How to Sell to Convenience Stores - 7-Eleven Vendor

hey everyone this is Karen Waxman

founder of retail MBA I teach tens of

thousands of product companies across

the globe on the subject to sell to

retailers and today I want to talk about

how to get your products sold at

7-eleven stores this is really about

giving you a quick tip quick strategy

for those of you who have a product that

you think would be perfect for

convenience stores and I just want to

support you and helping you make money

with your product so let's talk about

7/11 so if there's one thing I could

think about that would really support

people and helping them get their

products in the stores it would be that

fact that 7-eleven is typically

franchise owned so what does that mean

well it typically means that you know a

lot of these 7-eleven stores are owned

by people and they are franchise owned

so basically that means that one owner

or if they allow the store manager to

buy is responsible for purchasing for

that individual store so that means if

that a 7-eleven owner owns multiple

Semillon stores are responsible for the

purchasing for those individual stores

so what that means for you is that it's

very different than selling a big chain

stores like Walmart in that Walmart and

so forth have corporate buyers who

typically buy for all of their stores

and so forth in the case of 7-eleven

there's so many individual owners so

there's so much opportunity there right

so because because each individual owner

owns products in purchases products for

their individual stores so the great

news is is that you can conceivably get

in your car bring your product with you

and try and get your product sold into

individual 7-eleven stores now it is

there are some things to say too in the

meeting to ensure success and you know

obviously you know there's things to

learn in regards to actually what to

communicate in regards to your product

to get them interested in your product

but that is definitely one way to do is

do you know can simply go out and reach

out to these cell phone store owners

individually now I will also say that

7-eleven also is corporately owned and

has corporate stores too so they do have

corporate buyers but you know the

majority of some level I of those stores

are individually owned so that's

something that I thought would be really

really useful for you if you're trying

to go after the convenience store market

now one thing I will also tell you is

that because they're individually owned

and they you know there's so many of

them and so forth distribute

come into play so distributors are

third-party middlemen who basically go

out and essentially you know reach out

to retailers and so forth on your behalf

and in the convenience store market you

know distributors are very very common

because again it takes a lot of effort

to go into each individual stores so

distributors go in and you know can set

up accounts for you man of those

accounts and so forth and obviously for

a fee and so on so the bottom line there

is that if you are going to be reaching

out these convenience stores

distributors are a great way to work

with convenience stores because the

distributors will be managing that they

have feet on the street people out there

you know going after all those different

individual stores and so forth they've

already built their relationships and

that's what you pay for

the tricky part with distributors is

that you know they don't usually return

your calls it's kind of complicated to

get them interested in your product and

so forth there's stuff to learn in

regards to working with distributors but

it is possible to get your products in a

community stores such as 11 7-eleven by

either you know walking in yourself or

working with the distributor anyways I

hope that provide a value for you if you

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and tell your friends thanks so much

Ciaran Waxman retail MBA