How to Create a Pinterest Business Account to Sell Products Online

hello everybody Nathan I don't here and

this video I want to show you how to

create your Pinterest account this is

super simple and I know you're going to

be able to do great at it so what you

want to do is you want to come to

Pinterest calm and you're going to ask

the asked to create an account so you

need an email and they're going to

create a user password so we're going to

use a old email account of mine way

bigger password just make sure it's

something that you can remember then

you're going to hit continue okay after

we create our accounts you know put them

put our email and our password we're

going to be carrying to this page okay

it's going to ask you all this

information here you want to give them

what you want to do is click continue as

a business the reason why you want to do

that is because you're going to have

access to the analytics in Pinterest and

if you sign up as yourself then you can

ask with the whole of the process to

continue with the business so we're

going to click continue as a business

could you get to this page so it's got

asked us for some of this information

again we'll go ahead and fill it out so

go ahead and I didn't put all this

information what you're going to do is

here it asks you to select a business

type just pick the one that best

describes your business we've gone with

online marketplace and if you email eyes

or your website I've gotta finish put my

website in there if you have a website

you didn't want to go ahead and put that

in there you want to have some sort of

website in there and the reason why

because later on it's going to ask you

to verify that website so that's we're

going to click create account

so our accounts been created they'll

report to this screen or it's asking us

to collect five topics I suggest you

like five topics that are relevant to

your particular audience the reason for

that it's because it uses this to create

a customized news feed for you and if

your want to share a lot of hands if you

want to go ahead and I should look

possible you're going to want to go

ahead and share pens that your audience

will find interesting so we're just

going to go ahead and pick five here


I would have to my audience is women and

their women who are interested in things

like hairstyles and makeup and then

click done now if they take you to this

page where you have the option to get to

Pinterest browser button you can do that

or not do that I'm going to click get it

now and it's going to ask me all these

other questions I want to add it the

extension to Atlanta you know although I

already got this extension so I'm going

to click cancel but if you want the

extension you can go ahead and do that

it's a Chrome extension it is helpful if

you want to pin themes from other

websites you use in the lab and you come

across something that you a lot of hand

if useful for that but it's entirely up

to you whether or not you want to have

it on your computer if you don't want it

you can go ahead and click skip right

here and after you want skip to step on

it say yes I did so now it goes through

this process of building my custom

newsfeed so again assuming that my

audience is women and it's women who are

interested in fashion and you know

looking stylish this is the things that

they're going to be interested in so

that's the reason why I showed these

particular topics on Pinterest you want

to share other people's content it helps

increase your reach a health increase

the amount of people who will be drawn

to your particular profile and go ahead

and sell your products better so it

obviously helps it pays to have lots of

pins that they're going to want to click

on so that's basically how you make your

account let's move on to the different

features and Pinterest so that you know

how to use them or what they are this

particular screen we're on right now is

called a newsfeed it's where Pinterest

gives you pins and gives you articles

that are customized to your particular

needs this is actually a smart feed so

as you continue to search for different

topics as your potential customers

search for different topics Pinterest

will actually pull pins and articles

that that particular user will be

interested in as a online retailer as an

online marketer

your job is to get into as a news feeds

as possible the reason why I do that is

because you can reach as many people as

possible with your products so just bear

in mind that everything that you do and

everything that we'll talk about

their interest is with the goal of

getting your particular products your

articles your information into the news

feeds of as many users as possible now

if you want to look at your profile you

can look at your profile here you click

on my profile and what you see is that

this is what my profile looks like I

don't have any followers obviously you

see my business name here you can change

that if you want to you see my website

here and then we can go ahead and change

my picture the way that you change all

of this is you click on this icon right

here and it will take you to your

account back in here so it's going to

ask you all of the questions you can

change your password you can show you

the language turnoff the country so if

you want to change your contact name

here you can okay that I suggest you do

is let's say that you are selling

t-shirts you can have your business name

on there and then you want to put

different keywords in your like t-shirts

clothing etc or whatever you want to put

in there that is keyword specific to

your business you can put that in there

now next you come to your profile and

just like above you can change your

business here if you want you can leave

it alone

we also put keywords in here that will

help sell your products it will help

bring people to your particular profile

the way to capricious algorithm works is

it a keyword based if its first base or

self a keyword based so if Pinterest has

a good idea of what your account is

relevant to when somebody does a

particular search you're more likely to

be pulled up for those particular

keywords okay so I make sure you have

lots of keywords in here that are

relevant to your business so you know

t-shirts clothing again I said okay

whatever works best for your business

then you can change the picture if you

want to will change our picture


so there's our picture and you can also

change your Pinterest fusion if you want

to for example this year's their name is

not that great if I were creating this

account to advertise my business and to

get customers I probably would change

that now you want to go ahead and put

some sort of description in about you

again it needs to be keyword rich so

include keywords that are relevant to

your business so we might put on so it

comes to you about you you want to be

keyword rich you want to be relevant you

want to you want to give people a reason

to click through to your website where

it's going to leave this particular

short little introductions here but

obviously you want to work on it a

little bit more than I did

and put something in there that is

relevant and engaging with people and

ask you your location I don't like

sharing our location so I usually leave

that one blank and it asks you for your

