Squarespace Ecommerce Tutorial 2021 (for Beginners) - Sell Physical or Digital Products Online

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hey everybody welcome back to central

media in this video we're diving into

how to set up an online store with

Squarespace so if you're looking to sell

physical products digital products drop

shipping whatever you're trying to do

Squarespace is the one that we recommend

among the most out of them out of the

many different ecommerce options out

there but Squarespace is especially

great because it's really easy to build

it's very professional and so with just

a couple clicks you can really make it

look like a very professional website

that a lot of people won't be able to

differentiate between yours and some

really really big brands out there and

in fact a lot of big brands actually do

use Squarespace so it's very popular for

many reasons some of the reasons we like

it not only does it look good is it easy