Bed Bath and Beyond Vendor - How to Sell a Product to Bed Bath and Beyond...A Quick Tip!

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hey everyone my name is karen waxman and

i'm the founder of a company called

retail mba and today i want to talk

about getting your products sold at bed

bath and beyond now the reason i decided

to create this particular segment is

because i teach thousands of product

companies across the country on the

subject to sell into retailers and

people always ask me about bed bath and

beyond they want to know some tricks and

strategies and so forth and so i teach

this stuff in my retail mba program but

today i want to talk about some things

to think about when approaching a

retailer such as bed bath and beyond so

let's talk about bed bath beyond you

know i love that retailer and the reason

i love that retailer is because they're

really inventor friendly they have so

many new innovative products that are