website now in a future video we're

going to talk about confirming your

website there are specific session to

take and it's the limit one destined and

one's getting too into this video but

just for now understand that that's what

that's about

showcase is another feature when you

have a number of pins in your account

you can build a showcase we'll talk

about that in a future video as well

just as I said that's what that is it's

very very simple and then you have

notifications my recommendation is to

turn notifications off for as many

things as possible the only one I leave

on is the comments one so I want to be

contacting with on a comment right

Chantell answer their question the rest

of it I turn off otherwise you're

getting you're going to get a lot of

emails about you know stuff that you

don't really need to know about like

every time someone saves your pen you

get a lot of emails so my recommendation

is to turn them all off except for the

comments and then maybe if you want to

receive a message from somebody now

another option you have is to add your

social and networks to your account you

want to do this because you want people

to engage throughout other platforms as


Pinterest is not really a place where

people engage with each other it's going

a search engine so you look for answers

they look to go shopping

for products to do they don't really

look to engage of people so or

businesses so if you want to engage

people I do can I do recommend it you

connect your Facebook and your Twitter

and then you've got many of these other

accounts on you do that as well

and then once you're done you can go

ahead and click Save Settings so now

we're back on my profile and you can see

that my name has been changed here

there's something a little bit more

keyboard friendly and then my

description is now here and then you can

also see my my website in it so let's

talk about creating boards to create a

board all you have to do is click this

plus sign and it's gonna ask you can

name your board so it's going to call

this now when it comes to your name

again you want to make it keyword rich

so whatever it works best for your

business you want to give it a name that

has the keywords in that it's going to

ask you to make it secret what that

means is that other people cannot see it

only you can see it it doesn't make

sense to do that for most of your boards

I don't recommend people do that so

rarely that no it's just to create so

now that boy is created I can go ahead

and start adding pins to it but the

first thing that we want to do is we

want to make sure that we have a

description now there anything want the

description again is because when people

perform searches when they you know want

information when they look for something

to buy you want to make sure that your

board can come up the way that Pinterest

is going to pull your board up is by the

keywords they know what's been a little

column if you're going to want to have a

fun engaging description but we're going

to leave this description here for now

and that's gonna be what kind of boarded

it even want to pick one that's relevant

we're going to go with women's fashion

and again we're not going to want to be

a secret board so you want other people

to be able to see it collaborators is if

you want to invite other pinners onto

your or to share their own their own

articles we're going to talk in a later

video about why it's important but for

now just understand that's what that is

if you want to invite people you just

put their email address in there or you

can go ahead and write them by name

we're just gonna click Save now now they

never think we know what to do is we're

going to work

pants before I start adding our own so I

like to go back to the newsfeed you

click this that's P right here so it's

going to add a couple pins so to add

pins all you have to do is pick a pen

will pick this one and then click Save

and it's going to ask you where you want

to save it we only have the one board so

we're going to save on that board so you

just hit T if you have multiple board

you're going to want to go ahead and

pick a board to save it on when you save

them where did you say the pin you want

to say about on a relevant floor

nominees for you so we'll just do that

again we'll click Save so we're back on

the board and you see that both of those

pins were indeed saved here okay so now

if you want to save your own pin on

there what you have to do is you have to

have to go to save pin and click the

plus sign and you're going to be asked

if you want to save it for the web or

your device for your own pants

you don't want statement from your

device so you're going to ask to upload

your image and they're going to ask for

a destination URL so what we're going to

do is we're going to upload a pin that

I've created already go ahead and put

our URL email I'll hit continue and

that's basically how you upload a pin

now you are going to be asked to put a

description on this I like to wait until

I make sure the pin has uploaded

correctly aren't 1/4 the reason I like

to wait is because I've spent a lot of

time on descriptions in the past only to

have Pinterest not upload the pin

correctly so I always like to double

check that before I go back and enter

the pin so go ahead we'll click Save and

our pin has been uploaded you can see it

right here so let's go ahead and edit it

to add that description which

description obviously is on the

description again keyword rich and

relevant to your audience and more

engaging in this one is you can again

put your plate put your plate in there I

don't like doing that

so I just leave it the way that it is

putting your place in there is a good

idea if you're trying to talk to people

locally for example or in a very

specific region so at that point it

makes sense to put your location in

there for our purposes today we don't

that issue so we're going to go ahead

and leave a blank just click Save and

then you see our description is there

now so when a user wants to click your

pan to come to your website all I have

to do is click the image itself and they

take it to the website I want you to see

here is at that same URL is at the top

here than what it was when I employ it

in so over here are your analytics this

is where you're going to find a lot of

information about what your popular pins

are what your best performing boards are

all that sort of stuff

we're going to go in-depth on the

analytics in a different video but for

now this is basically where you're going

to find all that information so you'll

find an overview your profile or the

people you reach and people you reach

you can do things like drill down into

your the users that find you on

Pinterest where they're located what

languages they speak and all that stuff

so it's basically how you make your

Pinterest profile how you create your

boards how you update your profile so

that it can be found in the news feeds

of other people and it hides go ahead

and upload pins now in other videos we

are showing you how to create pins but

for now other shows this is just how you

create your account if you have any

questions please do go ahead and contact

me I'm happy to answer any questions

that you have and thank you for watching

this video