

posting them all the time because I want

i'm facebook people saved on where is

that picture from that's how i've bond

with people that's how i sell orders on

social media there I'm in my cowboy

jacket lists and I said was back in Fort

Worth but was a long time ago off to the

right I went to the ASI for show and I

am there with that bovine steer or

female male I don't know but that is a

big animal there are my dog's the ruber

and Betty and Gracie and I am Joe FINA

at another ASI shows which we do not

look like we're mentally well but I

posted that on my Facebook page it gosh

I got a lot of comments off of it so

post cool things

there's my pep code free screen setup

charge beginner now the reason I know

that relationships sell orders those

created personally by networking are on

Facebook LinkedIn is because of Walmart

Walmart charge changes buyers frequently

because they know that long time

relationships between hours will be

ignored if you get chummy with people so

they change buyers all the time because

they don't want that relationship

created a father so caterpillar Road

machinery were 30 years my father played

golf every day and he carried a case of

Jack Daniels in his trunk and every time

he went to call on the prospect his

calling card was a fifth of Jack Daniel

if you talked about building

relationships my dad knew how to do it

he was selling the most expensive

equipment caterpillar but he not sold

all the cheaper equipment companies

because he built relationships so

Walmart is telling you that

relationships create orders because they

don't want relationship built between

their buyers and vendors now the beyond

that working professional you've got to


a plan anytime I go to a networking in

them and say it's a Chamber event 5:30

to 7:30 and a happy hour at a bar or

restaurant I'm going to make 30

conversations I'm going to walk up to

somebody introduce myself to them ask

them what they do tell them what I do

and then I'll say well what do you do

well they say I'm a plumber then I say

you know the plumbing company no I'm

just I just work their act I got to get

away from them

excuse myself I'm not being rude but I

want the person that says yes I own the

company so I know they can buy I say hey

can I join you on LinkedIn then after I

do that I'll follow up with them in two

days I'll drop off a product and note

I'll email them and I'll text to see if

I can connect with them a lot of people

would just tell you things to get rid of

you but I'm looking for the ones that

didn't do that then I leave a voice

message and revisit in two days if they

weren't there when I came are they did

not respond to my email and text and

then if I don't connect with them I know

my feelings hurt I just move on and we

start again another networking event

comes up every time I do this if I have

30 conversations and a networking event

I always get three or four prospects and

I'll always sell one or two of logo

masks is a sponsor of this webinar and

you see that Matt down here at the

bottom with on Sanders marketing on it

if you have networking events at Chamber


ask the chamber if you can give them 25

bucks to put your mat on the floor in

the building where the chamber is is

having the event it doesn't mean you

have to have the booth you can just

stand on your map I've done that before

like 25 years ago and I got homeowners

warranties business I walked up to me

and said Donnie cellmaxx

you know we by about a thousand Matt's a

month why don't you come over and talk

to me I did Matt's for homeowners

warranty better not in business anymore

but I did that by standing on a map with

my name on it

unusual thing nobody else did that solo

go max will make a mat for your business

put it inside if you have an office tell

you with you when you go on an event and

it'll get you more business and there is

a 5% off an order coupon from logo mats

I'm going to give you their information

in a little while but I bet you never

thought about that take your mat and

unfold it and stand on it

me doing that with my shoes I'm gonna

get some attention you can do it too now

get to the point when I go and meet that

person at that Chamber event I have

these lens cleaning calls from call

promotions I'll pull one of those out

unfold it there you're seeing it at the

top right

I will just say let me have your glasses

or your cell phone

I'll clean their glasses I'll clean

their cell phone with the lens cleaning

cloth fold it up put it back in the

pouch and say how many do you want to

buy artsy's cool and people will say got

on there kind of neat if they say no I

buy from my brother-in-law yeah you can

come out give me a price or let me think

about it I just give him the cloth and

off I go I am looking for the person to

say hey that's a neat painting just like

I could do that with my wet wipes just

like I can do it with those little drum

line pads I can do them with those three

and posting the same thing I just asked

them how many do you think you want to

buy just ask them right up front you

will qualify them and if they're not a

buyer you don't have to waste time on

them here's a quick little ad for

clothes promotions where you get 50 of

those Coupe those cleaners for 50

dollars they've got those cool fiber wet

ways and they've got these flex fiber

deals to go around your head those are

great things to get the people and you

can get information on that at Tyler are

at cloth from oceans calm and there's a

great cost promotions coupon and up

there at the top right those are the

