3 Sales Techniques to Become the BEST Salesperson!

how to convince people to buy in retail

so I got a great question front of my

youtube viewers love you guys Mayra who

wrote in to say what if you work in

retail how would I convince people they

need an item I work at Armani and I need

to sell two to three items per

transaction this is a great question and

having dealt with a lot of salespeople

at I'd malls and in retail outlets I've

seen the worst I've seen a few people

who do it really well so I wanted to

share three quick tips with you on how

to sell better in retail number one

actually care this might sound crazy for

but for some reason nobody actually does

this actually care about your customers

okay when somebody walks in the door if

I'm walking into your Armani store I

don't want you just seeing the money in

my pocket okay I want you seeing me

I want your goal to be when people come

into your store your goal is not to sell

them anything your goal is to make your

customer happy that's a different

mindset because too many people come in

and who's trying to sell you stuff and

you haven't even listened to my store

and listen to what I'm all about and

care what I'm trying to do why did I

walk in that store do you even know

probably not so maybe you want to get an

understanding of that before you try to

sell me something that's the big shift

that's why most of the salespeople they

don't have a lot of great success

because they don't care you want to ask

me questions when I walk in learn about

me ask me what I'm interested in ask me

why I walked into this store right find

out a little bit about me so that you

can make recommendations because here's

the thing okay you might be an expert

you might be and I hope you are right

you're an expert at picking out clothes

for men and women that fit the Armani

style okay you might look at me and say

to yourself I know exactly what this guy

needs you know you need to get this tie

and this shirt these pants is going to

look amazing but if you approach me and

I get to feel like you're trying to sell

me stuff even if you have the right

recommendations even if the stuff that

you're trying to sell me is the right


for me and and if I tried it on I would

be amazed by the walk out the store with

five items even if that's the right call

if you come and you're trying to sell me

stuff and I get the wrong vibe from you

I'm walking out

I'm not buying from you because you're

trying to sell me and because you don't

care about me so that's number one

actually care about your customers

number two let them touch it there's a

certain fear that people have in buying

stuff that may be a little bit outside

their comfort zone and and you may know

that hey this is the right thing for you

you know you feel like after listening

to me and after hearing my challenges

and what I'm looking for you make the

right recommendation say this is what

you need say you're so you try to sell

me a ring okay you're trying to sell me

this ring you're trying to sell me this

ring and say you know what this is the

right ring for you and I look as a guy

you know I don't like how chunky it is

and how my reflection comes off and the

lighting and you know I don't think it's

gonna be a good fit for me if you really

believe that after listening to me and

knowing who I am

and caring about me that this is the

best thing for me you're not just trying

to sell me stuff you actually caring

about me then get me to try it on get me

to put it on my finger like that just

encourage you just try it on just humor

me and try it on I think just to see and

then when I look at it they can you know

what you're kind of right I kind of like

it it makes a big difference

so whatever clothing item you're pulling

out accessory shirt jean whatever it is

get them to try on get them to touch it

get them to feel it this is the advice

of Harry Rosen who's a really successful

Canadian retailer made men's suits and

dresses some of the most successful men

in Canada and I think he's open in the

u.s. too but his secret was always to

get people to try it on he would look at

them understand them and get them to try

on the suit and once they did and they

felt it and he talked about it and they

could see how they move around in it

then they're much more likely to buy so

get them to touch it number three reduce

the risk as much as possible you want to

reduce the risk for somebody coming in

to buy if somebody is coming in and they

pick the right product you know you've

helped them with it but

they're a little reluctant just a little

word and say you know what maybe I'll

come back the chance of them coming back

are super low sometimes they do but it's

small minority people will actually come

back after they check it out you want to

try to get them all there on the spot

and again you're only doing this because

you believe that this is the right thing

for them after listening to their needs

so what I look for is how to reduce the

risk so for example somebody may say

they come in and they try on something

so you know what I like it but I want to

talk to my wife and get her opinion

before I buy maybe your store offers a

30-day money-back guarantee you can tell

them you know what for your convenience

you can you can buy now take it home in

your comfort of your own home try it on

show it to her going on a date see how

it works together and if it doesn't work

out come back you've got 30 days full

refund guarantee no questions asked and

so you're reducing the risk so it makes

it easier for me to say yes I'm buy it

on the spot one last note about being

successful in retail I was recently

buying the suit and I really wanted the

Calvin Klein suit I knew what I wanted I

checked out the styles and I wanted my

Calvin Klein suit and I walked into a

store and I asked you guys have Calvin

Klein suits and the guy tried to

understand what I was doing I was

looking for and provided me options but

he didn't have any Calvin Klein suits he

didn't sell and I my heart was set on it

and instead of trying to convince me of

why I need to get this other suit he

said you know what we don't have Calvin

Klein suits but the store three three

aisles down they'll sell it and they

have one on sale that might be a good

fit for you and so he sent my business

away to somebody else and I ended up

buying a suit from that store but I

always remember the guy who made that

referral and if I ever need anything

else I'm going to him first because that

guy cares he's not just a sales guy he

cares and so I'm going to buy from him

so remember to make more sales in retail

number one actually care number two let

them touch it and number three reduce

the risk and believe for those who

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