How To Sell Products On Youtube (Sell WITHOUT Selling)

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hey guys what's going on this is Joshua

elder from Josh elder calm and in this

video I want to show you how to sell

products on YouTube this is a topic that

I can definitely talk on because I've

been selling products on YouTube for the

past three years believe it or not I

worked in retail jewelry for about seven

1/2 eight years and it was YouTube that

allowed me to quit my job and go

full-time and sell products using this

specific platform now let me give you

some tips some advice on how to leverage

the YouTube platform to sell products

and if you haven't already make sure

that you subscribe to this channel

I'm always uploading videos on a daily

basis that will help you build a life

and business full of freedom passion

fulfillment so make sure you do that and

let's go ahead and dive into the content