How to Create and Sell an Online Fitness Program

today we're gonna walk through five

steps that you can take to create and

sell your own online fitness program

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anything as a fitness trainer one thing

is always true there just aren't enough

hours in the day you want to help as

many people as possible with their

fitness goals but there just isn't

enough space in the calendar well not if

you want to eat sleep or have any form

of a social life so how do you help more

people get the results they want without

needing to magically add extra hours to

your day well you'll be glad to know

that the answer is pretty

straightforward you create an online

fitness studio which is a video based

platform that allows trainers to work

with clients online through this hub you

can share workouts courses nutrition

advice training plans and recipes

basically if you think it'll help your

audience and improve their results you

can create and share it with them

through your online fitness studio this

is an awesome option for personal

trainers and course instructors because

they allow you to work with an unlimited

number of people virtually anywhere in

fact online fitness studio is hosted on

you screen have an average of three

hundred and forty three monthly

subscribers earn an average of seven

thousand five hundred and three dollars

per month and have clients in up to one

hundred and eighty eight countries it's

hard to scale to three hundred and forty

three clients with real-world training

and you can't get there without adding

any extra hours on the gym floor

obviously this can be a practical

solution for any trainer with a busy

schedule trying to figure out how to

earn more money but it can be even more

effective if you've already got an

established audience on a platform like

YouTube or Instagram shellshock Fitness

is a great example of this it's actually

a physical studio based in Franklin

Tennessee right outside of Nashville

where they run a wide range of group

fitness classes but they wanted to

expand their reach and grow their

business and the owner shelley wanted to

bring her brand of training to people

who couldn't attend in-person classes at

the studio so she created an online

fitness studio where she could record

and upload classes so that people could

follow them at home or in the gym she's

even got apps so people can stream her

programs to their TV tablets and

smartphones so they can take their

training with them whenever and wherever

they need them

is able to coach more people without

having to be there at the point of

purchase hire new staff or expand her

physical facility let's break down

exactly how you can do something similar

with your own online fitness studio

online fitness studios can be broken

down into two types of business models

transactional video on-demand or TV OD

Chabad is what we refer to it at you

screen where people pay a one-off fee

for your content and subscription video

on demand or SPO des pod where people

pay a recurring fee for access to the

video content the model you choose will

dictate the type of business you run so

it's worth understanding each one

transactional is the pay as you train

model this is where people pay a

one-time fee for access to and ownership

of the videos you create think of it

like the online streaming version of

buying a fitness DVD or p90x course it's

a great model if you have one specific

thing that you want to teach like a

particular class workout routine seminar

or workshop you could also create a

bundle that works as a complete one-off

package for your clients let's say

you're a fat loss focused personal

trainer with an incredible 12-week

training plan that leaves everyone

looking like a Greek god the plan

contains everything needed to see

results including training plans diet

plans exercise videos recovery tips and

much more you can put all of the videos

and resources together into a bundle and

allow people to buy it and access it


so let's take a closer look at the pros

and cons of this particular business

model you can create a high ticket offer

at one hundred and ninety seven dollars

or more once the product is ready you

can sell it for years to come you can

easily promote this to in-person and

online clients it's easy to create an

affiliate offer for third party trainers

to sell for you you need to continually

find new customers to keep the revenue

flowing your income is not recurring or

predictable it can take a lot of time to

create a comprehensive product you need

to invest a lot of time into marketing

the membership business model requires

people to pay a monthly fee to access

your content which means that if they

pay they can access your videos and if

they stop paying they lose their access

to your videos this is the perfect model

for trainers looking to build a

comprehensive client focused online

training business

because it allows you to continuously

create update and share content that

will deliver real results to your

clients no matter where they are you

have the flexibility to post multiple

training plans multiple course options

nutritional advice recipes ebooks

challenges workshops and much more the

fact that you can update and renew in

real time ensures that your clients

always have the most up-to-date

information let's take a look at the

pros and cons of this model you can earn

a recurring income your income is more

predictable customers stay subscribed

for longer the business model is built

for scale you can easily promote this to

