Dropshipping On Ebay From Walmart And Home Depot (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

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hey what's going on everybody Steve

break in here and I'm I'm here with my

friend Paul who believe it or not he

actually did over I think over two

hundred and ten thousand dollars drop

shipping on ebay in January and he made

about eighteen thousand dollars profit

and he's back on the channel again from

the hustle husband's YouTube channel and

we're gonna be chit-chatting about drop

shipping on ebay but most people are

used to drop shipping using amazon to

ebay but we're gonna be talking about a

whole bunch of other ways that you can

drop ship on ebay and we're gonna define

what drop shipping is talked about the

opportunity and essentially answer all

your questions and do a live

demonstration so Paul what's going on

man welcome to the video thanks for

having me back Steve it's good to see

you again yeah man it's it's great to

have you on and you know lately we've

definitely been doing quite a few

collaborations and sharing a lot of

content people have been really really

intrigued with this drop shipping model

on Amazon so why don't you kind of start

off by giving a little background of who

you are how you got into drop shipping