How to get big retailers selling your products - Advice from Strong Roots

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morning guys thank you so much for

tuning in also thank you to our sponsor

sage thank you so much

today's show got a little bit of a

beauty ahead of us don't we you've got

someone back we do we do turn time back

forth I was a fourth for time back mmm

is it for maybe a third time okay so

it's a third time on the show reason

being is because it's such a good story

and also we love the brand and we love

the company but before that we all sorry

we also have Sammy as well okay hope you

enjoyed yesterday's show hoped you'd say

it'd be just as good yeah

anyway for any startup site there are

any companies that are looking to get in

with any of the big chains hopefully

we're gonna talk today about what the

journey looks like and also what the

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