Whole Foods Vendor - How to Become a Whole Foods Vendor

hey everyone my name is Karen Waxman and

I'm the founder of a company called

retail MBA and today I want to talk

about getting your products sold at

Whole Foods

now the reason why I decided to create

this particular segment is because I

teach thousands of product companies

across the country on how to get your

products into stores and people always

ask me about Whole Foods they asked me

about other retailers but a whole food

seems to come up often so what I wanted

to do in this particular segment is to

really just empower you and inspire you

to succeed by giving you some some

nuggets of information to help you think

through getting your product into that

store so let's talk about Whole Foods

well there's one thing that I can think

of right off the top of my head that I

think is important for you to know so

when you try and get your products into

a major retailer say a Walgreens or a

Walmart or you know some other major

retailer what typically happens is they

have one buyer who buys for all of their

stores so they typically have one

corporate buyer who buys products for

all of their stores so if you have like

you know specialty food product there's

typically a specialty food buyer or

something to that extent at these major

retailers and the good news is one buyer

can buy lots of product you know units

of your product because they buy for all

of their stores now the difference

between another retailer and Whole Foods

is that Whole Foods actually buys on a

regional level which I actually think is

pretty cool especially for a company

who's kind of new to the field or who

you know it's just getting started with

Whole Foods or trying to get products

into Whole Foods because what that means

for you is that you can actually

potentially reach out to several

different buyers within Whole Foods to

potentially get your products into them

so let me explain so you know if you go

after like say a Walgreens or like some

other major retailer right and you know

that buyer doesn't like a product you

pretty much can't get your product into

that store until another buyer shows up

or there's some other reason why you can

get that product to that store

so you know if the buyer says no it kind

of shuts you down but with Whole Foods

they set it up regionally so there's a

buyer who buys products for it's just

that region you know you know there's

there's so many variables of regions

that they are responsible for so what

that means to you is that you know there

is a

for one region and another buyer for

another region and so forth so you could

conceivably reach out to one buyer at

Whole Foods the buyer can say yes to you

that would be great and you can sell

your products to them for that region or

they could say though to you but either

way you have several other buyers within

whole foods that you can sell to my

purpose in explaining this to you is

that there's lots of opportunity to make

money at Whole Foods one buyer might not

have enough budget to buy your product

but in another region that same buyer

might be able to buy products for that

particular region so the ultimate goal

here is to help you make money and so if

you know that it's what Whole Foods

buyer says no to you you can go to

another Whole Foods region and find that

buyer and reach out to them accordingly

so that's just some food for thought on

getting your products into Whole Foods

and obviously if you want to learn the

exact steps from start to finish on how

to get a product into a retailer such as

Whole Foods please take a look at my

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anyways I hope that provided value for

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really support you in helping you get

your products in the stores so anyways I

really hope that provide a value for you

and I look forward to continuing this

conversation with you with other

training videos thanks so much