How my business made $500 with NO WEBSITE! || tips for selling on Instagram || young CEO Life Ep. 3

I'm here to let you know that you can

have a successful business without a



hey guys is stacy and i'm back with

another video so a lot of people haven't

asked me to make some more videos about

my business so here i am making a

business video so today's video is going

to be how i made $500 in my first month

of business without a website i still do

not have a website because i am making a

steady flow of income without my website

and i believe that i'm still growing

high once i reach a plateau i'll

consider a website but i'm still growing

with donna website right now so I think

this perfect because I know a lot of

young people want to start businesses

and when you start watching these people

on YouTube about how to send businesses

they start talking like you need a

website you should do this you should do

that you should do this and like we're

young like I'm Justine I just don't have

seen so I know like you might not have

the money for that I would like to share

with you how I made five hundred dollars

my first month in business I saw sold on

Instagram and this was before I started

YouTube like I just started YouTube

around the Sun so you can't say it's

from Clairol other social medias because

it's not this is solely then so I'm just

gonna go ahead and get started with the

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able to help you out and yeah let's get

started with the video guys it is

research anything you don't know Google

everything I learned about my business I

you they were found it in a book I found

on the internet or I learned it myself

my research I mean you should know how

to make what you're making any problems

you might encounter how you can solve

that um research marketing on Instagram


probably gonna be your prime selling

point so the next thing I can say is I

invest it in my business you have to

spend some money to make money and I

knew when to spend a little bit more I

went to spend a little bit less so like

for example my whole business want one

place I spend a little less on was my

website because you know you don't want

to start a business and your website and

you pay all this money for a website and

nobody shops with it because you have to

look at your garage my target audience

people my age and a lot of these people

don't have cards and stuff so why would

I make a website where it only accepts

cards when half of the people who I'm

selling to don't have cards I took a lot

of local orders so I made sure to spend

a little bit of extra on my local

packaging compared to my shipping

because I didn't ship as many orders I

didn't have to spend some money next tip

is I took good pictures I started it in

about 2017 but I started taking it

seriously into about last year 2019 let

me show you off some pictures Victor

right here is from 2017 and this picture

right here is from today we're just kind

of sight today do you see the quality

difference between those pictures the

higher your quality picture is and what

professional you'll look and the more

likely people will be to shop with you

so your pictures need to be very

high-quality since you know since you

don't have a website you have to work

extra hard to prove that you should

people should shop with you my next one

is to promote and advertise so okay this

is trying to funny so you know how I

said I started my business in 2017 I

started selling viral details with our

insert a picture with a vinyl decal lid

you can put it anywhere if you want one

should go dami by the way but I started

my business in 2017 and middle school

selling vinyl decals and the way I got

most of my life traffic's in my business

is I told people about him at school I

show up my brother I used to have my

violin because of my phone case all the

time and I'd be like hey guys I made

this myself if you want one I can make

you one start with me and I just

advertise it and I posted about I posted

about it all of you time then I'm off to

post on Facebook shares to our friends

and another thing when you're posting

use hashtags because a lot of signs like

when I'm looking for something I'll go

on the hashtag like I'm gonna be

somebody to do my hair I'll search

hashtag Lana brayer so like use hashtags

and also where the mouth is one of the

best forms of advertisement so tell

people like you might wanna do if you

refer someone you'll get 10% off your

next order or something like that and

where the mouth advertising also kind of

goes with business cards have nice

business card videos only YouTube or how

to make business cards the business

cards or one of the ways that I spent my

business cuz like when I made someone to


I'd put two business cards in there and

one for them to keep them more than the

share and a lot of times people will be

like yeah somebody should the business

card me that's how I found out about you

so business cards are like perfect and

they help and the more professional they

look the more likely people will be to

shop with you and on your business cards

you should include a name your name

phone number email address and your

Instagram because you don't have

websites they don't have to put a

website but you just need to specify

those things on your business card if

you want more videos about that I'll be

glad to make it just let me know in the

comments below my next thing you don't

underestimate local orders a lot of

times when people start the business

they seem to want to sell to people

beyond them but you have to like realize

that you have a great market in front of

you you go to school or you go to online

school but you know people you did go to

school with no you ought to church and

people at your church local orders are

perfect because it's a great foundation

my $500 did I make my first month most

of them were local orders I know a lot

of us like when you see these people

