How to sell products ONLINE without INVENTORY😱

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so let me guess you want to start a

business without having to actually keep

stock in inventory of the products well

I got you covered I'm going to show you

exactly how I launch products without

keeping stock and no this is not Drop

Shipping hey guys welcome back to my

channel it's Viva La pink Posh and for

those of you who are new here welcome so

as you guys know here on my channel I

create absolutely free entrepreneurial

videos helping you guys grow and Excel

your online businesses wow this yes in

today's video I'm going to be giving you

guys five steps to take to launch a new

product without having inventory because

no one likes to sit on inventory you

guys so let's get right into this video

step one is going to be to figure out

what product you would like to sell you

can sell anything that sets your heart