How To Sell Other Companies Products Online - Simple Stuff!

all right what's going on my friend

welcome to the video it's brand olynyk

here and you're looking for how to sell

other company's products online

fantastic search I can definitely help

you out with this it comes down to

understanding three things that I'm

going to share with you that you're

gonna want to pay close attention to the

first being

knowing your target market knowing your

niche alright

the second is having a way means of

attracting that target market to you in

an automated fashion then the third is

actually marketing in a way that's

giving value and works for your service

now the first thing you got to know is

your target market I'll break these down

in detail for you so you can take them

and you can actually go and apply stuff

out of this video all right so your

target market now this is going to be

different depending on the type of

company and the service that that

company has to offer to keep it very

basic and simple in this video we're

gonna go for an example of health and

wellness alright so we'll say that you

have a service that you're offering in

the health and wellness niche where you

you have a program where it helps people

lose ten pounds in two weeks okay well

your target market soon be essentially

people who have already bought a product

in the health and wellness niche and

then people who are looking to lose

weight alright and how you reach that

audience is by personalizing your

campaigns and personalizing your

audience alright that's really how you

do it now

and the second thing you need to know

once you have your target market figure

it out because you don't want to be

selling to everyone you sell to everyone

you sell to no one is you need to have a

way in a means of attracting that

audience to you a lot of people screw

this up when they're selling other

company products online what they'll do

is they'll send people straight to the

company website or they'll send them

straight to a company replicated capture

page and you don't want to do that

you've got to keep in mind when you're

selling other companies products and

services on the Internet which means

you're you're an affiliate of them

there's tens of thousands and if not

probably hundreds of thousands of other

people promoting that company as well as

yourself if you want to elevate yourself

above the crowd the best way to do that

to attract people to you is to not you

know go out there and promote the same

website all right or the same capture

page it's to use attraction marketing

systems in a way that's automated

using and leveraging the internet it's

the best way to do it the third thing

you need to know is actually have a way

means of presenting yourself in a way

that's giving value to the marketplace

and how you do that is by having the

first two the first two steps down pat

all right so you got to know who your

target market is you have to overweight

a means of attracting that target market

to you and that's going to complete the

whole process in giving value and

presenting yourself at the end of it so

that my friend is really in a nutshell

how you can start selling other

company's products and services on the


I hope that makes sense that's really

the foundation of it all it's all about

now going out there and finding

something that matches your integrity

that gets you excited that gets you

pumped up in a way that you can create

time freedom leverage and flexibility

around all right so you don't you're not

on the computer all day long you're not

doing things you don't want to do and

the best additional advice I could give


we know my experience with this over the

last you know 12 months have you been

able to create a full time income

working part time was really when I

found someone who is already doing this

creating an income on the internet

without doing things that were technical

without building his own website or

creating his own products and I just

heard the model what he was doing and I

was able to create those results and

there's a lot of noise out there online

the best thing that you could do is lock

arms with someone who's already doing it

and is already ahead of you who's

willing to show you what to do and how

to do it to help you get the results

that you want so my friend appreciate

you for coming by it's been a pleasure

connecting with you here if you're

serious if you're open-minded you want

to learn how to make money selling other

companies products on the internet and

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so it's been a pleasure connecting with

you like I said and I will see you this

year on the beach of the world my friend

take care