How to Sell a Product to Bed Bath and Beyond...A Quick Tip!

hey everyone my name is Karen Waxman and

I'm the founder of a company called

retail MBA and today I want to talk

about getting your products sold at Bed

Bath & Beyond now the reason I decided

to create this particular segment is

because I teach thousands of product

companies across the country on the

subject of selling to retailers and

people always ask me about Bed Bath &

Beyond they want to know some tricks and

strategies and so forth and so I teach

this stuff in my retail MBA program but

today I want to talk about some things

to think about when approaching a

retailer such as Bed Bath & Beyond so

let's talk about Bed Bath & Beyond you

know I love that retailer and the reason

I love that retailer is because they're

really inventor friendly they have so

many new innovative products that are

constantly you know they're putting in

their stores and if you ever walk

through a Bed Bath and Beyond

you'll see all this new interesting

stuff that's coming out and Bed Bath &

Beyond has done a really good job at

supporting that new innovative product

so you know if you do have a product

like that that's new interesting

different Bed Bath and Beyond is an

awesome place to explore plus it's a

great place to sell gift items they have

lots of really cool gift products so you

know it's not just you know its bed and

bath thing and so forth it's really like

gift cool interesting fun stuff and so

you know if you have any sort of product

you know they even sell consumer

electronics everything under the Sun

they sell it Bed Bath & Beyond so I

really like that for you know the

innovative company and that's you know

essentially who I a lot of the people

that I work with so one thing to think

about Bed Bath & Beyond is that they

have something a little bit more

interesting than some other other

retailers especially for a company who's

kind of just starting out or an

innovative company or someone who has an

interesting product what they do is and

you'll see this if you walk into their

stores you'll see at the front counter

area that they have always new really

interesting products on the counter area

that they're constantly like showing in

such a way that you know the products

sell a lot because it's right at the

counter people just bought to have a

bunch of stuff that they're about to buy

and then you know on the counter there's

all of these like little interesting

things that you can purchase that are

supportive that are interesting to you

know to the

the customers at that store and so the

thing about that is that means that you

know these products in front of the

store we call them front end products or

impulse buys and there's actually a

buyer who buys specifically products

that are front end products or impulse

buy products and so the idea behind my

bath beyond and sharing that with you is

that if you have an interesting product

that's small they can fit around a

counter area you might have to have a

little display case to fit you know the

small products in that store but if you

have a product that would fit really

good around the counter area that's new

interesting and innovative and you know

potentially has like a display and so

forth to be able to have a bunch of your

products within you know on the counter

there a counter top to the top display

then you should absolutely consider

reaching out to the front end buyer at

Bed Bath & Beyond so yes there is one

buyer who actually just spies for that

specific area of the store it's called a

front end buyer so my suggestion to use

if you have a small product that's

innovative and interesting definitely

explore reaching out to a retailer such

as Bed Bath & Beyond because they are

kind of set up that way and it's great

for those of you who have cool

interesting new small innovative

products they obviously sell lots of

other stuff and there's so many things I

could share with you about selling to

Bed Bath Beyond but most people don't

know that about the front end buyer and

so forth and the ability to sell

products around the counter area and

those products sell in volume so could

be very interesting for your business

anyways if you'd like to learn more

about exact steps from start to finish

on how to get your products into

retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond

please take a look at my retail MBA

program there's a link below actually

it's a full training course that

explains how to get your products into

to Bed Bath and Beyond and so forth so

please take a look at that it could

really support you regardless I hope

this helped you I hope you found value

in this and please be on the lookout for

additional training videos that I've

created on different retailers and how

to get those products into the different

stores and you know some that's some

nuggets of information to support you

again it's Karen Waxman with retail MBA

and I hope this helps thanks so much