How To Sell Your Stuff Online | 6 Steps To Making A Sale

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hi everyone welcome to my channel my

name is Nikki and today I wanted to

share with you my top tips on how to

sell your items online in your own

online store so nowadays there's so many

apps you can download on your phone for

selling your items from house hoping

clothes shoes accessories makeup

everything so this is a great way

starting in 2017 to declutter if you

haven't watched my other video on how to

declutter if you found things that

you're able to sell this is a great time

to sell them on these apps because first

of all they make it super easy to do and

there's so many people on these apps

that there's a lot of buyers out there

so I want to share with you my top tips

that I use to make my first sale as well

as keep making sales so if you haven't

already subscribed to my channel to be