ones I've seen this holiday gifts

there's one at the top for Don Sanders

it's witchy Happy Holidays there's

another of the ride with my pictures of

me and Santa at Leonards department

store and you know what I do with those


around the end of November I will send

those folded up in holiday cards

Christmas cards so in my customers get

them they open up the car to the cloth

falls out in their lap I do that I send

them the end of November because I want

customers to go hey could we get some of

those with our logo on it never fails

every year somebody else call and say

doc can you turn those for us for our

holiday greeting just look neat little

way that I do things

here's tissue packs this is the thing I

was talking to you about with a web map

and match does these always remember not

forgotten use products to promote

yourself neat products not just little

old cheap things but neat things that

people use great offer from adamak just

promise you I'm not gonna bug you about

a fetch again but I use these products

I've got about ten different things with

our logo on because I I liked a variety

give a reason to call them somebody said

I just got these tissues I can mail them

one handle one great way to promote

yourself now this is something that is

brand-new from GM GPM I've dealt with GM

G since they started they are doing

combo deal offerings it bear with me on

this first time I've seen this I think

this is the future of promo sales what

GM G does is they group these products

over the group products and groups so in

this instance do you twenty five hundred

pens thousand leatherette gift sets a

hundred journals they all are imprinted

by GM G it's sold as a combo deal so you

could call her your bet you could call

our dry cleaner you could call our

remember you're calling on and say you

know we don't have to worry about

picking all this stuff out just give me

the logo and this was what you're going

to get right here that was fifteen

hundred twenty dollars that's twelve

forty nine or to see but how cool is

that this is called combo deals there's

about ten of these from GM G they

started this last month been is be AI NS

Benjamin at Ultra pens calm you can

email him and say send me those ideas

you've got there's a bunch out I just

think this is so unique and I

never seen a supplier do this before

here are two more of them this is like a

different one with mugs like that's got

mugs that's got a spiral journeyer a

screen or peon and religion an Earl gel

pen and a nutty which are these cool

little cell phone related things from

GMG and here's the other one on the

right with the coffee mugs and the

journals and add pins again it's bi n

and ultra pens calm I think this makes

you more efficient and I also just think

it's just the coolest thing in the world

to do and they just came out with this I

don't know what to say about it besides

I just think it's neat now variable data

quickie manufacturing is american-made

there have an Akron Ohio I have known

them for ever they have variable data

products that means you have individual

names or information on key tags magnets

party passes you name it this is going

to be another product to the future just

like if you go to the grocery store and

you have your little thing swipe for

your lawful wards that is very old data

but quickly can do individual names of

these so you can interview or not

interview you can email Mike's killer M

Stiller at kwikki calm about bearable

data products I mean if you have

somebody that needs 2500 key tags with a

QR code on it or a scan code or if you

need luggage tags with different names

on them just like you're seeing with

those tags which says Wyatt Ridge your

pennant Pinner this is really really

cool so go approach your customers and

say well I'm going talking about

variable data marketing they're gonna be

impressed because you brought that up

because they probably don't know

empirical data or marketing yes and it

makes you look like an expert now I'm

going to tell you about not selling

knock-off products we talked about

selling junk well there are a lot of

companies that make adhesive notes and I

know this for a fact because I helped 3m

and 3m is the finest

known in the industry it is the best

adhesive it stays on it is removable

it is repositioned repositionable some

companies will call and say can you do

post-it notes they won't correct you and

say oh we don't have post-it notes

they'll say oh sure we have those and

they sell you a knockoff note if it

doesn't say post-it note on the back of

the note it is not a 3m product so don't

sell junk even in the paper business

don't sell knockoff products if you're

not going to sell junk

don't make this part of your junk

repertoire this only 3m makes post-it

notes these other big conglomerates that

have adhesive notes there's their

adhesive is not as good now right now

there's only one company that has

extreme notes these are from 3m they

came out at the ASI Orlando shows her

some I saw these things stick to outdoor

applications to metal and Nicole this is

great for outdoor companies plumbing

companies anybody who works outside now

this can't be a knockoff note because

this is just brand new they will stick

to anything so if you have those

customers check this out you can get

samples Stephanie Maday it's SJ Monday

at 3m promote calm this is a totally new

cool product and I'm just showing you

again my post-it note offer where those

are the ones I use right now I've had

about eight or nine different ones of

these six bags three by four different

