How to Write Emails to Sell a Product! Email Marketing Strategy in 3 Easy Steps!

hey what's up it's Scott and in today's

brand building tip I'm gonna cover with

you three steps to write emails that

sell but in a non sleazy scammy way

that's going to be delivering value to

people and they will look forward to

your emails and guess what here's a

little secret if we can get people to

open our email there's a much greater

chance that they could eventually buy

something from us right so if this

sounds interesting stick around because

that's what we're we covering here on

the whiteboard all right so here's what

I want to say before we even get into

these three steps all right when we are

showing up in someone's inbox they are

immediately going to look at our name

and they are going to say sales message

or helpful message or a friend right

that's what they're gonna instantly as

they're looking through that's what

they're going to be saying so it's

really important that you understand

that this is a relationship that you're

building and these three things will

help us do a much better job of building

that relationship all right and if we

build that relationship we've got a much

greater chance of them buying something

but then also sharing the stuff that we

are publishing alright and that is our

content I hear a lot of people that say

Scott I'm building an email list and I'm

not making any sales well that's the

wrong mindset because here's the deal if

you're building a list and you're doing

it properly

they're probably sharing your content as

well and if they share your content

there's a much greater chance of other

people finding you and then coming in

and then possibly then getting on your

email list or maybe buying something

because they shared something that you

have for sale so a lot more goes into

building the list and communicating with

that list and building that relationship

than just a one-off sale alright so I

just want to make sure I'm clear on that

all right so these are the three

critical parts about writing an email

number one is your subject line now why

is that important well it's like your

name it's the first thing that they are

going to see and it needs to get their

attention it needs to be something that

they're interested in if they signed up

to get bass fishing tips and you sent

them something about I don't know

how to throw a curveball in baseball

there doesn't really make sense that's

not what I signed up for right so you

got to make sure that you're definitely

delivering what they signed up for or

information about that so if they're if

they're in the bass fishing then it

would probably be like five bass fishing

tips for the weekend

something like that curiosity works

really well don't overuse it but it does

work well

try these five tips to catch more bass

and then maybe in parentheses never

thought they would work you know I'm

getting curiosity what are they I want

to know what they are right so curiosity

in a subject line works really well but

just delivering value in that subject

line that gets them to say you know what

I want to know what those five tips are

all right so that's what it is that's

what you're going to do in the subject

line attention right if we can't get

their attention guess what none of this

other none of this stuff matters none of

it right they're never going to go

inside of our email so the first part is

selling in a sense right we're selling

for them to open our email all right I

know it's not money but it is selling

right we're selling the idea to go ahead

and click in to the email so now once we

get in the email we are going to be and

this is what I like to do is I like to

tell a little story and also why I'm

sending them an email all right so that

again could be like hey I just wanted to

jump in here I went fishing with my son

last weekend and we tried out these five

new lures and there's three of them that

were just off the charts amazing we

caught so many bass off of these lures

and I wanted to share them with you

today and you know you got to see a

picture of my son he caught the biggest

one of the day here's a here's a shot of

him right so I'm telling the story why

I'm emailing them all right so you need

to think about that all right as you're

writing and crafting your email message

tell a little bit of a story now don't

bore them with like you know a whole

block of text but you want to tell a

story why are you you know make sure it

makes sense to the headline if it's five

five tips for catching more bass than in

here it's like hey I wanted to share

this with you because we caught a whole

bunch more best here's the story on how

it happened right even come out and say

I want to tell you a short little story

I want

a little story this is what just

happened or this is what happened in the

past right so you want to tell them a

story of why right and then they start

to understand who you are especially if

you are the face of the brand or if you

are talking about your family they want

to know a little bit about you and about

your company right that all comes into

being part of the story all right so a

story and then the why you're emailing

them okay and then obviously deliver

that all right the next thing that

you're gonna do here is you're going to

sell the click what do I mean by that

well you're probably going to have a

link in there that link is not going to

be something to buy right now now it

could be but it doesn't have to be and I

would say in the beginning it wouldn't

be what it would do is it would go to

the piece of content that you created

right so the link is going to go here

right now inside of here you could have

your product underneath the content or

woven into the content but you're not

technically clicking or having them

click to go to the product you're going

or having them go to the content which

then could mention the product or you

may just get them to click to read the

content because you know that you're

going to deliver value and eventually

you will have a click that leads to a

sale all right but we're building that

trust so what I want you to do is always

be thinking about how are you going to

deliver value that's first and then from

there how can you lead the value to

either mention your product or have them

think about products that you may sell

ok so that's how you can kind of weave

that in now if you wanted to get rid of

that product and just have it be content

that's fine right because then the next

one that you do might be about the

product that's inside of it so that

would be email number two maybe now I'm

going to be doing more videos like this

one on the brand building tips section

here in this segment but I'll be talking

more about how to

create a sequence all right there's

something that I call my my for email

profit push where I'm actually able to

deliver value and sell at the same time

all right and it works really really

well but I want you to always be

thinking about the content or the value

that you're going to be delivering all

right so let's kind of go through these

one more time we're selling ourselves as

far as for them to want to open our

email so we're selling the open that's

the first thing right open here's the

hook here's the reason why you should

open the email and then once they get in

you want to say yeah this is this is

right this is exactly what I'm telling

you here's the story why I'm I'm

actually sharing this with you so you're

you're confirming that this subject line

goes with the Y or the story right so if

it's five bass tips you want this to

have a story of why you're sharing the

five bass tips and and then deliver the

five bass tips but maybe not in the

email maybe that goes to the click where

you're selling to get the five tips go

here or maybe what you do here's another

idea maybe what you do in here is you

give them to and you say for the other

three go check them out over on the blog

or over over on Facebook where I posted

this and you'll get the other three so

again it's curiosity inside of here for

them to click out because we want them

to eventually click out maybe this here

is a Facebook post okay maybe that's a

Facebook post well guess what and here's

where people don't don't think that

they're getting value if someone doesn't

buy and all they do is just go to your

piece of content if that click leads

someone over here to this Facebook post

they can share it on Facebook and then

guess what other people discover your

blog or your home base as I've called it

in the past right so that's how a

Facebook post would work up or if it's

your if it's your blog post that's going

to get people over there maybe to

comment on your blog or maybe they're

going to share that post on your you

know from your blog on Facebook or maybe

they're going to share it with a forum

that they belong to or a group that they

belong to so there's a lot that can

happen by these people going through and

clicking and just consuming the content

all right so I want you to understand

this subject line

story and the why and then selling the

click all right so hopefully you

understand that this is the process and

it's not that complicated now here's

what I want you to do if you're already

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way here you can go out there build your

list but then communicate with your list

so people get to know like and trust you

and eventually will buy your products

but also share your brand all right so

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training you guys know what to do get

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we'll see you soon