UPDATED 2019: How To Create A Jumia Store From A to Z - Jumia Store Beginners Tutorial

hello and welcome to this video now

in this video I'm gonna teach you how to

create a Jimmy install from scratch from

start to finish alright so by the end of

this video you should be able to create

your own Jimmy a store and you see how

easy it is because Jimmy have simplified

the whole process unlike before where

you have to feel go through their

questionnaire to fill in some questions

and queries and all sort of things now

the whole process is very easy that's

why this video is a new video all right

so first thing to do is a lot you click

here to send on Jimmy or you copy this

link this link right here let me get the

link or you copy this link HTTP selected

or Jimmy or comm dot ng slashes are very

very long right so you can add a copy

this link and paste in your browser or

you heard about a generic conduct ng and

click on sell sell on Jimmy alright so

where we are heading to is this page but

I want to show you how to get to this

page so go to rat ng click on

sell on Jimmy are now you land on this

page you add Jimmy I would say make

money to sell to about 200 millions

customers 200 million customer now our

advise you to read everything on this

page if you want to be a sellout on

Jimmy please read everything on this

page you can go ahead and create your

store but please come back and read

everything on this page so that you

understand the platform you're working

with so when you're done reading

everything just click on start selling

on Jimmy a-- now we had now we on this

page like I said all right the same link

just close this pop-up now we're gonna

fill these details everything here and

I'm going to explain or show you how to

do that now I have written everything

down so I'm just gonna write it down so

I'm creating a new account right here on

Jimmy are doing this for a client

boyfriend rather so first name phone

number then you have your shop name

when you're referred by now you have to

put in my email and said you are afraid

by me with this if I get a notification

from jamia that you have that you put in

my email account Sen I can Sen 29 at

outlook calm if I have a message from

Jimmy data that you put in my email I'm

gonna give you more support for your

gymnast or how to get more sales and all

that free tips I'm gonna share with you

on this Jimmy our platform how to sell

off your product how to succeed on Jimmy

are and even outside jr. all right I'm

gonna assist you once I get a

notification that you you use my email

as somebody I referred you to Gmail okay

so once you add that the you necessary

to do is to put on your email address so

just put on this email address right

here then password I'm gonna put in a

password right now body password I'm

just going to retype our email yeah just

copy this and paste that there so now

the password I'm just gonna put in the

password right here and retype also

retype the password yesterday we can

continue with the registration so I've

typed my password here or the password

belongs that belongs to my to my client

now remember the password must be at

least 8 characters containing a capital

letter a no one letter and a numeric

number alright so once you're done with

that you can just click our septet jamia

e jr e contract nigeria or ever so you

just click on data you click on continue

okay okay so as you can see the store

name is already used shop name already

use email already use maybe the clients

have an accounts already with this email

so just you know call the clients and

get this changed it as soon as possible

okay so I called my clients and we have

that change now we are having 90 store I

will change the email and we're gonna

paste the password

alright so I've click on I have read I'm

a scepter de contract demon Andrea if

you can want to really condor simply

read this open this an error on

new tab and read so awesome done with

this let's click continue okay so

account information was updated

now we also Sunnah created a new account

on jamia alright this is this is how

easy it is now the next thing that you

are required to do is to put in your

business address now this can be your

personal home address if you have an

office it can also be your your your

office address so I'm just gonna pause

this video and fill this up and come

back so basically what you're gonna feel

here alright

I just the compulsory the compulsory

lists or what what is a steric like this

one I staring this one not Astor if you

don't have to fill these are nothing we

don't have to feel it so just feel what

is aesthetic which is the address

obviously and you click continue

ok now jim has asking you for your bank

account details you have to put in your

bank name alright account accounts bank

the bank you're using account name and

account number that you click continue

so I'm gonna fill this and come back ok

so we have that filled up bank name this

and this then you click on continue you

can skip this step what I would likely

to do that because we don't put all your


Jamia would not approve your store now

boom and I can't have been created so is

it less than 5 minutes you can create an

account on jr. alright so you can see

your seller ID which cannot be changed

