4 Ways to Succesfully Sell to Schools

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hello everyone thank you for joining us

today for our webinar four ways to sell

to schools successfully this is brought

to you by agile education marketing we

are joined here today by several members

of a JAL's leadership and they will

share with you all about the exciting

developments at agile and how they will

serve you in your marketing and sales

efforts now while there will be several

speakers we will hold a group Q&A at the

end of the presentation so please enter

your questions into the question

function of the GoToWebinar and we will

be sure to respond to them at the end of

the session and now to get us started is

our host Liz Acton liz has held senior

marketing roles at several education

companies previously including Pearson

Education and she is now the director of

marketing for agile and has a great

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