Sell On Amazon Without Inventory - Tips and Tricks

so today I'm going to talk about how to

make money on Amazon without any

inventory and our first method is drop

shipping this is not one that I

recommend at all because you can get

your account suspended if Amazon finds

out but it is something a lot of people

do one of the best websites for this is

Aliexpress and here we're going to look

at some toys so we got a look at dolls

and some of the stuff can be an

authentic so I wouldn't recommend

selling like the brain and stuff or

something that looks like it could be

branded like this stuff right here this

is oddly obviously Elf on a shelf but

these are fake so I would definitely not

sell those

so you could just buy some clothing doll

clothing and silver name is on see these

are Monster High dolls you don't want to

do that let's see I don't know see what

we could sell let's look up these round

plastic eyes