hey guys what's up happy Friday and

welcome back to my channel I hope you

guys are having a great day so today's

video as you saw by the title is going

to be the long awaited the most

requested video probably on my channel

and that is how to sell on PayPal yes I

am finally doing this video sorry it has

taken me so long it's just one of those

types of videos where you kind of have

to you know get some things together you

got to plan it out it takes more effort

so you guys have been waiting on this

video for a while a lot of you guys have

requested it I know a lot of you are

interested on selling through Instagram

which PayPal is needed for so without

further ado let's get into how to sell

on PayPal so before we dive in the how

to so let's talk about why you would

need PayPal to sell through in the first

place PayPal is used as a way for your

customer to pay you basically it's just

a payment its PayPal it's a payment

platform with in and of itself PayPal is

not a selling platform it's just a

payment platform so you would use PayPal

if you were in a scenario like myself

where I do a lot of thrift hauls on

YouTube and a lot of you guys are

interested in purchasing those items so

that way I can offer you a better price

because the Commission is a lot lower

they only take 2.9 percent and then 30

cents for every transaction so the

Commission is a lot lower and that's why

I like using PayPal to sell through

other platforms so that's a reason why

you would need to use PayPal instead of

say Poshmark or ebay also if you don't

have a youtube channel you have maybe

you have another social platform you

have Instagram or maybe a Facebook group

a lot of people will post pictures of

items on their feeds on Instagram and

they sell that way or they'll post it a

picture of the item in their Instagram

story and they sell that way so now

we're going to get into the how to's

let's get into it

PayPal does have a mobile app version

and they do have a desk

they do have a desktop version as well

so I'm gonna be showing you guys how to

create an invoice through the app or

through desktop and then I'm gonna be

showing you guys how to ship through the

desktop I have to hook up my laptop to

the printer so it's not like a wireless

thing so I always use the desktop so

that's how I'm gonna be teaching you

guys how to print labels I'm sure

there's a tutorial you can google it how

to print through the app if that's a

thing I don't even know if that's a

thing so I'm just putting that out there

so the first thing you're gonna need to

sell through PayPal is your customers

paypal email address this is the email

address that they have hooked up to

their PayPal account I haven't had

anyone not know what that is what I

asked them for it so I think it's you

know it's common knowledge say you put

an item up for sale on Instagram and

somebody messages you and says yes I

want this when you you know come

together on a price then you will get

their paypal email so after that you're

gonna want to create an invoice so

you're gonna go in the app and at the

bottom bar you're gonna see a little

button where it says invoice and you're

gonna click on that then it's gonna come

up I think it's like a list it's like a

list of invoices that you've sent before

it shows like paid unpaid there's like a

whole little list but up in the very top

right corner there's going to be a plus

sign you're gonna click that and that's

gonna take you to a page where you're

gonna create your invoice sorry I'm

looking down at my notes because I know

that if I didn't write notes I would

forget something and then somebody would

be in the comments you forgot this and I

am aware that I forgot it but there's

nothing I can do about it after it's

been posted so I've got my notes all

right so after you do that there's gonna

be a place at the top where it says bill

to and that's where you're gonna type in

the customers email address and under

that is gonna say add item or service so

you're gonna click on that and that's

where you're going to like Poshmark

like ebay like any other selling

platform you're gonna write your title

you can write your description your

price whatnot I do pretty much the same

kind of title and description I don't

make it as

keyword e you know cuz I don't need

somebody to be able to find it it's you

know already being sold so i'm paypal

i'm a little bit more basic with my

title in my description but i do want to

include you know measurements and stuff

like that in the description just in

case you know somebody tries to open a

case and say that they didn't know that

this item you know was a certain size or

whatnot so you do want to protect

yourself and still do a description just

like you would any other selling

platform and then at the very bottom it

will say note to customer you don't have

to do this it's optional but I just like

to type in there and you know thank you

so much for your business thank you so

much whatever you want to put down there

just a little thank you to them and then

the next thing you're gonna do is click

send invoice and it's as easy as that

so for the desktop version to create an

invoice on your desktop when you log

into PayPal there's going to be a top

bar and in that top bar is like summary

activity there's a bunch of choices

you're gonna click on summary it usually

defaults to summary but just in case it

doesn't you're gonna click on summary

and then it's gonna pull up on the left

side of your screen there's gonna be

like a bar of different things like

different sections there's gonna be your

money and then under that is going to be

invoices and estimates and right in that

box it's gonna say create invoice and I

forget what the other one says but

you're gonna click on create invoice and

it's just the same as on the app you're

gonna click build - you're gonna type in

the customers email address and then

you're gonna do your title and

description and your cost your price why

couldn't I think of the word price

you're gonna type in your price the only

difference with the desktop version is

that you can add pictures so that's nice

it's a good you know way to protect

yourself if you know you feel slightly

uncomfortable with you know not sending

