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tips for selling products from your



hey guys it's some day here from databse

calm and it's Monday today which means

it's time for me to share a tip about

selling products online and in this

video I'm speaking specifically about

selling products from your website so if

you are an e-commerce business owner and

you sell products from your website or

you're thinking about selling products

from your website hopefully some of

these tips will help you to increase

your sales my first tip is to focus on

margin now I see this with a lot of my

clients they sell a product that doesn't

really have a large profit margin and

what I basically mean by that is after

your shipping cost after you add in all

of your variable and fixed costs of

selling that particular item how much

profit are you actually left with at the

end of the day you want to work on

actually increase in those profit

margins as much as possible so it makes

sense and you know selling those

products from your website is actually

viable if you are selling a product that

has no profit margins start to

strategize and think about ways in which

you can actually market that item or

sell that item in a way that will

increase its profit margin can you sell

two items instead of just Sicilian one

so people actually have to buy it in two

or three and they can't just buy one in

that way you're increasing your profit

margin and also encouraging people to

purchase more when they visit your site

can you add that product in with a

bundle of other products to help you

kind of increase profit margins there

you really want to strategize and think

how can you make this business

profitable for you and how can you

increase your bottom line my second tip

for e-commerce website owners is to

start thinking about how can you

generate consistent automated sales now

you might send a product that someone

needs on a consistent basis maybe you

sell some sort of hair shampoo or

something that people are going to need

on a monthly or maybe even a bi-monthly

basis you should have in place on your

website a place where people can

actually purchase but not just purchase

one-off products but also purchase on a

Direct Debit basis that would mean that

they get debited from their card every

single month or maybe bimonthly and that

product gets sent to them consistently

every month or every other month so they

don't have to visit your website every

single month when their product runs out

to purchase from you it just comes to

their their house and it's convenient

for them and it's also convenient for


you can build up really consistent

business in that way and as

entrepreneurs and a business owners is

important for us to have consistent

income and reliable income coming in and

with the fluctuation sometimes of how

ecommerce can be someone's you can have

great sales other months you can have

dip in sales it's good to have a

consistent client base who are paying

you money every single month and you

know that's guaranteed people who have

subscribed who are members and who

receive your product on a monthly or

bimonthly basis and you only need a few

of these consistent clients for you to

really stay afloat my tip number three

is to focus on retainment how can you

retain not only the past customers that

you have had but also people who have

signed up to your database or to your

email list if you don't have an email

list in place yet then I'll leave a link

in the description down below to a web

are definitely go and get signed up with

an email list because this is where

you're going to be able to generate a

lot of leads and this is how you're

going to be able to send consistent warm

traffic to your website are collecting

the name and email addresses of people

who are most likely to buy your products

I'll also leave a link in the

description down below to my sales

funnel video which is one of the most

important videos on this channel in my

opinion and that should hopefully help

you to kind of realize where email lists

and where database marketing comes into

place in the overall kind of grand

scheme of things in your digital

marketing and the last tip that I'm

going to be sharing in this video is

advocacy advocacy is huge in marketing

and it's basically word-of-mouth

marketing what types of things can you

do to make sure your product is

outstanding or to just make sure that

the overall customer experience that

you're giving to your customers is so

good quality that your customers wants

to become advocates of yours whether

that's tweeting about your product or

their experience on your website on

Twitter whether that's telling their

friends and family about your products

so that can increase sales however

that's going onto Facebook and just

posting a picture of the product that

they received because they're so happy

and content with it this can also work

in the opposite effect if someone has

had a bad experience on your website or

if they have purchased your products and

had a bad experience with it or maybe

your returns

wasn't that great or whatever it is if

they've had a negative experience then

they're likely as well to shut that out

to the hill

on social media and this could be really

negative for your brand image and in

turn you could lose out on future sales

so a huge part of marketing is actually

how good quality your product is itself

but also how you treat your customers

your return policies and how quality of

an experience people have when they do

business with you so you want to keep

these things in mind whenever you're

running your own e-commerce business or

selling products even if it's on a third

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