online and in-person clients video

content can easily be repurposed for

marketing you'll need to invest time

into regular content creation trade-off

short term income for long term income

with your model picked out it's time to

talk about how to structure and deliver

your content online clients will leave

the video subject matter up to you there

are two elements of an online fitness

studio macro-level content which is the

big picture of what your studio will

offer and micro-level content which is

how your content looks on an individual

level macro level content is your site's

core message so when you look at the big

picture you need to ask several

questions the wire clients coming to my

site what do they expect to see when

they get here what do I want to teach

how am I going to teach it what

resources do I need to have in place you

need to know the goal of what you're

creating before you put the individual

pieces in place so if you're a strength

coach what sort of things would your

site need in order to deliver the best

possible experience strength focus

branding videos that focus on technique

progressive plans they can print out

nutritional information workouts for

busy gyms or travel days just looking at

this list you can see the site theme and

structure starting to take place you

could also apply this to class based

workouts - like if you're an instructor

with a unique take on spin classes you

might create a list that looks like high

performance branding bike tutorials bike

recommendations downloadable playlists

workouts focusing on different levels of

intensity it's a different site but you

can see the macro level structured

taking shape let's look at spin TV it

just takes a quick look to see

this is offering something much

different than shell-shocked fitness so

really take the time to get familiar

with what your studio is going to be and

who it will appeal to after that you can

move on to the micro level which is the

content your audience will consume this

is what your audience will actually

watch interact with and experience

thinking about the strength coach

example again on a micro level you'll

need to think about how you're going to

create four different experience levels

different levels of intensity different

training environments principal workout

sheets progressive training plans and

how they'll be broken down into videos

and resources meal plans you also have

to think about how you'll deliver your

content will your courses follow a

logical sequence will you record a

loaner in front of a class will you use

live videos or written content where you

need to create PDFs this can feel a

little overwhelming but if you organize

things properly with categories and tags

and such the content will be easy to

find and navigate especially on a

platform like you screen this is your

Studios storefront it's where people

will come to learn more see pricing and

find out if your style is right for them

if you need some inspiration here are

some examples


one thing that will influence your

website is your branding if you can make

your design aspirational hopeful and

give them a glimpse of the experience

they'll have while training with you

you'll be on the right track this is an

area that many trainers struggle to get

right well you may know what your time

is worth on the gym floor it can be

difficult to translate that online we've

done some research and here's what our

study found for the average online

fitness studio transactional business is

charged between $75 and one hundred and

ten dollars per bundle while

subscription based businesses charge a

monthly fee of between twelve and

fifteen dollars so we'd recommend

starting there and then increasing or

decreasing based on the feedback from

your audience we also found that online

fitness studios that offer a free trial

earn a lot more money than those who


in fact the average monthly income for a

studio without a free trial is five

thousand six hundred and thirty seven

dollars and the average income for a

studio with a free trial is nine

thousand five hundred and seventy five

dollars our research also showed that

offering a free trial of around one week

gets the best results marketing is a

vital part of your new studio you need

to connect with people who will benefit

from your training and love the message

you're sharing the best way to do this

build a community click the link in the

top right corner to open a new tab and

watch a recent video that I made talking

all about how to build a community

communities bring people together around

a common goal training style or even

dietary system and create a sense of

belonging you can see this everywhere my

Mills CrossFit and Zumba powerlifting

ketogenic diet veganism carnivore diet

you can probably spot someone from these

groups a mile away because you'll hear

them coming and talking about it before

they get to you but jokes aside you can

leverage this sense of community to

market and grow your audience online

fitness studios in the form of video

based training sites allow you to scale

your business and reach as many people

as you can

it'll help you smash through the

barriers and reach way more people in

way more places the same way that

Shelley from shellshock fitness took her

Tennessee based training method to the

entire world

if you've got any questions or need help

be sure to reach out to our team so does

that make us your personal trainers for


what's the one thing stopping you from

going all in on your own online studio

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