pictures or maybe your customer has

requested photos the way to do that is

through the desktop so there

is a place where you can click I think

it's like attach photo or add attachment

that's where you can add photos if you

choose to it's not necessary it's not

what's the word mandatory why am I

having a hard time thinking of words

today it's not mandatory it's optional

but you can

that's the definitely the definition of

optional you can do it if you want let's

move on to shipping alrighty so with

shipping just to put this out there you

have to calculate your own shipping

through PayPal it's not done free it is

done for you but you have to do the work

of like weighing and measuring the

package and whatnot so if you're not

comfortable with that I would say PayPal

is probably not for you but if you've

sold on any platform other than Poshmark

you're used to calculating your own

shipping anyways so it's not a huge deal

so this is the desktop version again

that is where you print your labels from

I again have never printed through the

app I don't even know if that's a thing

so we're just gonna I'm just gonna show

you how I know how to do it so on the

top bar again where it says summary

activity and whatnot you're gonna click

on activity this time and it's gonna

pull up a list of your payments of

people who have paid past transactions

that you've done on PayPal and whatnot

so once the customer pays that will be

right at the top of the list of your

transactions if you have any and right

on that bar all the way over to the

right there's gonna be a button that

says print shipping label you're gonna

click that after you do that you'll

choose your shipping service your type

of package if you want a priority

shipping if you're using a flat rate box

and you're gonna type in the dimensions

of your package and the weight of your

package then you're gonna click

calculate shipping it's gonna give you a

price PayPal's usually on par with other

discount shipping platforms they give

you a seller discount it's nine times

out of ten the best price that you're

going to get for shipping there are some

things where I have checked it on pirate

ship and it was a little cheaper but for

the mo

heart PayPal is really good on shipping

cost so you're gonna click calculate

shipping it's gonna tell you what the

price is and then you're gonna click

confirm and pay and then from there you

can print your shipping label just like

you would you know on any other site

that's it you just send your package

the tracking automatically uploads

whenever you do the shipping label

through PayPal it automatically uploads

you don't have to worry about it

you don't have to click that you've

shipped it whatnot it all takes care of

it by itself now I do want to talk about

super quickly if you decide to ship

through an outside source like pirate

ship that is an option like I said

sometimes pirate ship has better rates

nine times out of ten they don't they

have the same rates as PayPal but there

is a rare chance that they do have a

better rate so you can go to pirate ship

or any other outside source that you

choose I'm sure there's others out there

so if you want to do that obviously you

want to add the tracking number to the

order you know so your customer knows

that it's tracking so just like you

would where you click on print shipping

label instead of clicking on print

shipping label you're gonna click the

arrow the down arrow right beside print

shipping label it's gonna drop down a

menu and you're gonna click Add tracking

and then from there you can add what

service you use like UPS USPS FedEx

whatever you can add the tracking number

and then you can submit it and then your

customer has the tracking number and

they are aware you know of what's going

on they're informed so yeah that's

that's how it goes it's pretty simple

you just send it and that's it that's

that's how she goes there's not a rating

system on PayPal again it's not a

selling platform so there's not really a

reason to rate anyone I guess it's just

a payment platform so you know it takes

a little getting used to but it's it's

very simple actually it's a lot easier

than you know if you already have a

social media following or you already

have like a customer base on your social

media platforms then it's a great way to

all things and be able to give your

customers a better price

one thing I do recommend is calculating

your shipping costs beforehand so that

when your customer says you know how

much are you asking for this you can

include the shipping price in your price

if that makes sense so if somebody asks

me you know how much are you wanting for

this t-shirt t-shirts are usually about

four dollars to ship and I usually

charge like fifteen dollars for t-shirts

so I'll say 19 dollars shipped and that

means that the shipping price is

included in the price so all they're

paying is 19 a flat rate of 19 dollars

does that make sense so it is good to

weigh your items beforehand know what

you're gonna be paying for shipping that

will save you a lot of heartache once

you get in the swing of it and you kind

of know how much it costs to you know

send certain items so like with denim

there it's a little bit heavier and it's

just cheaper dicin and a flat rated flat

rated what a flat I can't talk today a

flat rate padded envelope it's easier to

send that and I know that the padded

envelopes is a flat rate of seven

dollars and 55 cents so that's easy for

me I also know that nine times out of

ten tops you know I can ship for 45

bucks depending on how heavy they are I

can send them first-class it's a

learning process you'll learn as you go

and it's super super easy I highly

highly recommend selling through PayPal

I haven't had an issue at all through

PayPal so that is how you sell on PayPal

I hope I answered all your questions I

hope I did a thorough explanation of

said tasks what I need to go I've had so

much coffee and it's like it's to the

point where it's like too much and I

can't think my brain is like going a

million miles a minute and my mouth

can't keep up so I'm gonna go now I hope

you guys enjoyed this video I hope you

learned something if you have any more

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