sizes with a shoe logo on it you can get

500 pads for fifty dollars three before

passing the printed full-color a cell

annuity products don't be a one-time

wonder too many distributors get out and

sell one-shot orders

I sell name babies I used to sell a lot

of name badges back in the day I sell

them for ideal and they are an American

made company you sell badges badge

programs make selling simple because

once you get the order that Custer

will not go away from you they reorder

over and over and over again an IV line

is a badge or lease program where you

sell the badges upfront they keep them

in stock they create a URL and you go in

and enter the names and ID line lines

the name or the title on them and Mail's

them directly to your customer you have

to do nothing this is as easy as selling

as it can be you can get a complete

sample kit at sales at ID badge

orders are free over and over and over

again let me tell you get in the badge

business I used to be nearly all the

badges for the hospitals of Dallas Fort

Worth like three and four thousand at

the time you talk about making yourself

feel bad feel good on a bad day we

didn't sell anybody come home and they

sent you an email or got a fax thing we

need to reorder our badges ID line will

help you with that there is their free

set up charge and they'll send you that

sample kit now I've done a lot of

journals and journals and calendars if

you're not selling calendars start

showing them today

drumline who makes the little paper

business card not that's not say

business card I shouldn't say that

business books

Geena Addison will send you a complete

drum line sample kit either on their

diaries or on their calendar you start

showing these to your customers now

thirteen years in a row is old journals

to parkland retirement company

community where my ex-mother-in-law used

to live and I sold them for fifteen

years in a row to a plumbing company I

deal with calendars and they disrepute

year after year after year so sell

annuity product here's the calendar work

offer that I'm showing you is a free

plate charge for drum line they're a

five-star supplier and there's you can

order your 2020 calendar sales kit which

has a stand-up counter side if you have

a minute man

press location or anything like that you

can put this in your storefront or you

can put it in your showroom if you need

that but calendar it they will just sell

again and again and again and I do a lot

of specs apples son joy who we've talked

about every every two or three weeks I

send out an offer where if you will send

them your shipper number and the logo of

a customer they will do a custom SPECT

sample for you you cannot believe the

closing rate on these things I'm telling

you about 25% of these fake samples are

turned into orders they've done a metal

all kinds of products so if you need a

constant sample samples that son joy

taught us and there is a quick ship

coupon but spec samples sell not only in

power banks but also in mats the reason

I know is here's Parkwood where my

ex-mother-in-law earlier they needed

mats for residents to steady walkers and

their canes when they walk in the front

door get on the elevator they did not

know which ones they wanted to buy

because they're different thicknesses of

these mad super spring did you print

water off and so I did virtuals

of all the different samples that lo

Gomes does I had two actual samples of

different of the different types but I

didn't have to have all eight I just had

however many of the are I hit too but

then the virtual is made to sell so you

can go on logo mats now logo mass and create your own virtual it's

a really really cool thing or people in

the sample you could contact logo mats I

do not lose customers are you this first

it stays awake all night you know how

people lose customers or they lose

customers because they don't sell for

suppliers like logo bags they don't sell

real post-it notes they lose customers

because they buy from bad suppliers I

only buy from strong suppliers and I'm

going to give you an example is Hardy

Mackler at Jim pire it's a dear friend

of mine you talk about somebody who

tries or help you make a sale he will

and right there are what they say

or what he says about Jim fire on-time

delivery they live a live voice you

don't have an automatic system he tells

you everything you need to know about

your product so use strong suppliers

there's a great we made coupon from Jim

pyre or you can email Harvey at Jim pyre

comm he will send you samples of any

product you would like to have including

lapel pins lapel pins are one of the

artists product lines for customers or

distributors to sell because they don't

know the difference there are I believe

10 selections on the screen you need to

know the difference in these selections

when you call them your customer here's

another deal on selling on pricing you

got an order somebody says oh what about

a little pill cannons and you say well

I'm a dollar and a quarter

well Ernie down the streets 90 cents you

can say well is he doing screen printed

exit enamel or die stroke iron enamel

90% of the chance they're gonna say well

I don't know we just need some lapel

pins well if you say here's the

differences in them take the kid out

there then Harvey will show you will

provide you and you say we you know what

I'm a dollar in the corner and they're

90 cents because their screen printed

and I'm selling you die stroke enamel

your customers will be impressed I'm not

selling you on these suppliers I want

