20 Best Websites To Sell Products Online

hey party people my name is Darrow and

today I'll be showing you 20 different

websites where you can list your

products online so you can start making

some more sales

now these websites they don't really

come in any specific order but I'll be

showing the websites that have the most

traffic and you'll be surprised on the

billions of visitors that you're missing

out on by not posting on to these

websites so if you want to go ahead and

check them out let's go to the first one

now first up on the list is

now receives around 2.2

billion visitors a month with around 80%

of those visitors being from the United

States now there's a lot of good things

about Amazon and there's also a lot of

bad things about Amazon that people

don't really talk about now I was almost

first actually originally designed and

created to sell books online

back in the 1990's however it later

evolved into one of the biggest

e-commerce market places in the world

now has around I think it's

around 2.5 million sellers on this

website making it a very competitive

industry the profit margins are also

very small as a result now let's say for

example you want to sell products on

Amazon such as this right here such as a

basic video card for a computer now when

you first join Amazon you want to sell

something unfortunately you're gonna

display way down here when you want to

sell the same item so if I click right

here you're gonna see that this product

now is being sold by all these other

vendors now what makes this so

competitive is that you're gonna have to

compete against all these other sellers

who offer the fulfilled by Amazon who

have over you know 30 1000 plus positive

reviews now as someone who's just

showing up and trying to sell on Amazon

this can be very competitive because

these guys already have a very long

foundation they're well established so

if you're brand new to Amazon you're

gonna have a little bit of struggling

because again you're competing it's

people who have been doing this for a

while in fact there was actually recent

lawsuit with Amazon and fiber because

sellers on fiber were actually giving

out positive reviews in exchange for

money as a result Amazon sued them and

fiber stops having those sellers on

their websites

now has sort of the industry

standard as far as fees go so most of

the websites I'll be talking about

carry around the same amount of fees so

they carry around an 8 to 15 percent and

also they'll charge you for a listing

fee so for example if you're selling a

cell phone device you'll be charged

around an eight percent fee if you are

selling something like a kitchen

appliance you'll be charged around a

fifteen percent fee for selling that

product so that's my personal take on

Amazon I think Amazon is somewhat of a

competitive market however if you're

brand new

just don't expect crazy results it's a

very competitive place but it never

hurts to upload your products and also

if you want someone to help you upload

all your products on all these different

websites I'll be talking about you can

go to there is a link below

and they'll go ahead and list all the

products for you in fact sellers will

even Photoshop it to make sure it hits

this white background so again try out

Amazon com it never hurts to sell just

know that it is a very competitive

marketplace next up is eBay calm now

eBay calm still receives around 900

million visitors every single month with

around 70% of those visitors coming from

the United States now personally I do

have some mixed emotions about eBay but

I still do recommend it and I'll explain

why now even originally when it first

came out was designed as an auction

websites so they basically wanted you to

list your product and people would bid

on it however over the years they've

kind of basically ventured away from

that model and now they're all about

selling products as cheap as possible

so what they did basically was around

five to seven years ago they basically

at all the Chinese manufacturers come in

on this website and Selma's websites in

an attempt to revive the company so very

similar to that website wish calm where

people would actually buy stuff directly

from the manufacturer from China now

that sort of has become like eBay so you

can see right here that they are selling

these earrings for $1 and they are even

advertising this post that they want to

sell these earrings for $1 so as a new

seller it can be very difficult to

compete with these prices however don't

be nervous don't be scared because a lot

of people don't want these products

other people might want american-made

products now the reason why I have mixed

feelings about this website is because

although they let a lot of these Chinese

manufacturers come in and sell on their


it is sort of diluted and it's sort of

lower the standard of quality on their

website so for

right here you can see that this Chinese

manufacturer is selling these Nikes

however these are not real Nikes these

are fake Nikes that are being sold for

$9.99 so this is kind of this is kind of

the bad part about letting in just

anyone sell on your website is that it

dilutes your your search engine and it

makes your website look bad now the eBay

fees are very similar to Amazon where it

carries around 8 to around a 15% fee

depending on what you're selling however

the biggest Pro for this is that there

is no listing fee so you can list as

many products as you want for free on

ebay comm and you'll only be charged

when something sells and regardless of

