Home Depot Supplier - How to Become Home Depot Supplier

hey everyone this is Karen Waxman

founder of retail MBA and today I want

to talk about getting your products sold

at the Home Depot now the reason I

decided to create this particular

segment is because I teach thousands of

product companies across the country on

the subject of selling to retailers and

one of the questions that comes up all

the time is how do I get my products

into a retailer such as Home Depot and

so I really wanted to take a minute to

give you some value and to support you

and your quest of getting your products

in the stores so let's talk about the

Home Depot well first of all you know

the reason people are interested in that

store is because you know they have over

2,000 stores that they're responsible

for so this is a retailer that has

tremendous buying power and you

obviously want to get you know your

product in front of that many people

especially if you have you know a

hardware product or you know a garden

product or you know whatever related to

kind of home improvement type products

people want to sell to Home Depot so

let's talk about one thing that I can

give you a suggestion to support you in

your quest of getting to that store now

what happens with a retailer such as

Home Depot is that they typically have a

corporate buying office where one buyer

buys products for that particular

retailer so you know for instance if you

have I don't know like a home

improvement tool or something like that

you can find a buyer that would buy that

product for all of the home depot stores

so there's usually one corporate buyer

who buys for that particular for all of

their stores but Home Depot is a little

bit different they also have the ability

to buy on a local level now this is

really interesting for some of you who

are just getting started and are maybe

having some challenges getting into the

big stores and also for those of you who

are reaching out to these retailers and

maybe you're having some challenges

working with you know Home Depot can

really make a big difference for you and

if you're getting stuck somewhere this

strategy can really support you so Home

Depot has kind of evolved into allowing

store managers to buy products on a

local level so what that means for you

is that you could conceivably sell your

product to just one Home Depot store and

not all tooth

thousand of them so again why is that

interesting to you well if you have a

product and you don't necessarily have

the financial means to go after a major

retailer such as the Home Depot right

now because you're worried about the

volume that they're gonna be handling

and so forth you know if if a retailer

has a local buying program that means

that you could conceivably just sell to

one particular store and that means that

although you know they buy a smaller

quantity which could be great for you

depending on your product and where

you're at in the process especially for

a small company so you know that's

awesome but the other thing is is that

you can tell people hey I've sold into

Home Depot but I sell on a local you

know it but you personally know that you

selling this product on a local level so

essentially what it really means is that

if you are trying to get at a home depot

and you can't get you know in front of

the corporate buying office to actually

sell that product to them consider

reaching out to the store manager at

your local Home Depot and letting them

know about your product just sincerely

go bring your product with you drive

your car to a Home Depot talk to the

local store manager and say hey do you

have a local buying program for this

particular Home Depot and a lot of times

they'll say yes and then you can work

accordingly to try and get your product

in that particular store again it's just

a really great way to get started with a

new product and you know to support

yourself but while having you know this

big brand name of having people know

that you sold in the Home Depot

but not maybe you know selling to all of

their stores you could start out small

and the cool thing is is if you do well

with that Home Depot product you know at

that particular store you could go and

drive to other Home Depot's sell to

those stores and then ultimately build

your brand that way show proof of sales

and then I guarantee at that point if it

does well you can actually sell to Home

Depot corporate and really grow your

brand so this is supportive in so many

ways especially for a small company or

just a company who's really just trying

to grow their business anyways there's

so many other things to know about salon

and Home Depot so if you're interested

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how exactly to get into a retailer such

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information to support you thank you so