I thrifted 50 prom dresses and sold them all at a pop-up

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How to sell prom dresses?

Step 1: Gather all the prom dresses that you want to sell.
Step 2: Take high-quality photos of the dresses.
Step 3: Write detailed descriptions of each dress including size, color, material and condition.
Step 4: Choose a platform to sell your dresses – it can be an online marketplace, social media or a consignment store.
Step 5: Promote your dresses through social media, targeted ads or collaborations with influencers.
Step 6: Package and ship the dresses securely and promptly once they are sold.


we're gonna take it back

10 years ago

to my grade 12 prom and i realized for

you americans that's a senior prom this

was me i obviously was really not down

for the occasion for many reasons but

mainly because i really hated getting

dressed up in overpriced ugly mall gowns

so this year my sister and i were

finding a ton of cute prom dresses at

the thrift store as you guys probably

have already seen we figured why not

sell them off to some of you guys

through this pop-up and here is the

prepping for that the event i wish i had

10 years ago

we are doing a pop-up again

pop-up prepping attire i'm trying to be

crafty and resourceful and diy most

things for this pop-up probably gonna

regret this in a few days