what you've heard eBay is not a dead

company this company received around 2.6

billion dollars in its first quarter of

2019 now one thing I do want to mention

to everyone is that there have been some

notable scams on eBay so if you do

decide to sell on eBay I just want to go

ahead and mention that there are some

small scams out there that people use

it's not a very very common thing but

unfortunately with all marketplaces

stuff like this always happens so I just

gonna go ahead and leave this article in

the description below to check it out if

you decide to sell on eBay personally I

don't think Amy's a bad choice I think

that if you're a new seller it is one of

the easiest places to sell your products

in fact I myself have sold products on

eBay but over time I just got really

lazy and I just said you know it's I'm

just gonna go ahead and buy it on but then again there is a lot

of traffic and people selling and buying

products on eBay calm so go ahead and

give it a try now the next one is a

little surprising did you know you can

open up an online shop on Facebook on

your fan page and you can also list your

products on the marketplace as well now receives around 25 billion

visits every single month but the funny

part is that only seven billion people

exist on the planet so that means the

whole world must log in at least a few

times you know to get that number now

you can actually create an online store

on your actual Facebook fan page in fact

I actually have a tutorial on how you

can link your blue commerce products and

import them all directly onto your

Facebook page so for example this is my

facebook page Jarrell CENTCOM make sure

to like it and you can go ahead and you

know people can see your stuff sebuah


right here you have the shop icon so if

you are a shop you can actually list

your products here and when someone

clicks on one of your products they will

actually be redirected to go to your

website so that is a great way on how to

get traffic using your Facebook fan page

alternatively you can use the

marketplace now the marketplace a lot of

companies list their products and this

again is another great way to do it

because if you're a local store you can

list your items for a very cheap price

in fact I believe it is free to list

your items on the Facebook market face

personally I haven't done it yet but

this site charges around a 5% fee if

something sells if the price is lower

than I think it's a dollar or something

like that

they'll just charge you 40 cents so the

fees are relatively very very very small

and with 25 billion people on this

website I'm pretty sure people will

actually start to purchase your products

now alternatively once you become a

credible seller on Facebook you actually

get higher rated and you actually get

little badges telling people that you're

a responsive seller and that you're a

trusted seller etc so once you build a

sort of a credibility on the marketplace

you get badges right so that's another

great way on how to list and sell your

products with Facebook and also the shop

page as well and also if you're using

WooCommerce I have a full tutorial on

how to import your who commerce products

onto your Facebook page so be sure to

check that out it has a lots of good

reviews and make sure to like that video

as well so again it never hurts suppose

your products on Facebook next is Etsy

calm now this website receives around

two hundred and nineteen million

visitors every single month with around

60% of those visitors being from the

United States now this website actually

has some pretty low fees however they do

not allow people to sell electronics on

their website so if you have phones or

you have laptops that you want to sell

unfortunately this websites will not let

you sell them on but if you're looking

for things that are cute like clothes or

accessories or just something that you

might think that you need around the

house this website will do just fine my

prices right now are listed in Thai Baht

because currently right now I am in

Bangkok but I'm originally

from the United States so that's why you

see it says thb so that's why they're

not listed in American dollars but yeah

check out se com you know it's just a

good website just to list clothes or

something else you might have around the

house now this website has some pretty

low fees as well they only charge you a

5% fee if something sells however they

also have a 3% transaction fee for

payment processors so you're looking at

around 8 percent in total but that is

not that bad considering websites like

Amazon can charge up to 15% so

definitely check out Etsy com next is now receives

around 24 million visitors a month with

around 75% of those visitors coming from

the USA now this website originally

first started as an only electronic

store so basically if you had a laptop

or a video card this was the place that

you would go to sell it now there are

some restrictions with this website

unfortunately you will need a license

and a business permit to sell on this

website so you need to be a verified

vendor so if you have like one or two

products and you want to just upload

them onto this website unfortunately

they will not let you upload on their

website however if you are already an

established business and you want to

upload your part onto this website they

will let you now this website again

first came out is just an electronic

store so the only used to sell things

like video cards and PC games you can

see right here like you know games for

