Programmatic Advertising Basics Explained in Under 4 Minutes

Online advertising is now a hundred and twenty nine billion dollar industry. For

the first year ever, digital ad spend is set to exceed traditional media spend.

Overall this is great news for businesses as online advertising offers

more options, lower cost, and more flexibility than traditional media

advertising. But one of the big challenges with all of these bells and

whistles of online advertising is figuring out how to select what

platforms to advertise on. There are more options than ever and it can be

overwhelming for businesses. This is where programmatic advertising comes in

and changes the game. Programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence

and real-time bidding to help automate and streamline the ad buying process. In

a nutshell, programmatic campaigns allow you to specify a target market, budgets,

and goals for a campaign. Ad experts at companies like WebFX configure the

campaign and use AI to place ads across dozens of ad networks to reach your

highly targeted audience. This all works in a similar way to how a lot of modern

investing programs work. You specify what percentage of your portfolio you want to

invest in different types of stocks and bonds, what your risk tolerance is, and

software programs can help determine the best path to financial success. For

programmatic advertising, let's go through a quick example. If you're trying

to sell a new high-tech winter jacket, you can choose to only target ski

enthusiasts from Western Canada and create your goal to be, I want to

increase e-commerce purchases. A programmatic campaign would take all

these parameters and analyze them against hundreds of data points to

select the best ad platforms and bids to drive maximum ecommerce sales. The

recommended strategy might be to dedicate 30 percent of the budget to

Snapchat ads, but only on weeknights after 6:00 p.m. because that's the time

that they're performing the best. Putting AI to work for an ad campaign can be

very, very powerful. There are a few other key advantages to running a digital ads

campaign with programmatic advertising. First, access to

dozens of ad networks. It can be time-consuming and tedious to set up

individual ad campaigns on each platform. Programmatic advertising connects

automatically to platforms like Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook,, Pandora,

AdsWizz, and more. One expertly crafted campaign can get you maximum visibility

across multiple networks. Second, highly targeted campaigns. Through the power of

AI your ads are only shown to the people who fit your specific target market.

Instead of guessing what sites and keywords your market is utilizing,

programmatic advertising has this step built-in. And third, your campaigns are

delivered across devices. Programmatic campaigns reach users where they are at,

whether it's a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. This allows you to run a true

omni-channel strategy for your ad campaigns. If your business has a crystal

clear target market that you want to go after, programmatic advertising is a

fantastic option to consider. You cast a wider net with your digital ads and have

access to tons of ad platforms but also very targeted campaign elements. To talk

specifics about how programmatic advertising can help your business, give

one of our ad experts at WebFX a call today.