How to Sell to Convenience Stores - 7-Eleven Vendor

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hey everyone this is Karen Waxman

founder of retail MBA I teach tens of

thousands of product companies across

the globe on the subject to sell to

retailers and today I want to talk about

how to get your products sold at

7-eleven stores this is really about

giving you a quick tip quick strategy

for those of you who have a product that

you think would be perfect for

convenience stores and I just want to

support you and helping you make money

with your product so let's talk about

7/11 so if there's one thing I could

think about that would really support

people and helping them get their

products in the stores it would be that

fact that 7-eleven is typically

franchise owned so what does that mean

well it typically means that you know a

lot of these 7-eleven stores are owned