PCs and all that stuff with electronics

they've added a range of stuff like now

they have games they have toys they have

dolls and all this stuff I mean what is

this pretend play and dress up for kids

huh all right I did that's a new one I

know there's some new egg but you can

see here that they do have a large range

a variety of product so it doesn't

matter what your Institute I mean health

and fitness I mean look at this they're

even selling what is this food they're

selling food on this website now that is

a mystery to me so again new egg is

definitely worth checking out in fact I

used to date a girl who actually lived

right next to this place and I actually

used to visit it all the time it was

pretty funny in fact

I'm gonna show you all this has nothing

to do with with the video but I just

want to talk about how weird this city

is shaped so I lived right here I live

in Pasadena California before and my

ex-girlfriend a few years ago lived

right here at Diamond Bar this is the

city right here it's called City of

Industry but look how its designed I

mean look at this like whoo-hoo from

California designs a city like this in

fact look at this right here it actually

kind of cuts off and then there's a

little circle and that's also part of

the city I don't know that's just really

weird I just I just thought about that

just something really bizarre

now also their commission rates vary so

they go again I think every website has

this eight to fifteen percent commission

rate depending on what you're selling so

right here you can see the rates you

know depending on what you're selling

DVD videos around ten percent so they do

have a very large category of fees

however they range from eight to fifteen

percent based off what you are selling

so that's something to check out so

again if you are a business or you're

someone who has a large inventory of

products and you want to explore

different revenues on places to sell

your products Newegg is a great choice

check them out now this next website is

ugly craigslist org is an ugly website

unfortunately it has around four hundred

and twenty two million visitors on it

every single month with ninety three

percent of the audience coming from the

USA now this website is actually pretty

popular with most people from America in

fact a lot of people list their products

online you can do jobs you can do gigs

you can look for a girlfriend you can

offer services there is a lot of things

you can do on this website so for

example if you are a business you can go

ahead and list your products right here

and these are all listed in look at this

October second all these products are

listed in one day so there are a lot of

people selling their products over here

on Craigslist org and I personally have

bought items from Craigslist org because

you can find local shops you can find

people who are selling something in your

area that you might want and if you are

a business businesses are welcome as

well so if you're thinking yourself oh

I'm a business though I'm bigger no you

can let your products as a dealer on

this website that's totally

loud also if you are interested in you

know WordPress and you've watched my

videos you know I make websites this is

a great website on finding clients for

WordPress as well so right here you can

see I wants to gigs and I just typed in

all I typed in WordPress and people are

looking for WordPress experts

I need a graphic designer WordPress

layout set up I mean these guys these

guys are just waiting for you to take

their money like they're just waiting

they're just like I don't know how to

use this theme how do you import the

demo content charge them two grand you

know jars and two grand and there you go

you got their sign up and ready you know

so so it doesn't matter what you're

selling there's something for everybody

right here video games books boats

aviation and also wanted so I here

outputs oh look at that someone's

looking for a 23 year old needs a sugar

daddy only $900 a month that's actually

not that expensive guys I mean I would I

would hit her up oh it looks like here

no one's looking for something with

WordPress but over here on gigs I think

we found it over here yeah WordPress

make sure to type in two S's there you

go and you can find work or something

like website maybe you can find a

website or something like that and there

you go look at that we got we got offers

look at that just just go over there and

click all the links and send all the the

offer so again this is a great website

on to list products for sale so be sure

to check out now today

it's not just about web sites anymore

these applications get massive traffic

and massive followings and the Poshmark

app is one of those popular applications

now this app receives around 35 million

hits on it every single month with 93%

of those hits coming from the USA now

this app actually has a very broad range

of product so they range from men from

women from kids they sell pants they

sell bags these little shoes they sell

things for your house they just sell all

sorts of stuff and you can be a buyer or

you can be a seller on this website so

just by going to the application and

taking a look at what they sell you can

kind of get an idea basically I think

that you're selling everything except

electronics so they have bags they have

shoes they have shirts clothes not even

for kids they have

all sorts of stuff Carter's is that a

brand or something like that I don't

know I I don't I don't keep up too much

with the trends guys I really don't I

