How to Sell on Instagram 2020 (10 TIPS THAT WORK!)

hey everyone I mean as a tow sidewalk or

daily and in today's video we are going

to talk about how to sell on Instagram I

am going to share 10 ways that you can

start using your Instagram as a way to

make money and to sell now I work with

all different types of entrepreneurs and

content creators and influencers so one

of the biggest mistakes that I see is

that people aren't actually using

Instagram as a place to monetize they

post without a strategy and no matter

what business you're in even if you're a

personal brand or an influencer or if

you're a brand that sells on a no

tangible products or a doctor or dentist

whatever whatever you are if you're

using Instagram in a business capacity

then you're gonna want to make sure that

you're actually optimizing this platform

to actually help you sell so today's

video is gonna cover the top 10 ways

that I always recommend so let's jump in

so my first tip is you have to always be

very clear with what you sell this needs

to be in your bio and your highlight

strategy you need to be able to really

effectively communicate what it is that

your business is about now if you're an

influencer and you're like well I don't

really sell anything and you know I'm a

personal brand then make sure that your

Biol lets people know that I work with

brands to create content and your

highlights would say something like work

with me or content that I've created or

video testimonials or whatever it is

it's not about just selling tangible

products but the point is it's about

having a mindset that Instagram now

needs to be very clear everything from

your tone your captions your bio your

highlight strategy all that good stuff

needs to let people know what it is that

you're selling now of course you don't

want to be too salesy no one wants to

follow a sales e Instagram page people

want value people want information so

between your selling points you need to

offer that value you need to offer that

hook and that authenticity to actually

keep your audience engaged and want them

to come back if every single post is

about selling

no one's gonna stay on your page and

people are gonna get annoying

very quick because that's not the

experience on Instagram so definitely

keep that in mind I just want you guys

to be clear about what you're selling or

how you're trying to monetize as the

very first step so my second step we

want to learn to saw on Instagram is you

need to gain people's trust people need

to trust you they need to like you they

need to understand who you are so my

second tip for selling is actually don't

sell it all but show up be there for

your community be there for your

audience show up in stories let them see

who you are if you are aged someone who

is usually behind the screen well it's

time to come forward and be on camera

and on screen to let people know more

about you even if you don't want to do

that on your permanent posts stories is

a great way to start building that trust

with your community so that they can

actually feel confident in buying from

you in the future I always recommend

things like you know set up your own

zoom call or find a way to get your

community offline in a secret secret

safe sort of space engage with them and

learn about what their needs are it's

gonna help you develop better products

and I guess serve them better in the

long run so my third tip for selling on

Instagram is get live whether it's on an

Instagram live or you're taking to them

- like a webinar or a zoom call or

whatever it is selling live is so much

more effective than selling you know in

a caption or in an email and this is

because people feel you they see your

energy they you know feel like connected

to you in a way so even again if you're

selling a tangible product you can get

some sort of brand ambassador within the

company to serve as that person that you

know goes live and people connect with

that's an amazing place to start even if

you yourself as the owner of the

business don't want to go in front you

need to find someone from within the

company that you think that you know can

highlight this position for you and if

you're a personal brand or an influencer

or someone on the content side this goes

for you too if you're going to be

selling anything even if it's not a

digital product but maybe you're selling

a service or panel workshop tickets or

whatever it is selling live is going to

you know really really increase your

chances of actually making that sale my

fourth tip is use direct messages to

your advantage the DM so many people

will reach out to you via DM and maybe

want to find a way to work with you or

learn more about you or ask you

questions this is a perfect opportunity

to take those inbound

you know requests of people coming in

and turn them into either a lead or an

actual sale if someone is coming into

your DM you can you offer them a freebie

get them on your list which would then

take them down some sort of you know

welcome series I'd let them learn more

about you where you can sell to them

there or depending on what the ask is

you know you can sell directly in the DM

we've gotten people right away ask us

how do I work with you and we just send

the link and right there we're able to

sell so you want to make it easy for

your end customer to be able to purchase

from you and if it's let's just say a

brand that wants to work with you have a

you know a landing page set up or have a

survey set up or some way to capture

their information that you can send them

right away like an inquiry form or even

get their information so that you can

follow that lead and close the sale

another way to sell on Instagram is by

self-creating shoppable posts now

Instagram I've included a link below

because you do need to be approved by

Instagram to have shoppable posts but

this is something that I think is gonna

be happening way more and Instagram is

gonna want to let creators monetize and

have you know their e-commerce business

set up on the platform so people can

just shop right away so of course if

you're selling anything you may want to

start looking into the shoppable post

feature so that you can just sell

directly through the posts the sixth tip

to sell I think this is a really good

one to show behind the scenes of the

product creation or whatever it is

you're doing if you're an influencer and

you're on a campaign even if you're not

on a real campaign and you've set your

own up you know to help get you work

show that behind-the-scenes if you

create a tangible product show the

factory show how it's being made if

you're a coach show yourself prepping

and preparing or what that looks like

people trust in the behind-the-scenes

process it makes them feel like they're

being let in and they

understand how it all works so if you

can let people in behind the scenes as a

great way to sell on Instagram my

seventh tip which I love is share

testimonials of people using your

product or your service this speaks

volumes because you're not selling they

are if people love what you do they find

value in what you do and they trust you

and they feel like a brand rep they'll

do the selling for you you just need to

work on getting those testimonials and

work on getting you know people to

actually do that for you so you always

have to provide really good service and

really good value and then people will

be more than willing to provide you a

video testimonial you can use that you

know in your highlights and your posts

as ways to help sell without having to

be super salesy my eighth tip would be

to use questions in stories to give

people confidence so people may want to

ask questions before they buy they may

have like you know concerns or I don't

know things that they wouldn't have they

want to purchase but they don't know XYZ

by enabling them to ask these questions

and stories by giving them that prompt

do you have any questions about our

upcoming product or upcoming service or

do have any questions of about working

with me your basically allow it you're

giving them a prompt so that they can

respond to it maybe they wouldn't have

thought about messaging you what their

questions are but because you're asking

now you're gonna get that response and

that's definitely gonna help you saw on

Instagram because people want that trust

and they want to feel good about the

purchase so if you're able to add answer

any questions that they have you'll have

a better opportunity of closing the sale

my 9 tip would be to show different ways

people can use the product this is huge

because sometimes people don't

necessarily know how your product is

meant to be like all the different

facets of it you want to show the

different ways if you have a service you

want to clearly explain this is what is

included in my service maybe there are

bonuses that are included it's an actual

tangible product you want to show people

how to use it this is almost more like

tutorials so again people feel safe they

feel like they have a strong

understanding they don't you know they

want to feel good about making that


and the tutorial and showing people is

gonna help them do just that and my last

tip but not obviously the only one but

the last one for this video is to tease

a product before launch if you have a

product or something that's coming down

the pipeline don't just say hey I'm here

to sell you want to tease it beforehand

spend a week doing a pre-launch strategy

show again a little bit of those behind

the scenes or show like bits and pieces

of what's coming down the pipeline build

some excitement because whenever you

pre-launch it gets people excited to

actually purchase once it's available so

I hope you guys like this video if you

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