you to buy from them it helps me I'm

being honestly you don't lie about but

I'm telling you if you know the

difference is in these things these

products you can outsell other people

because a lapel pins people don't know

the difference is that rush orders equal

big profits Amazon has done you the

biggest favor in the world everybody

wants something now I've gotten to where

I wear stuff home line I don't want it

that day or the next day it's the same

in the promotional products business

learn how to handle rush orders the

reason keeping the way you do that is

you deal with Harvey Mac or a gym fire

drum line pause promotions have a

relationship with you pay your bills

when you need a rush order they'll turn

it for you let Amazon create business

for you just like they are

I make 60% on my rush orders I marked

that cup up on them because I am taking

a chance I am delivering and you learn

how to do rush orders now social media I

want you to start posting on social


stories create sales they call these

case studies I call them stories you can

post these on Facebook Instagram


Bergkamp there's my great Birla camp

coupon here's a case study

Bergkamp makes motorcycle products

motorcycle kick pad stands and license

plate frames here is a true story about

how a motorcycle rally every year one to

increase business more riders year after

year so they gave everyone or their

biker attendees a kick pad stand and

license plate frames and everybody loved

them so much that the pullthru talked

about saying hey had a great great time

at that ride increase their attendance

20% the next year and I believe another

25% the next year post these kind of

things on your Facebook your Instagram

telling your customers cycle related

people what success people had or those

products now you can email sales and

birla camp calm and they'll send you

whatever sample you want

here's one from aura labs are these sand

sand hand sanitizer suppliers or

dime-a-dozen making this foreign

knockoff stuff

remember I'm talking to you about

selling phony products make products for

a laugh everything is made in America

there's no animal testing they do the

right thing

they're lip balm they're lotion

everything is healthy and done right an

ad company wanting to institute a health

care program bought two different types

of these sanitizers put a coupon for a

free gym visit on one a discounted a

vegan restaurant on the other to enter

those employees to use those services

to save some money on the vegan

restaurant want to go to the gym just

take one of those hand sanitizers with

you and that will happen that was so

effective that 85% of employees joined

the program put this stuff out on your

social media these type of stories yours

or labs you can enter you can email Li

care at our labs comm they will send you


levena hanukkah it is a dear friend of

mine this is the type of information

that you post and tell your customers

that show that you know what you're

doing just like Mass with local with lo

Gomez let social media friends know just

like on mats are talking about how

labour cost to remove dirt from a

building I guarantee you your customers

don't know that they don't know how

healthy mats make an environment you

start telling them that they will pay

attention to you now LinkedIn is perfect

for case studies because you need to use

headlines a brief summary you make it

routine that means all the time you've

connected people at once when you need

them leverage endorsements tell people

about what you've done like I showed you

in the testimonial testimonial marketing

never give up

use those case studies and tell people

about there's that great ad match free

set up coupon here's another one below

go Matt's this is a map that helps you

an anti-fatigue mat right there like

Barbour furs anybody's hands on their

feet can buy these and if you want to lo

a sample kit from local mats you can

just fill out that form right there and

they'll send you a catalog and small

samples of mats like flip mat foot put

wine mats and I made several sales for

them now I want you to let's please

listen to me about bottled water

knowledge creates orders not cheaper

prices bottled water is one of the most

misunderstood product lines in this

industry I know because people lose

orders all the time on bottled water

sales with pitch bottle has the best

water well one of those suppliers Alexis

Springs their water is going into the


then end of those stainless steel tank

tanks and into that at that big building

in Mount Ida Arkansas 46% of the bottled

water suit sold in this industry was

sewer water or came from a water

treatment plant that is the truth you

look at those labels on bottled water if

it says it comes from a municipal water

source that means it was nasty water

that has been treated it won't kill you

but it doesn't taste worth the dirt

Alexis Springs is pure spring water do

you know that air is clean purified in

spring water you've got to know that if

you're gonna sell water you've got to

know that because it protects you

against these cheap price sellers if

somebody's selling cheaper water they'll

go oh well I didn't know the water was

purified shown what that label says on

the back

they'll admire you for knowing the

difference you've got to know the

difference on products especially with

bottled water there's a difference in

purified water and spring water and

there's a skip a column coupon pricing

from Alexis Springs I cannot tell you

what a wonderful supplier that is and

you know what they don't do they don't

