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pick it up great no ruining this intro

just hand today we're gonna talk about

five projects that we've learned so

really well for us so we got a question

the other day on Instagram go follow us

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we got a question of somebody asking

what do you make that sells the best

like because there's a ton of different

projects what as a beginning woodworker

trying to make some money what should I

go towards to make money and so we were

just replied with the five things that

we made the most of we thought that

would be a pretty good topic for a video

so we're just gonna roll through the

five projects that are just kind of our

go-to explain what's good and bad about

each project what we've learned by

building several of them and hopefully

that'll spark an idea for you maybe you

can use these as your go-to or it gives

you the confidence to get off the ground

with your business five projects are so

versatile and so ubiquitous that like

you can incorporate oh I know it's a big

word whoa I heard a B you use it so yeah

ubiquitous means it's everywhere so

these are five projects that you can

make so different and so unique that if

a customer just says hey can you show me

something XYZ that you built you can

point to one of these projects and say

well I can do it just like this but in a

door or in a shelf or in a cabinet

something like that and honestly in your

portfolio people like to see pictures of

things that they could see themselves

buying so if somebody wants a coffee

table or they want some bar stools but

all your Instagram or whatever portfolio

has in it

like super tiny detailed keepsake boxes

there can be like I don't know if

they're quite up my alley let's just get

into it talking that's the transition

okay so number one on our list of super

common projects is a desk we have made

multiple videos on YouTube of us

building desks that's just what people

want lots people want need desks whether

it's to fill space in a room or they

genuinely just need a work area we'll

get a lot of requests to customize desks

whether that's cable management wireless

charging certain types of legs that they

want but it comes down to it they're

super simple to make and customize so if

you have a picture of one in your

portfolio that somebody thinks it's cool

they can look at it and say hey that's

awesome and then can we do two extra

holes for cable management you're like

yeah sure no problem super easy so very

versatile there's a lot of directions

you can go at this one you can change

the style of a little look of them the

feel of them and when it comes down to

it still just a really usable desk and

then a little bit more on the sales side

of building desks and why we absolutely

love the building of it it's because it

is great practice for you as a

salesperson to up charge to add little

extras to add accessories and customize

it for them and and really as you

customize it takes more time and more

materials more skill it's gonna

naturally cost more whether it's labor

or whether it's your hourly rate it's

the materials you buy all in all it will

cost more so for example somebody comes

to you and they say hey I need a desk

that's great that could be 8 million

different desks you can sit down and say

hey what are you going to use the desk

for are you a computer gamer are you a

college student do you want it for

decoration from there if they say you

know yeah I'm a computer gamer I like

gaming you say well from there we can do

multiple shelves for you you can make

different cubbies to hold

tower for your desktop computer cable

management is a big one that people who

do a lot of online gaming like to do you

can include wireless charging so they

can charge all of their little I don't

know pieces accessories at the same time

while they're playing I just want to put

in here for just second you remember Sam

the guy who built the liquor cabinet for

a good friend of ours we just built him

a desk and we just did all the we just

did all of those things to his little

desk we have a matched furniture desk

just a pine top chamfered edges hairpin

legs built in that exact same desk we

normally sell it for 200 bucks whenever

we batch out five or more and we turned

his almost the same exact style we

turned his into like an 800 dollar desk

because we used an oak top he's two by

six oak for the top note big thick and

then I made a long tray that did all of

his cable management we had a power

strip in there and then I routed out a

big hole in the bottom so he could put a

wireless phone charger through the top

of the wood and with all those up

charges we changed it from a 200 dollar

desk that we would make out a pine into

an 800 dollar desk and it really only

cost me and it cost me an extra like two

or three hours worth of labor to get

those other things finished okay number

two piece of furniture that we do

constantly is coffee tables everybody

loves coffee tables most of what we see

is somebody is trying to achieve a

certain style or they're trying to tie

together a certain look in their living

room and the coffee table is a really

easy way to do that so that's what we

see most of the time or somebody will

come to us and say hey I need to match

another piece that I have in my living

room so I need the coffee table will

look like that and honestly that's where

we get a lot of repeat customers alright

so on the sales

things coffee tables are really good

because it teaches you and it trains you

how to followup with your customers and

get repeat sales because if you think

about it where do people put coffee

tables in their living rooms and then if

you look at a living room think of your

living room it's probably where you have

the most furniture in one small area

that reason being because that's the

room everybody sees you have guests and

company come over and you sit on the

couch in your living room around your

coffee table you serve drinks maybe you

have some end tables a shelf in the

corner a TV stand there's a ton of stuff

in your living room so if there's any

area of your house where you want a

really nice looking piece that you can

you know talk to people about for people

to compliment and point out the cool

design features it's your living room so

starting with a coffee table

you build somebody a coffee table they

really like it you follow up with them

in a couple of months and you say hey

how do you like that coffee table they

say hey yeah I like it it looks really

cool you can even say something like hey

when I was in your living room I noticed

in that corner on the left side of your

wall there's a little space open and I

think it'd be super cool if we put a

bookshelf in there we could make it

match your coffee table by using the

same kind of wood oh that's an awesome

idea I never thought about that that'd

be super cool to have a bookshelf in my

living room that matched the coffee

table and from there you can start

another sale with a repeat customer so

you put a really nice piece of furniture

in somebody's living room and what do

people automatically start doing they

start comparing everything they have to

that one piece of furniture and when

you're comparing MDF and particleboard

furniture to that beautiful oak coffee

table that you just built them they're

gonna think wow I need to replace some