your name everything here cannot be

changed referred by SN

I can sen 29 applicant very very

important now let's see other details

will feel yes correct by account details

not correct now start selling click on

start selling you can see very very easy

thank you for signing up with us an

email has been sent to your email

account please click on the link

provided to verify your email now you

have to click on the email that I've

been sent to your email address to

verify your Jimmy accounts all right so

let's just log into our email right now

tinder should be yahoo mail

let's sign in to the account

okay so I've logged into the email but I

just click on the image in a sense which

is this verify your email address and

finish registration by just click on it

now we scroll down hello welcome to

Jimmy and us Alice and are gonna be

created so you can click on this link to

verify your email accounts let us click

on the link boom you are conta been

created Narnia you're asked to log into

your account alright so just copy that

or just log into the account right now

we should be peter dot son 78 that's

gmail or yahoo mail at and the

password should be this

so once you put in your login details

you have a gmail account less than five

minutes my friend less than five minutes

you have a gmail account now I have a

video where I will teach you how to how

to add products to your store is very

simple just click here and click on

added product then there are two ways of

adding products Jimmy our store and I

teach about I talked about it in the

next video you are going to watch I'm

sharing with you you can just call me

and such for the product you want to

let's say you want to add sneakers let's

say you're new up the products you are

selling is already on jr. okay so you

come over here and start for sneakers

and look at the products here if you

find a product that you have what you

want to say that is already yet you just

simply click on the put a let's say for

example this product I have this product

in my store and just to say just to tell

you sneaker sales alerts and on jamia so

this is a tip if you have a sneaker so

you want to go into sneakers business

sells a lot now they say I have this

proton to sell other simply click on it

I have this same product I want to sell

as that product I will just click on now

after I view the details and I see that

this guy this guy putting good

descriptions and I want to use these

details I'll just go and click on sell

mine look for it this is sell your see a

click on it so you're going to redirect

you back to your seller accounts and if

you are logged in you don't have to

login again since we are logged in here

just gonna take us back to us a lot

counts you can see Nadi store all right

but it's gonna click on just remove this

movies now so first of all you just

click on the product information if this

is name of the products you want to sell

fine if it's not - just change it all

right but everything I will preview from

the net from the forma

seller so the category has already

prefilled fashion men's fashion shoes

fashion sneakers all right so just take

a time and go through this I will show

you how to come over to this category

section but next just click on next we

take you to the product more product


now this way you put the product color

if it's brown or black conjecture the

color there now what type of what type

of material do you have

is a synthetic just putted the main

material Isaac canvas just put your

material there basically you fill up

these details out of of here is the

flats you go to put our discussion this

way you feel your product description

what's why should they buy from you all

right what kind of product what kind of

product is this so that's what you feel

it if you have a YouTube accounts where

you have a video about your product

which you can have and just put the link

here now highlights you can just do it

like this now I wanted to use this video

this port I'm showing you as a guide if

you want to add a portal to your store

because I might not talk about this in

the next video

so the next one is measurements you need

to include your measurement like this if

you have different measurements and

dimensions or different dimensions the

weights which you can just included the

weights of the product of each product

so just put zero point zero point eight

or something

now the attributes Z for male/female

boys children teen you do that sport

warranty not available if you have you

can put it down there Jimmy and

Ricardo's little tease text with this

blank as they go to interpret all the

tests now this product this way you're

gonna feel of the variations so what I

would doing this first one I would just

what animal right on my SKU is that I

like to write the name of my store and

just put a figure they're like nah do1

are not just production a Sena do Tzu

so we have five sizes here now any size

you don't have we can just simply delete

I simply delete it I can say this delete

button right here continued the size you

don't have so now the quantity just

leave this blank don't leave this blank

the constant how many pieces of 40 size

40 do you have let's say I have two

pieces of size 40 the price I can say