with businesses online and you see them

shipping and doing this and that you're

like oh my gosh I want to get to where

they are I need a website I need to sell

to people all of us the French you all

across the world but when you're just


local orders are perfect I promise you

my next tip is to stay very professional

so what I mean this like you know since

you're working through damn what people

should you should be using proper

grammar you should have a price sheet

set out you should have graphics design

for people in dm's

you should respond in an orderly fashion

your post should be professional you

need to be professional because once

again you don't have a website so you

have to work a little bit harder to

prove yourself to your customers but you

should just stay professional you know

you shouldn't be cousin people out of

your business page things of that sort

like that's common sense you should just

keep a very professional manner about

yourself so my next one is to stay

organized guys you should stay very

organized um I keep my business

organized with a planner and I have a

notebook for my business I also have a

Barney fry business and my binder is

like the tip top place and also if

you're interested let me know I was

thinking about um selling a principle

which would be very cheap but like

selling a printable full of printables

that I have designed for my business it

is taking me like a year to perfect the

printables but like they're perfect for

my business and they have everything I

need so if you I think I just said that

like let me know in the comments below

because I would love to sell printables

you should be filling orders in a timely

manner and if you feel like you can't

fulfill it in a timely manner be honest

with people if you ran out of supplies a

surprise will come for another two weeks

you should let the people know like hey

I just ordered supplies so that I can

fulfill your order to the best of my

ability and supplies on be here until

two weeks are you still interested

please let me know thanks so much for

supporting me it also generates people

that want to come back and shop with you

which is another way that I got business

once I did a very good job the first

time people want to come back and shop

with me and get have multiple ways to

accept payment so once again thank you

actress heart your audience and people

like you when you're not using a website

most people are ready to pay with car so

like you can use square invoices you can

use cash out that's what I use mainly

you can use demo you can even accept

cash payments just you should have

multiple ways even if the multiple ways

are just cash and cash eV and if you

can't have much boys that is okay that

is totally fine like don't ever let

anybody knock you for not adding with

boys but like I feel like I was I was

able to create more income when I had

more boys of a sent me payment because

sometimes I'd be like okay that's $15

and they're like well I don't have cash


- I also said this and this and if they

don't have what you have then oh well

it's okay you have more customers coming

soon to make sure the branding for your

business is a one so your visit should

have common colors a distinct logo like

a vision that you're trying to get

across with your business if you want me

to talk more about branding let me know

but I can talk all day about branding

but you should just have like great

branding for your business your business

should be recognizable and like you

should be able to associate different

things with your business based on how

you brand yourself because the better

brand even have the more memorable your

business will be and the more likely

people will be to shop with you so next

you should have customer testimonials

and you should be posting them all the

time so like customer testimonials for

me started with my friends posting

pictures of the thing that I made for

them and the more people see like all

other people are shopping with them the

more likely they'll be to shop with you

even if you don't have a website so

personally on my business degree I have

a highlight of customers and there I

have what people saying like thank you

so much I love it I'll be shopping again

pictures of their products and things

like that because um customer

testimonials are a great way and even if

you want to encourage customer

testimonials let's say bar and giving

them to you you could be like okay it's

20% off your next order if you provide a

testimonial and this is a great way to

get people to come back a shot with you

once again producing revenue for your

business so next I treated my business

like a real business I kept my business

fund separate from my personal funds I

set aside time every day to work on my

business and I just did things like that

because you need to treat yourself like

a real business nobody is going to keep

like think of you as a real business if

you're not even training yourself as a

real business and that's just common

sense that's just facts

so my last thing that I have I know

people and I like it but I'm gonna tell

you anyways because it's genuinely what

I did and I want to help y'all I said go

through my business and I prayed for my

business I prayed for my business every


I truly believe that like God helped me

bring my successor I should have

believed that God has brought me so far

with this business thing I really do cuz

I wouldn't be where I am today without

God and if you don't like that I'm so

sorry but that is the truth that is the

honest I pray for my business I found

the prayers like their business prayers

all over Pinterest and things like that

but I pray and I wrote down goals and I

decided how I was gonna cheat those

goals and I write them okay so that is

it for this video I hope you enjoyed it

if you want more business videos please

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love y'all