of the stuff I have now with nicer stuff

or I simply want to replace some of my

old stuff with newer nicer stuff so

that's another awesome way that coffee

tables are gonna bring you multiple

sales so coffee tables are really good

catalysts to train you to find repeat

customers and talk to people who have

already bought from you

all right next up on the list our

cutting boards you've seen us make a

bunch of cutting boards on this channel

and that's just because they sell really

well it's one of the it's one of those

things that everybody uses there's

something that you can batch out and

make a lot of in a short amount of time

they don't take up a whole lot of space

so you can kind of have them in the

corner of your garage or in your

basement or something and just have them

ready to go and the next time that you

need to make a sale or get a few extra

dollars of cash you can just start

texting a ton of people that you haven't

talked to in a while and just said hey

running this business now was just

batching down a ton of cutting boards

one if you wanted one and that's a

really easy way to make a you know a

couple hundred bucks very quickly it's

also another thing that you can approach

businesses with one thing my buddy Bruce

Aldrich that he does he makes cutting

boards for closing gifts so he's got a

really good connection with a bunch of

realtors in town and he just asked him

he's like hey can I make cutting boards

and you give those to your clients as

closing gifts when they buy a home or

sell a home with you

he stays really busy making a lot of

cutting boards and you can get super

fancy with cutting boards you can do the

face grain cutting boards which we do a

lot of you can also do edge and

integrating cutting boards which are

also they take a little more time but

they're really really nice and if you

get a realtor that's got the money to

spend on really nice closing gifts

typically 50 to $100 you can really

start to make a lot of money especially

once you start patching them out that's

also a really good opportunity for you

as a business owner to learn how to

scale if all you need is an extra two or

three clamps and you can make another

two or three cutting boards per batch

that really raises your profit margins

so this kind of teaches you how to scale

with a small product that way when you

get ready to do something like a

restaurant or a department store and

build all the display tables you kind of

already know how to think through a lot

of products running through your shop at

once yeah that's why we recommend

cutting boards are a great place to

start if you're a business that's just

trying to get off the ground and learn

how to do this production thing what's a

blanket ladder it's time for a field

trip taking a trip have your seat

is it gonna be lit this next up is

blanket ladders Jenny made this one with

just a jigsaw and a drill it was gonna

be so mean if you just stopped in there

stupid easy to make Jenny made this one

alright next on the list

our blanket ladders they're very simple

to make Jenny made this one with just a

jigsaw in a drill they do really well in

a living room they're really versatile

you can get kind of intricate with them

if you want to all it takes is just a

couple of two by fours you can screw

them together plug the holes this again

is another good project it's a little

bit larger but you can batch them out

really quickly so it's another really

good learning opportunity for you as a

business owner to batch five to ten of

these out and kind of move through the

process of doing multiple pieces at once

in your shop these do really well at

craft fairs also do the measuring sticks

you know where you measure your kids

height on this stick and you can take

the stick with you if you move or

something like that and blanket ladders

are really easy to sell because you can

also sell decorating packages with them

this is something Jenny's done she'll

like bundles she'll take a like a burlap

sack you get it Walmart or something

like that and she'll put like four

seasons worth of decorations in each one

from like Hobby Lobby or somewhere and

she'll sell that bag of decorations for

20 bucks along with the blanket ladder

for about 50 or 60 so for a hundred

bucks you've got a piece and decorations

already put together ready for a

year-round decorating in your living

room a lot of people in the East in the

south where my family's from we have a

whole bunch of blankets and quilts that

are family heirlooms and they're just

collecting dust in the closet but you

could put them on a blanket ladder

display them that's another sales angle

that you can go for really these things

are just so versatile for decorations

just try to find out what's popular in

your area and try to throw together a

decorating package to go with the

blanket ladder because that's gonna go

way further than just having a

ladder made out of wood that you're

trying to sell so this is a good way to

learn how to market and take good

pictures too

oh my god so the last thing we're going

to talk about is kitchen tables this is

where you can really flex your muscles

as a maker if somebody's buying a

kitchen table from you it's probably not

the first thing they've ever bought from

you maybe it is but this is a pretty

high-dollar item once you're starting to

talk about like custom kitchen tables

you're looking in the to $3,000 range

just kind of depending on the size of

the table this is where you can learn

how to make bigger items you really have

to think about your clamping strategy

your sanding and finishing strategies

it's just everything's different with a

larger product everything changes when

the project gets really big it's one

thing to do a bunch of cutting boards

and if you have the tables booked when

you get one or two kitchen tables in the

workshop you start to run out of space

really quickly so it's a good exercise

and learning how to you know just manage

your space I guess this is where you can

really find out how well your shop is

laid out because if you can't make a

large item like a kitchen table in your

shop you may need to consider getting

rid of some things or moving some stuff

around especially if you want to do any

sort of like production you like my

crocks you these are my nice crocks

but yeah kitchen tables if you're at the

point where you're selling kitchen

tables to your clients I'm pretty sure

you've made it because that's something

that they're family touches eats on like

people will trust you if it's like a

small cutting board or something but if

they're gonna spend two or three

thousand dollars with you to build a

kitchen table I feel like you've you've

arrived that person is definitely on

your ferris wheel I hope these tips have

been helpful these are just the five

things that we make the most of that we

will have the best learning opportunity

for a small business or a side hustle

trying to learn how to build things and

there's all different types of

construction like we've covered small

things like cutting boards two really

big items like kitchen tables if you can

master those five products part

products if you can master those five

products everything is gonna go your way

and it sounds like you're off to a great

start as a business so anything else

Bruce he says no all right well if you

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