How To Sell On Ebay For Beginners (Step By Step Tutorial)

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in this video I'm going to show you guys

how to sell on eBay

from start to finish here are a few

things that you'll need to sell on eBay

for your smartphone so that you can

research your product and what it's

selling for packing materials so that

you could obviously package your item a

scale so that you could weigh your item

and prep it for shipping a computer so

you could actually process the shipping

information and a printer so that you

could print out the shipping label I'm

going to split this video into three

different parts listing and researching

packaging and finally shipping

all right so we are just on the eBay app

now you could do everything I'm about to

show you on the desktop but it's much

easier if you are just on the go and

have the eBay app and about to do

everything that I'm going to show you so

just a brief overview here are all the

different pages on the bottom section

here you'll have home my eBay search

notifications that's selling and up here

I'm gonna be referencing the search bar

and this little picture icon right next

to the search bar so let's say you just

made your eBay account since you just