don't watch TV so I'm just I'm left in

the dark sometimes also home accessories

they have a lot of different stuff

Pottery Barn

okay these are companies you know I've

now now I'm catching up here I'm

catching up but you are also allowed to

sell products on to this website however

I have heard a lot of complaints about

this website saying that you can't

return products you can only return the

product if it's not as it is sold so

basically if you buy this cup right here

that says what is this teddy teddy

so if you buy the cup and then you want

to return it you can't unless it does

not say that if it's something else and

I have seen the Poshmark reviews but

this is actually not really that bad I

mean for if they're getting around 35

million visits a month and there's only

1400 complaints against them that's not

that much it's really not that much and

personally we've all worked in

e-commerce we've dealt with crazy people

where clients think it's super crazy and

aggressive and they start hitting the

forums and they attack you and then you

offer money to shut them up I have been

there guys trust me I've dealt with

crazy clients so I don't think the

Poshmark app is a non reputable app I

think that's what the amount of traffic

and the amount of audience they have I

think they've done a great job at it or

a great job keeping their name up to par

and you can take a look for yourself

the has tons of positive reviews I mean

153,000 ratings above 4.5 so it is a

reputable app so be sure to check out

the Poshmark app next up is Groupon now

this website is a little unique and I'll

explain why now this website receives

around 48 million visitors every single

month with 90% of those visitors coming

from the USA now this website

unfortunately charges the highest fee

for selling something out of every

single website I've talked about this

website charges 50% for everything sold

and I'll kind of explain why here so

this website is known for people who are

trying to find deals on products it has

a lot of coupons house I love sales but

this website is generally more for brand

so if you're brand new to the market and

you want to display your product on a

website Groupon is a great choice

because what happens is your product

gets seen so generally what happens is

you signup for the web sites and then

you tell Groupon that you wants to

discount your product and whatever this

final price is Groupon will take half of

that price so if you're looking to kind

of brand your product and you want to

get your stuff out there if you want to

provide discounts for your your services

or even your products Groupon is a great

way on how to get branding for your

product next up is a great one Rakuten

calm and in Japanese it means optimism

now this website receives around 50

million visitors every single month with

around 63% of those visitors coming from

the USA now this website was originally

founded and developed in Japan it's

basically the Amazon four of Japan on

however it still has a very large USA

presence and the great part about

rocketing is that you can sell anything

you want they have tons and tons of

products on this website in fact this is

the biggest e-commerce store in Japan so

this is like the Amazon over in Japan so

it has tons of products and it doesn't

matter what you're in you know you could

be selling clothes you can be selling

electronics food accessories and this

website will allow you to sell it now

the fees are basically the same as

Amazon and basically eight to 15% and it

has a dollar fee for listing the product

so if you are selling online I

definitely recommend to check out

Rakatan you know they have the same fees

as Amazon unfortunately however it has a

massive audience so be sure to check out

ratcheted calm and unlike Amazon this

company actually prides itself on not

selling its own product so this company

gives a lot of I guess you could say

criticism to Amazon because Amazon sells

their own products on those store

however Rakatan does not and they

actually say that's why you should

switch and sell on Rakatan in fact this

owner the note the owner's name is


makutano he's actually on the board for

lyft comm sort of like that uber service

in the United States so be sure to check

out record in calm it is a great way on

how you can sell your products online

next up is Bonin

komm now this website receives around

five million visitors every month with

around 75% of those visitors coming from

the USA now this website again

specializes in something like fashion

and health and beauty collectible arts

handbags and also jewelry this site does

not sell electronics now the fees on

this website are actually pretty small

so the fees from this website range from

around 1.5 percent to around 3.5 percent

and they have a lot of traffic and a lot

of products on this website so it's

really easy to get set up you can just

simply make an account you can sell on

the website right away you can also

import them from Amazon eBay and Etsy

and also Shopify making it super

convenient so again I definitely

recommend checking out Bonanza comm so I

hope you enjoyed those 10 websites that

I've talked about now I do have 10 more

for you and those are actually in the

description and they're available on my

blog so you can check them out for free

now it doesn't hurt to post your

products on all these websites I mean

it's just another way of how you can

generate more sales for free right so

what the hell you still doing here go

post your próximas websites I'll see you

guys later