put your customers and options if you

buy water from some of these wholesale

water places that send out these ads

about we do it all we do this we do that

do you know that they auction off your

orders they auction off the bottle the

water the label the shipping to the

cheapest buyer they are the cheapest

seller they can you don't have the order

coming from one supplier it is coming

from all different places and ends up in

one place but don't put your customers

and water auctions

Alexis Springs handles the whole thing

and sells you water that what's not

sewer water you can get spring water

samples Brian and Alexis Springs dot-com

don't be fooled by this email Brian and

give some samples of their water

don't let these phony water sellers beat

you that are auctioning off your orders

or selling you sewer water rental master


you want to sell a mask do you know the

rental mats are about forty or fifty

dollars a month well I didn't know that

till three or four years ago

here's another hosting thing Facebook

LinkedIn tell your customers when you go

call them they say Oh or wring our mats

how much all $40 amass $40 a month they

come and clean them they change them out

well they have to change them out

because the match were cheap where you

can sell a logo mat for $300 and that

math will last three or four years so

don't lose mats to rental companies sell

them at number one repeat orders our

bottled water calendars name badges and

writing instruments there's a great GMG

coupon bottled water we were talking

about it I promise you this is the last

pitch on bottled water here's the

pricing sheet from Alexis Springs a

shift from seven locations they have

about eight six or eight different types

of bottles they're making their own

bottles up their mouth I know right now

and they're the only company in the

industry that makes their own bottles

and makes everything in one location you

can get it samples from Brian and Alexis

Springs calm or you visit Alexis Springs

calm don't be fooled

now don't be beaten by web sellers web

sellers can be liars if you run up in a

situation where somebody says well I can

get a cheaper online well maybe you

can't but a lot of these online sellers

are dishonest they have broken mug

handles wrong imprint colors quantity

short I'm not going to go through all of

these but web sellers gonna be liar just

like that guy with that note no so the

way I handle them is I give people

statistics just like the case studies

like with math I'll say well somebody

wants to buy a math I'll say do you know

that 64% of shoppers look at what is on

the ground when they come in a

restaurant or a business people go oh I

didn't think about that dot well that's

the way I sell Matt's us scaring the

people away with statistics in wodsworth

at logo MANET LLC comp will send you a

sample create a sense of urgency that

means sell golf two times a lot

CEL day one time a month sell holiday

gifts at a certain time always be after

your customers to create a sense of

urgency for products or items needed at

a certain time of year so if you need

God samples Harvey at gym tire calm

create a sense of urgency many

distributors don't do that do business

where you do business do you sell the

restaurants bars your bet your dry

cleaner people don't do this everywhere

I go I talk to people that I give money

to and try and give them get them to

give me money back you go in a bar

you're in there you're there and spend

50 or 60 dollars on beer ask the manager

if they need to have some match for the

counter or do they need mats for the

floor I'm doing this with all kinds of

products anywhere I go I spend money

pizza place it comes by here and

delivers I went up and called on them

and sold them some loops some plastic

cups they needed do business with people

you do business Grand Bank is where I

Bank I sold him those match right up

there they were loaning me money or I

was paying them money that they were on

a mat mat rental program I said well you

know what I can sell you these mats and

the long run they're cheaper I sold him

two grand Bank there they are but the

cool thing about a logo mats is they put

my name on the back of them you turn

them over cysts on Sanders marquee and I

actually got our order because somebody

turned that mat over and call me so did

you do those fans for Grand Bank sell

things to people you do business with

you have ones worth at low Gomez

there's my name on the back again here's

our bottled water again I'm telling you

right there on that label it says

purified water by reverse osmosis and

oxygenated for Tex impurity that means

that was sewer water Grand Bank was

given sewer water to their customers

until I got up there their new label

says we cherish your health so the water

included is the finest quality which

bottle would you rather I walk the

better water makes that customer think

they appreciate my business now we're

almost through the web

please hang with me sell your schools

you have children grandchildren get up

there right now and start talking to the

PTA chairman ahead of the band somebody

who buys uniforms their schools are

going to need to raise money there I am

sitting at a little TCU football game

those Horned Frogs were not last year

they were seven and six but I sell TCU

do you sell the college you go to do you

sell the school that your children go to

well the way you do that is you sell

them spirit items and Epico has those

these are mailing sheets that have come

does for me with my logo on them for

