How to Sell on Amazon FBA For Beginners [2021 FULL Guide]

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hey guys so today we're talking about

Amazon FBA and why it's a great

opportunity for you to make money now

I've been selling on Amazon FBA since

2016 so it's been about four years now

and in those four years I've realized

that Amazon FBA is such a great way to

make passive income yes you need to do a

lot of work at the start to build the

business to build the product but once

you get that all set up you know like

the money just keeps coming in and you

rarely have to do anything so basically

in this video we'll talk about what FB

is what stands for and how you can

actually make money using it we'll also

go into how you can find products using

specific tools to make your product

research a lot easier we'll talk about

finding suppliers getting samples

placing bulk orders from overseas and