How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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Hey everyone. Facebook has a built-in marketplace where you could buy and sell things and in this video,

I wanted to show you how you could sell something on there.

So if you're familiar with things like eBay or Craigslist, it kind of works the same way.

But I started utilizing it and he ended up getting better results for me, then he did on eBay.

So I had some items on eBay, I put it on the market place.

And he's sold faster on the marketplace than he did on eBay and there are no fees because you're dealing with people like you do On Craigslist,

so you don't have to pay the fee that eBay takes from you if you sell something on there.

So let's jump into the computer.

I want to show you selling an actual item on there, so I'll show you how to list it.

And then I'll show you how to post it.

Let's jump into the computer, so I could show you that. If it's your first time here,

I post social media and tech tutorials that are easy to follow, five times a week, so please consider subscribing. Let's take a look.

I'll show you this process on a desktop.

Then I'll show you the mobile app version. First we need to go to the marketplace, so the Facebook Marketplace

has a link right here on the side, or you could just go to slash marketplace.

It will take you to the same place.

Let me go ahead and click that link and this is the Facebook marketplace on a desktop.

This is what it looks like. You could actually buy any of these items and the way it works is it's not like eBay.

You don't make a bid, and then you don't get the item via mail. You actually meet up with people like you would on Craigslist.

So if you wanted these MacBook Towers, I would contact this person through messenger and I would buy it, so when you sell something,

it's basically the same process.