How to sell stuff on Ebay for Beginners (2021)

I started selling on eBay back in 2015

and when I first started I really

started as an idea of making a little

bit of extra income on this side just so

I could pay off my students a little bit

faster and in that first month of

selling on eBay I was able to do about

eight thousand dollars in sales and five

thousand dollars in profits so I thought

I'd make this video just to show you

guys exactly how I did it and I'm gonna

break this video down into four

different steps it's gonna be market

research shipping calculations eBay and

PayPal fees and listing your item you

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I was that the local target and I found

this product here it was on sale so I

ran my numbers on it and I thought this

would be a really good opportunity for

you guys to see exactly how I do it i do

and how i make my extra income so we're

gonna use eBay comp to do our market

research and the point of the market

research is to let you know that there

is a demand for your product and if you

list it it's gonna sell we're gonna open

email comm and we're gonna search the

DJI spark battery guys when you're

searching for your item on eBay make

sure you type in very specific search

titles if the item you're selling has a

brand name you want to use the brand

name first in the description later

that's why you don't see me putting in

drawn battery here I put in DJI Sport

battery because that's the brand of this

specific bag once you're on the search

result page you're gonna scroll all the

way down to where it says show only

you're gonna click on sold item so this

allows you to see two things one it

allows you to see exactly when was the

last time this item is sold we can see

this item is selling almost every single

day so we know there's a demand for it

the next thing it allows us to see is

exactly how much people are paying for

it and you can use the average of all

these numbers to get a good estimate of

what you should be charging and I

already ran the numbers and I know I'm

gonna be charging 45 dollars for this

pronto now we know there is a demand

for our product and we know how much

we're going to be charging for it the

next thing we're going to do is we're

going to calculate what we're gonna be

paying and shipping if we sell this I

know a lot of beginners usually freak

out when it comes to shipping and it's

not really that hard if you have the

right equipment to use so the only thing

you need is a tape measure and a kitchen

scale if you're shipping items that are

small I typically sell a lot of small

items so I can always get away with just

using a kitchen scale but if you're

shipping bigger products make sure you

have a bathroom scale so you're gonna

weigh your product on your scale and

you're gonna take dimensions of the box

you're gonna be using to ship the

product so once you have the dimension

of your box and you also have the weight

of your product and you want to take the

weight of your product weight the

shipping box as well so we're gonna open


and here we're gonna put in two zip

codes the first zip code is gonna be

your own personal zip code well you're

gonna be shipping the item from and the

second zip code is going to be a place

that's as far away from you as possible

that you're willing to ship I typically

only ship within the United States so

I'm gonna use a zip code as far away

from me as possible and that's

California this allows you to do is to

get a really accurate estimate of your

shipping cost because of somebody on the

other side of the country buys it from

you this is what I'm gonna be charged

but if somebody closer to you by Z

you're actually gonna be saving money I

rather you overestimate than

underestimate when it comes to your

costs so in the next page you're just

gonna input your weight of your product

in your dimensions and then it's gonna

give you all the different options that

USPS has for shipping for that product

if your item is less than a pound you

typically always want to use USPS first

PA's package that's when we're gonna end

up using on this case because I already

sold a couple of them and I already ship

them and it cost me three dollars and

twenty cents to ship you say the USPS

first-class package so now you know

there's a demand for your product you

know what you should be charging for it

and you also know your shipping cost the

last thing that's gonna eat up into your

profit is going to be the eBay and

PayPal fees and there's a really cool

online calculator you can use so you're

gonna open up the online calculator and

you're gonna start plugging in the

numbers you

ready now so we know what price we want

to sell it at and we already said it's

gonna be $45 and we already know our

shipping cost and that's gonna be three

dollars and 22 cents and this is the

shipping cost we estimated earlier and

the last item is gonna be the item cost

for us I already said earlier this cost

me $15 to buy so I'm gonna plug that in

and after I do that I get a total profit

of 20 dollars and 68 cents so that's

what I'm expecting to make if I sell

this item it also breaks down my eBay

and PayPal fees just so you guys can see

it there and I find this is the one of

the most accurate tools to use because

after I saw an item I actually come back

to my numbers and I compare my estimate

to my actual profit and over time I've

seen that this has been really accurate

so through market research we know that

there is a market for a product there's

people willing to buy it we also know

how much it's gonna cost us to ship it

and we also know our eBay and PayPal

fees and with all that factored in

we know this item is still profitable

and it's worth something so the last

thing you're gonna do is just list your

item and listing it is gonna be really

easy because are you gonna do is you're

gonna open up the search result from

earlier and you're gonna click on one of

the items that I've already ended and

when you open that up you're gonna see

an item down there that says sell one

like this when you click that eBay gonna

automatically create a listing for you

and all you have to do is populate a

certain fields so you're gonna have to

update the pictures here for pictures I

like to take super detailed pictures so

when the buyer receives the item they're

not surprised by what they've got and

they are not gonna give you bad reviews

the next thing you need to do is update

the description so that the user knows

what condition it is and how you're

gonna be shipping it and then you just

put in your price and you list the item

and you make a sale so that's it that's

the basic breakdown so if you guys have

any questions on any of these steps or

if you're having difficulty as you're

going and you're trying to sell things

please leave me a comment below and I'll

be able to answer it and help you out as

best as I could thank you for watching

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