okay the price is four thousand five

fifty but right now I'm selling for

let's some discounts and I'm selling for

three thousand that's a three thousand

it's 50 alright so I'm running a

discount and say three thousand eight

fifty okay so the stock deeds your cell

when it is touching like you're running

a discount right is sale price so he

starting today and it's going to end

let's say in a month time and I said

July 11th right so it's starting today

and it's ending in a month time but if

this is your real price and you want to

run this price for a very long time and

just extend this to which about year

moans you want okay so I'll just leave

this as a July like a month time so I'm

running this sale for dead CDs okay no

not a mistake so same thing I would do

with emphasize 41 I would just say the

same thing just copy this price here

paste it here and if the size 41 the

same price I'll just do the same thing

11 so 11 of July okay so the same thing

I would do here so now let's say size 42

has a bigger bigger size let's say I

just put the price there and I know who

sale starting now and I'm ending it at

let's say July 31st

okay so I'll go back to the next one and

this is the same thing that means this

price size 42 43 44 there for the round

550 no reduction okay so I'm not putting

any sale sale means as you know you're

only seeing are you saw stop so you can

roll discount discounts so the same

thing here I'm not running I'm running

underneath so now selling it to July

31st same thing

sighs the biggest size and our initial

starting today and I'm ending it in July

that's fresh so once you're done with

that to see you can add more products

much more product variation if you want

to say we have size 44 45 46 did I just

add them here I'm just showing you a

sample on how to add photo let's say

you're into the fashion or fashion is no

nice so let's just click upload images

now what you do you upload the images of

your product make sure the images is the

images are at least 500 by 1/2 on their

picture all right so let's say we go

back to Google nos sad for Snickers I

want to show you what they mean by 500

by fat from that picture now let's go

back to let's go to images let's say I

want to search for Snickers well this

might not be your case I just want to

show you how to do this on you on Google

in case you're selling a product where

the images are

so I'll just click on size exact size

500 by 500 all right so I click go now

every image you see this size is 500 by

500 all right so you can download a

nervous image and use it on your seller

account you can just simply add browse

and you upload from your store and a

boom you have it out there alright so

you can see your content ask score this

thing newly now description I need to

have in to add more words to make this

hundred the high a disease the higher

chance of ranking your product some

people neglect this van telling you now

don't neglect it percentage of both

words your description you should have

between 1 to 15 percent so that means

your key points you need to board them

you to bolding the Buddha's words all

right aside that everything we are good

good to good we can see you can try to

make this around hundred or 98 or 85

okay so once you are done with this and

you already put about if desire products

you have this apron you're happy with

desire the images are seen you just

click on submit and finish your put a

music creator and we receive our review

between 48 hours trust me it's not going

to be 48 hours by it's going to be

reviewed alright so you can see as our

new story

I don't have any product here now

everything is going to be reviewed if

you click here they're gonna tell you

what sort of quantity only - not

approved yet they're gonna check the

quality of the products not yet upload

to shop

I mean Jimin is yet to approve it so

once they approve its is gonna show Mac

it's gonna show good like this like

something like mystery not proof and you

put her to be on and to appear on Jimmy

just like so so just look up a through

the next video where I show you how to

add video to your store that's it that's

a video dedicated for this topic I just

want to show you this quickly because I

think I have some people have messaged

me and say they sell sneakers and on

that video I didn't teach how to upload

if for the likes to make us alright so

just thank you for watching and don't

forget to share this share my number to

people - we want to learn how to open

your own Jimmy and now if you want me to

do this for you you can just contact me

on this number my name is Sen alright

anymore on my number I can't do this for

you for a little fee I can add crazy

stuff for you add products in your store

and you just start selling alright so

what this is that what I need basically

although you add your account your

account details

I need your account details yeah on your

account details and just give me the

details and boom

now don't forget once your wrist using

your store don't forget to put in my

email as a referral all right you're

afraid by I can't Sen so that you can

get more supports I can attend to you

anyway you have any question because

there's so many things you need to know

about chammiya alright so thank you for