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for a products to sell online alright so

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all right so I've been checking my BMS

and most of the comments are the

questions that I receive is mostly

asking what are the things that they can

start selling online or how can they

start selling online all right

so I think I made some videos regarding

how to start a business online how to

sell online and I also recently I made a

video about what are the products are

your ideas that you can sell online so

right now so since a lot of you are

asking about it I will be giving you

tips on how you can find or how you can

look for products to sell online so that

you will be able to jumpstart your

business and online selling all right so

so this guidelines that I will be giving

you we will be realistic I will not be

giving you guidelines or tips now I am

home mahira going for someone who's just

starting and also for this one I can

only speak for my own experience

all right so experience the dinies and

prayer corner in the experience now it's

also hotter that's my experience okay

first of all Shia Telugu Maggie Lin

McAdam AgResearch mnemonic products

online and I am in the marketing part

all right so doing a hop on my pass Aqsa

marketing part on how I will be able to

sell it the back I say I'm having a good

product it's not enough if you don't

have a good marketing if you are someone

who's looking for an idea on what

products to sell online this is the

right video for you but if you are

thinking of you know like a blue ocean

strategy in gusto mo when you think

about having a business you think about

that but eco long or original something

while upon the hakapik benton again on

some market I think for this wine okay

it's really good to check or to be the

first one in the market and hapa be

sipping agony tom idea and hopin

inventor noggin it on product but

it's really something that a bit

unrealistic they say you will need to

have skills for this one but I'm not

saying that you don't have skills I know

you can do everything you can do

anything but Superga our island million

but what I'm saying is nowadays kassay

there's no original ideas all right so

you have to look for products na nan

Jana already existing boom a bandana all

right so that you can jump-start and

when you had that idea or cometa Hana


soppec jumpstart mana and then that's

the time that you can go for a bigger

venture sub business all right so

ganancia um take it slow all right step

by step okay so let's begin

all right so number one I believe that

you really have to start with a market

these are the one who will buy or use

your panda you really have to go for

your niche market what is niche it's

focusing on one target market Marin come

Pinot focus canary you're selling to

Mom's specifically mom Islam all right

so that's your niche target market okay

say when sometimes when Tina Saba Mona I

my target market is everyone you will

end up sending to no one all right you

should start first with your market and

then follow it up with product idea all


so how will you choose a product idea

for a certain target market but somebody

not and all right so number one what you

can do is to look for product now ikaw

personally is your market you personally

bug start Isis at anymore what are the

things that that makes you frustrated

every day because finding a product is

like solving a problem so you should

find a product that number one solves

problem and number two alamo kailangan

nanpa so for you you will be the market


me as a mom I said I saw work at home

mom what are the things that get me

frustrated every day all right so I'll

give you an example okay so one thing

Nana for us later Hopalong is when I'm

at work that boss I'm using my phone

because I am Erin Hong Kong you shop Pep

Boys because I sometimes we cannot use

our laptop Nam and Pelagia diba so we

have to use our phone can say it's handy

the boys I go to a certain place and

then my kid or Samira will put a shot to

get my cell phone the back super young I

don't have body well a hump in Atlanta

Logano cell phone call so I'm gonna

product now Hindi Omaha passcode no

problem call is a cell phone holder

tapas kites and Han Solo poem on the

inside a metal ring light the basa phone

holder we build in like kissing on more

of zoom call more of like what I'm doing

I say but the last one Hanukah podcast

so Kayla honkin Ommegang lighting yeah

and so something that solves a problem

you start with in you okay so you have

the market and you have the product okay

so if you think nah Byron where I come

from Blair mind you cannot go home

Flint's a life more which I doubt

alright 9 d lmao no firing in the moon

up up and since ago door that you really

need something okay

if wallah what you can do is to observe

other people okay what are the things

that they are always complaining about

and when you ma complain snella plug in

Assam on an animal or now friend more

right look for those product nap thing

in more hilemon Allah and will solve

their problem you can do survey the back

Mac survey kenobi mihaela and Musa bahai

and by mihaela man was a society Lim

also work more nothing anymore if I sell


be building mobile or for the quick tips

alright so look for the products that is

a need and you will personally use

alright I said you should know what you

are selling you

should know your brand up first before

you will be able to sell it to other

people in the Bob maja they will ask you

