What Should You Create & Sell On Your Blog? ● Making Money Blogging by Selling Products

so you've been blogging for a while and

now you know that you're officially

ready you have big dreams about creating

and selling your own products on your

blog because you just want to take your

blogging business to the next level

so once you get past that exciting

threshold and you know this is the

change you want to make this is how you

want to grow up your blogging business

but what exactly am I supposed to do how

do I know what in the world

I should be creating and selling on my

blog in this video I'm going to show you

exactly where you can go to access a

free lesson from my blogging business

club so that you can figure out exactly

what you should create and sell on your

blog hey everyone I'm Alison Lindstrom

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further ado enjoy today's video today

I'm sharing a sneak peek into my

blogging business club which if you've

never heard of it it's a monthly

membership that I have where I post new

strategies content tutorials in the

first week of every single month so if

you have your blog and you know that

you're ready to kind of just take things

to the next level like you've already

got the framework and now you want to

move on and actually see some growth in

creating and selling your own products

they're using video marketing or using

email marketing then this club is

definitely something that you want to

get into because I share all of my sales

funnels my secrets my hacks all of the

things that I do to make my blogging

business run I share all the information

in the blogging business club now the

lesson I'm going to be talking about in

particular today is called what should

you create and sell on your blog

initially I thought I'm just gonna go

ahead and just post this to YouTube but

the lesson itself is over 30 minutes

long which is kind of long for a YouTube

video in that opinion so I will leave a

link down below simply go to my site

insert your email and boom you'll have

immediate access to it get comfy like go

get a notebook go get a pen and grab a

glass of water or my preferred drink of

choice a cup of coffee and you can

really sit down for 30 minutes and

I'm gonna be going over everything I'm

gonna be talking about the different

products that you could create I'm gonna

be talking about how much it costs to

create those products what kind of time

you're looking at to create those

products and then I'll talk about the

other side of the spectrum how much can

you sell a workbook for a course how

many units of that kind of thing can you

sell you know just to give you a very

thorough idea of what other bloggers are

doing what products they're creating how

long it took them to create a product

like that and then what kind of return

they see in their investment in time and

money you know if you put in a year into

creating an e-book how much can you see

back in return you know how many sales

will you really see is it really worth

creating an e-book or should you create

a workbook or an online course you know

what path should you take this lesson is

gonna walk you through the entire thing

so that you're not overwhelmed and that

once you finally go ahead and make

whatever product it is you want to make

for your blogging business you already

have done your research and you know

that you're taking the right path now if

you watch the lesson and you're like

holy cow girl I am ready I am revved up

I've got a fabulous idea I know exactly

what I like what direction it is I want

to go in now I'm ready to figure out how

to do market research and run beta tests

and actually create the product well I

can help you in that area too so my

blogging business club will give you

access to different tutorials that will

help you in that journey so I'm not just

going to show you what exactly you

should create and sell on your blog I'm

gonna show you how to do it I'm gonna

give you my sales funnels and I'm gonna

give you all that information that you

need to take you from square one all the

way to the finish line now right now I

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