different products that are suitable for

PTA and etc here's the pepco catalog

cover your own palm it Pepco it can do

these custom flyers for you see

Victorian at pepco ponds calm a Direct

Mail spreads products I grew I get my

customers I group them in prospects

hunted prospects to different lists and

I'll mail them religiously mail hello to

my email the next money they help next

money they'll the next money call and

follow-up there's this customer mind

macho's storage right there that's an

actual package then I'm sending them of

something that I mailed them you can do

self promo mailers at Jim pyar Harvey's

got these really cool little mailing

pieces that you can mail like here's one

for Earth Day down at the bottom here's

a bookmark

here's one for the holidays these are

self mailers that can mail for one-ounce

Jim Power has these Harvey can help you

with up and start sending these to your

customers don't be cheap that's I don't

have the money to do this if you don't

have the money you don't need to be

doing this you cannot sell unless you

and best here's a logo Matt's mailer

miles it lokomat to my same thing I'm

not going to go on and talked about

local mass too much mail entire

marketing campaigns here's those combo

deals from from GMG you can get these

from bin ein

Ultra pens calm they will send you these

sheets you can mail them to your

customers drop them off on the note this

is so cool nearly all the selling is

done for you

here's another mailer program on custom

cards that come from called promotions

where you get a cool swipe attached you

can send your list to cause promotions

they will do the mailing the thing shows

up in your customers mailbox

all you had to do was paint call through

motions to do this send them your logo

and your customers and they'll do the

whole thing for you Jared it called

promotions comm referrals you must be

doing 25% of your business and referrals

you've got to have one in foreign or

sold that comes from a referral you get

that by doing the things on the screen

right there every day provide great

service always praise get personal

contact frequently provide ideas and

there's quickie an american-made

supplier now we're going to conclude

here with us to raise tariffs on $200

billions worth 200 off 200 being where

the Chinese goods this working right

here where it says important notice I

read this on our website these suppliers

cannot even guarantee their pricing

because of all the imports stop buying

for these big imports buy from

american-made companies quickie em

Stiller at kwikki calm I'll finish

quickly here they are american-made no

tariffs supplier is Berlin camp I talked

about Merlin camp before on the

motorcycle of products

there's Burley camp down through the

ages I bet you don't know how this is an

old-line supplier down to the ages from

the early 50s at the top left down to


right there is Birla camp made in Ohio

here are old Birla camp catalogs going

back to the 1970s 1981 this is a

supplier with substance an american-made

supplier made in Minnesota that is ideal

and there's a screen charge for IV

on the name badges made in Colorado

there is or elapsed buy from these


they don't change prices on you like

these big import suppliers do we care at

Ora for those sciples I cannot

stress on you the worst thing where you

lose all your customer and have to say I

can't give you the price because that's

an import product pepco things are made

here in Texas they have a great deal on

the stadium cups right now 39 and 38

cents on an are on those two type of

cups see Victoria at Petco poms comm

american-made is the way a made in


I place my first order with trainer

graphics Jamie a chat trainer gråvik's

comm is easy to get a hold up for

american-made beverage products and that

talking napkin on the right there if

you're selling weddings our parties you

can imprint on the inside of those

napkins and you can have complete event

data there how cool is that now I have

done a book called I sell promotional

products it's a little different this

webinar it's got a lot of the same

information if you would like to have a

free sample of a chapter of that book I

promise you it will help you and if

you'd like to have a recording of this


Harvey McClure edge Empire live talk

wonderfully about will send that to you

he helps me with this there's a gym fire

coupon so if you will email me after the

webinar is over I will send you the

replay and the book chapter again I am

sorry more foul-up on the webinar

starting off I am going to leave this up

on the screen for a bit you can email me

or replay a book chapter donít sell

promo products calm and there are the

email addresses from that is some of the

most of the suppliers I talked about

from the outdoor mat sciples all the way

down to the cup and napkin samples from

trainer there they all are if you'll

email those suppliers after the web and

if you're interested and say Sanders

talked about your products we would like

to have these items they will be sent to

you at no charge and with a happy

attitude I like to deal with happy

suppliers you want some spring water

samples Brian and Alexis Springs comm I

that is one that I would really pay

attention to because you're going to

lose bottled water orders and at least

you'll be able to have a come back to

say well at least my water was not sewer

water there they all are and I just want

to thank you so much for listening I've

been too long today and I hope you have

a great fourth of July and if I can ever

help you just let me know thanks