what is this for and my own benefits

NATO and then Duden Duden casa component

on how will you answer the pin points of

your customers all right

okay so when we do marketing we usually

give them the benefits but you know what

I mean hum again the hog market is when

you give them the pain point so what are

pinpoints pin points is something a

problem that you solve for them they buy

a new boy you make Papa here obsession

Allah I said don't puma past okay young

emotional selling firing Cena it go

by and hit up a new mantra bajo so

behind the head on to let Megan emotion

oh hi like cell phone and say oh I don't

know that's pinpoints the BA

so with that see you know you can be

more pop ability bar so you have to

solve the problem and identify the pain

points so that product you will have the

unique selling proposition so the owner

purpose of young man come my factor

Marin come something the leg on my Papa

Billy Salah so when you are able to

identify that product you already have

your market so now it's the time for you

to search for those product okay one of

the ways the green iguana daddy is to

look for that certain product on the

market place alright so padding pedicle

I'm coming in solids ADA such happy I

know Papa let's focus more on local so

FB marketplace and say Instagram all

right so how do you do that

so I'm stippling data is you have to be


con waria you have three products on our

idea Mona Aventa so those three products

it's a shock masha done semana platform

nigh on so she knows you know mechanic

by benta young ratings nella how much

how much do they sell it for tapas

Hanukkah Oklahoma Pina hamura and Pina

ha Donita maganda a great thing

alright so

you have to be really systematized for

this one pentagon guma wine list where

you list the Prada tapas description yes

I'm gonna kita

prashanta where you can compare alright

so I'm going the dito and also the rape

income again the bond rating yeah so

it's like you're looking for a supplier

of the product and you're actually

comparing the price has now and the

quality so Naha katana or in a supplier

that's the time you will have to try the

product so how will you be able to try

the product so you have to order okay so

this is really important guys case a you

need to find the perfect product you

maganda in quality India an Omaha and of

to consider the supplier kasi Bahama my

Hindi Neama bigger young requirement no

alright so how can you try it out

you buy one Prada one or two convener

man you have to invest with this one

guys alright so you buy one or two

products for you to be able to compare

the quality and then I'm attack more and

then you know you might begin prototype

mo okay so with this one your third step

will be nice i annoying product now you

will post it into your social media

accounts okay so why are we doing this

your product testing okay so i'll allah

gave moses a social media accounts more

and then caption eaten apparel you're

selling it hindi naman Cindy Messina

Sabina album le ka ogen Agana caption

eatin appearance in of neon problemo

para and Anita

hi I have this cell phone holder and the

whole telegin

nagging me I assume trabajo in Dena

hokey nopalina

and Nicole I say NASA as mache indie


about--nah and a whole bag of oregano so

I know my area it's the benefit of that

the BA if someone will ask you sang-moon

opinion mechanic Billy Morgan Union so

anyone who is you capture the interest

of the people

alright of of your market they say you

market more SDC

you must you so you may get a place AOS

Lissy must see you dead he picks up in

my my cat cat and you have a good Prada

I said someone asked or maraming latinum

okay so you test if okay zhang i benta

so that's how you start with it and then

they on dune up a pass-off hume one-page

marketing nut and so that will be on my

second video a bag on you

so this one will apply to a lot of

products in condo in attend a talk show

it's a one-page marketing i was really

inspired with this book nabina Basha

whole show to toe and kohai oh and how

you will be able to make a marketing now

the easiest way the easiest but

cost-effective way alright so a

belonging in next video I am so LM you

guys make use of this opportunity that

we have this pandemic oh hi

I said there are two types of people

young I need oh so you might pandemic

now effect osa Hanyu is the my own

except it'sh Porto problema nice opinion

longing in ago Anja someone happen yes

alive at Negrete Club Masha another type

of people is human and Aggie accepting

para and how they can survive and how

they can excel through this pandemic so

it's not human at Iona nunca to learn

more I say nagisa Canon pride that gonna

be bent amor that's why you're here and

congratulations alright so if you are

the type of person keep on searching for

products nothing need more hyaluronic

now people are looking for it and focus

on that existing products guys don't

worry if we're having among mysamma if

you can't produce that product democracy

it means you have the resources to do it

but what if while a de ba you can start

with an existing product known as a

market now and they look for a good

supplier and you can sell it online

alright so I hope this video helps you

and if it really helps you please don't

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yeah and sharing Asama I began una gusto

Niang to Luna and looking for another

source of income or

and all right I have a lot of videos

about it both marketing you can check it

so yeah get that kid style on my next

video thank you guys for watching bye