Selling Techniques - How do I get my product into mainstream stores?

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how do I get my product into mainstream

stores for a lot of entrepreneurs that

is the pinnacle of success they want

their product on the stores at Target

Walmart everywhere that's how they want

to get known they realize that you know

you don't have the distribution you know

you have a great product and you want to

get it out there how do you do it so

it's a great question I God came in from

one of my facebook readers Avery and

Avery is a 17 year old artist she's got

some mad skills and she wants her art to

be sold in stores like Target and be

seen in lobbies of stores and she wants

to know how do I get in how do I get

into the stores there's a few ways to do

it but hey I'll share some of the

experiences that I've had the first way

is you connect with a buyer okay all of

these stores have buyers and they are