Sales Techniques - How to contact BIG companies

how to contact big companies so I got a

great question for one of my youtube

viewers love you guys

JM young who wrote in to say hi Evan we

already have a product a proven market

and sales for our invention we're

patent-pending heck we move forward with

contacting the right people and the

companies who wish the license or sell

the invention - we have two major

companies in mind for invention Thanks

so it's a great question again to my

readers and you know as an inventor your

dream is to be able to sell your company

to a huge company where you get your big

payday and it can be a lot of struggling

along the way so how do you get in touch

with that big company so two key ways

that I hope will work for you and they

work in tandem with each other the first

is get connected I don't recommend going

out and just cold calling all these

companies and saying hey you know I'm JM

young from this company and I have this

great product view because these guys

are getting pitched all the time

right so that's not how you're gonna

stand out and even if you do get a

response you have no leverage right if

you get to negotiate it you want to get

good terms especially if you only have

two companies you can talk to you're

gonna have zero leverage with them

because you went to them asking first

sale so it's getting connected the first

thing I would do is go to my LinkedIn

now go to LinkedIn and I would type in

the company name and ideally a type of

position that you're looking forward to

connecting to because these big

companies tons of employees and see if

you know anybody who's connected to

somebody there or if not directly is

there a second or third connection you

can try to make your way into it and if

you have anybody then I wouldn't send

that LinkedIn email and saying hey can

you please connect me to your friend I

would call them up I would call up my

friend and say hey I'm trying to get

into you know Microsoft wherever company

it is I see you know this person on

LinkedIn is there any way that you could

connect me might make it personal

because everybody's getting bombarded on

LinkedIn with these invitation requests

okay so make it personal and get their

advice and get them involved so they

want to share your story and help you

out the second thing I'll do in a

connection side is I would look for

people who with their

my knees may be connected to the company

you're trying to get into so a great

example is your patent attorney when

you're you're going for patent your

patent pending I always recommend

working with a bigger company than just

some tiny little shop because what I

want my patent attorney to do is help

introduce me to that big company ok

understand that patent lawyers the big

ones they don't make a lot of money off

of you right you're your single

entrepreneur you've got a single

invention you're trying to make it big

but they're not making a lot of billable

hours off of you right you don't have a

lot of money to spend on legal fees

they're bigger fish come from selling

these big companies and working out big

deals with them so what I try to do is

find the company that will do my patent

that somehow connected to this big

company that I want to sell into and see

if they'd be willing to help make that

introduction for me write that patent

lawyer himself or herself may not know

somebody at Microsoft but somebody in

his or her company does and they can

make that introduction for you

especially make them look good right if

you can really help this big company out

and they're the lawyers bringing it to

that big company they look like a hero

and they get a lot more billable hours

off so you want to find ways to get

connected personally into that big

company the second thing is kick up a

lot of noise can you want to kick up a

lot of noise and get noticed in your

industry right you want people to be

blogging about you you want to be in the

media you want great testimonials you

want tons of word-of-mouth happening you

want a big user base right you want to

not just be running this business in

isolation you need people to know about


because big companies they have people

whose responsibility is to know what's

happening in the market right you want

to make it seem so that everywhere they

go they're seeing you they're hearing

people talk about you said what is this

company we've got to check it a little

bit more and the more noise you kick off

the more attention you're gonna get when

I had my first software company that was

one of my main responsibilities right

then we had great software and we ended

up getting bought out by a big company

and we ended up selling our software to

big companies like NASA and Johnson

Johnson huge companies

and part of what really helped was the

PR campaign that I went on right so when

I joined nobody really knew much about

the company the part of my role was

going out and doing a lot of media right

not just media talking about what our

software could do but also featuring my

partner my and the co-founder as a

champion in the space right just kicking

up a lot of noise getting getting the

software reviewed getting this the

distribution agreements get any people

that help spread the word getting

bloggers to talk about it right you need

people to pay attention to what you're

all about and the big company will start

to get noticed if you are not on their

radar then it's gonna be a lot harder to

get that deal so those are my two bits

of advice for you get connected and kick

up a lot of noise believe those are

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