so you want to know how to use coinbase

from A to Z well let me show you Shane

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so today we're going to look into

coinbase and look at the how to get

started how to buy cryptocurrency

wallets how to set up recurring

purchases things of that nature also

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alright so coinbase is an onboarding

system so that you can turn your fiat

into cryptocurrency and vice versa it's

been around for quite a few years now

it's one of the most popular onboarding

cryptocurrency systems out there and

it's really easy to use so let's go

ahead and hop into my computer and I'll

show you everything you need to know

about coin base


all right so here we are in a home page

couple things it's got various products

course the coinbase itself we've got the

wallets got various cryptocurrency

wallets within the dashboard it offers

us D coin cryptocurrency with a stable

price and you can also earn

cryptocurrency with coinbase earned more

on that in a little bit you scroll down

here a little bit

create your cryptocurrency portfolio

today you can manage your portfolio set

up recurring buys vault protection

mobile apps and the most trusted

cryptocurrency platform

it's got secure storage protected by

insurance industry best practices 150

plus a billion cryptocurrency exchange

in a hundred and two countries 30 plus

million customers served and get started

a few minutes usually create an account

link your bank account and start buying

and selling so if you have not signed up

for coinbase yet you just go ahead and

click get started a link will be down

below for you guys to go ahead and sign

up you get $10 a free Bitcoin it's a

pretty good deal so you just fill out

this information here of course you're

gonna have to go verify your email

address things of that nature once you

get set up and ready to go you'll come

back here and just click sign in enter

your email address password and just

click sign in then your 2-step

verification you enter your verification

code here click verify and it will log

you in and this is what your actual

dashboard will look like real quick are

any of you guys out there currently

using coinbase let me know down below

the simple yes or no I'm always

interested in your guys feedback so do

that real quick before we move on



all right so homepage we scroll down a

bit here's where you can earn free

crypto a little bit more on that in a

little bit and then here's your

portfolio recent activity is pretty

self-explanatory and you can scroll back

up click on portfolio and if you scroll

down here a little bit this will give

you a list of your assets that you

currently have of course if you're brand

new to it you won't have any at all so

the first thing we're gonna want to do

is click on this little icon right here

and go to settings and you're going to

update your profile with your address

phone number things like that once

that's up they click over here on

security update this information with

your two-factor authentication if you

want to totally up to you but I would

advise to do so financial services this

is just for staking more on that in a

little bit and we can go over to linked

accounts this is the main one this is

where you can set up your bank accounts

so you can go ahead and buy crypto or

your credit card

either way it's totally up to you you

just click on link account go through

the whole process it's pretty

straightforward it's easy to do

otherwise you won't be able to buy any

cryptocurrency with your fiat so once

your linked accounts are set up and

ready to go just go back over to

portfolio here and you can see this

little rewards right here this is from

staking I'm staking tasers right now you

can also stick US dollar coin if you

want to know how to stick Tassos video

should be popping up here shortly

so basically staking is you're holding

cryptocurrency on coinbase in this case

Tasos and they pay you overtime for

holding it here or staking it and

staking helps secure the network alright

if you scroll down a little bit

recurring purchases I've already got one

going myself every two weeks I pick up

$100 and Bitcoin and you would just

click on set up recurring purchases and

this little circle right here you can

choose every month first and fifteenth

every week every day one-time purchases

etc and then you would select Bitcoin or

what other kind

cryptocurrency you want which they do

have a decent amount in here at the

moment I would just suggest just buying

Bitcoin if you're getting started and of

course you've already set up your linked

account with your bank or credit card in

the center how much you want to buy

every week two weeks etc and just go

ahead and click buy Bitcoin you can also

set up recurring cells same type deal

just enter the amount you want to sell

there were week two weeks things of that

nature and you can also convert your

Bitcoin in these same type fashion so

that is setting up recurring purchases

with coinbase

if you just want to buy straight out any

kind of cryptocurrency just click on

trade right here it's already got buy

selected again your linked accounts are

already set up enter the amount of

Bitcoin you want to buy and just click

buy Bitcoin so say I wanted to buy ten

dollars in Bitcoin free view by you

would click on that this is the amount

of BTC you're going to get you just

click buy now and of course you're gonna

have to enter your verification codes

for security purposes and once you do

that should be pretty instantaneous and

the Bitcoin will show up shortly and

your account

alright so that's as easy as it is to

buy let's go on over to prices and here

is where all the different crypto

currencies coinbase has to offer and if

say you click on Bitcoin it'll give you

a brief overview and the wallet for

Bitcoin you just click on a wallet and

you could click receive right here click

on I understand and there is your actual

Bitcoin wallet address right there you

just click copy and if you had so many

wanted to send you Bitcoin that's how

you would go ahead and receive it on a

coin base just give them this actual

wallet address right there and they'll

be able to send you however much Bitcoin

they would like same thing goes for

sending you just go ahead and click on

sin enter the person's Bitcoin wallet

address right in here then of course you

would enter the amount right there write

whatever kind of message you want it

it's going to my buddy Johnny something

of that nature it's totally up to you

click on continue and you would have to


and verify sending of that amount of

Bitcoin through your two-factor

authentication if you have that setup

and it's pretty straight forward from

that point forward and the Bitcoin would

be on its way so if we go back to prices

here all of these have their own

individual wallets so litecoin would be

right there you go just click on wallets

and then receive again and there's your

like coin wallet address so it's pretty

straightforward all these coins on here

have their own individual wallets so

somebody wants to send you any of these

actual types of cryptocurrencies you'll

just select on whether it's ever one it

is say it's basic attention token click

on the actual wallet click on receive I

understand and then there you go there's

your wallet address for basic attention

token and one last thing you can click

on invite friends and this is your

actual link that you would copy and send

it out to your friends and if they go

ahead and join coin base you would get

ten dollars in bitcoins pretty simple so

that is coinbase in a nutshell you guys

have any questions about coinbase enter

them down below I'll be sure to get back

to you and try and answer any questions

that you may have now let's go ahead and

see how we can enter this week's Bitcoin



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