How To Easily Sell Worldwide on Shopify (No Apps!) | Shopify Markets

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How to sell products online worldwide?

Step 1: Research the market Do some research to identify countries where your product is in high demand. You can use online tools like Google Trends and social media analytics to gather information about your target audience.
Step 2: Choose an e-commerce platform Select an e-commerce platform that supports global selling. In addition, make sure the platform offers multilingual support, multiple payment options, and shipping to different countries.
Step 3: Localize your website Provide localized content, such as product descriptions and shipping information, to attract and assist international customers. You can also offer customer service in multiple languages.
Step 4: Develop a marketing strategy Create targeted marketing campaigns for different regions and languages. Utilize social media and search engines to promote your products globally.
Step 5: Monitor and adjust Track sales, customer feedback, and website traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of your global selling strategy. Make adjustments as necessary to optimize your online sales.


in their recent wave of updates shopify

just made it very easy for all

e-commerce brand owners to actually sell

in different markets different countries

in different currencies and collect the

right taxes from these people

automatically before there used to be

something available with shopify plus or

with other apps again that you could add

to your shopify store but now that is

natively included in your regular

shopify plan so in today's video i want

to share with you how you can set up

shopify markets to sell in more than one

country or just split within regions

within the world and have more than one

currencies automatically switch based on

who views your website and where they're


let's start talking about the update

itself so what's new why did it come