How to Sell | MLM Sales Training

if you are in network marketing or even

if you're not network marketing and you

sell some kind of product program or

service this today is for you because

just today alone just today alone I got

five inbox messages from Network

marketers who were like I really suck at

sales and you know I'm I'm connecting

with people I am in boxing people I'm

messaging people and you know we're

having these great conversations and

then I ask for the sale is anyone there

its cricket it's total crickets and

they're like what's going on

I don't understand I'm busting my butt

I'm doing all this work and I'm not

seeing any return on all the hours that

I'm putting in so that is what we were

talking about today my name is Jen Casey

I am a business strategy coach and I

work with online entrepreneurs in the

health and wellness field who want to go

from social media to sales and monetize

online I also am the host of the social

media to sales podcast I'm gonna give

you three simple steps three things for

you to think about that you can start

implementing into your business so that

you start hearing some more yes so

everyone's you know like Jen I'm

struggling I'm doing this whole

messaging thing I'm reaching out to new

people I'm friend requesting people I'm

getting in their inbox I'm forming them

which is like a Danny Johnson thing

which can totally work if applied

correctly but people are like wow I

really know how to do this so like form

okay so form stands for what is it

family occupation recreation and then

message messages it's like that's when

you give your like sales pitch right so

a lot of people are using this technique

so they're in boxing people who they

don't actually know and trying to build

relationships but they're going about it

by trying to build a friend relationship

which I get is kind of bedrock of

network marketing as opposed to

positioning themselves as the coach

which I think for some people works

really well and for other people really

hurts them because then they end up in

this weird confusing thing of like well

are you my friend are you my coach like

what is our relationship but a lot of

people right you are forming people and

no shame it can work it can definitely

work you're like hey saw your newly

caged loved your picture cute kid I have

a ten-month-old - you're doing all this

stuff and you're like oh what do you do

for a living I used to be a nurse - and

you're going through this process and it

for some people it's working real well

and then for other people it's like

you're maybe just not asking the right

questions or they're just not feeling

that connection with you and so what I

find a lot of women are doing is they're

going through this process they're

asking a bunch of questions they're

slowly trying to move it into health and

fitness and saying oh like how much

weight do you want to lose and people

like um this is kind of weird I don't

really know you I guess I would like to

lose ten pounds and then it's like I

have a solution for you like immediately

jumping the gun not actually taking the

times like get on the phone with the

person or engage with them and really

make sure that this would it make sense

and it's just like right - the sales

pitch and you know if this person's

never been approached by somebody trying

to sell them something they may think oh

this person wants to be my friend and

then it's like oh they were only

reaching out to me because they wanted

to sell me something and that's not the

kind of business that I know you want to

run am i right I know and you might be

sitting there right now going yeah but

Jen this is like what my company teaches

this is what this coach told me to do

and it I do get some sales from it and

I'm not saying it's the worst thing I'm

just telling you do a gut check for

yourself there's no right or wrong there

are 15 million different ways to

strategize get customers grow a business

in the online space right I have friends

who make six figures just off of YouTube

they don't have a Facebook page they

don't have an Instagram page they just

get clients from YouTube other people

just get clients another friend just

from Instagram and her Facebook group

she makes like you know almost a million

dollars right there's no one right way

to go about this but you've got to find

the one way that actually sits right

with you and feels right in your gut so

if you're getting those crickets and

you're getting people ghosting you

something's got to change do you agree

with that - agree with that give me a

little face right now if you know what

I'm saying like yeah I think I need I

need a little update I need a little

facelift cuz here's the thing if you

listen to Gary Vee at all he talks about

like the market is the market is the

market things are always changing and

I'm not saying certain techniques don't

work but they be maybe less effective

today than they were in say 2011 or 2012

over 2014 like they just might not be

working as effectively today or your

business may be in a different place

today than it was back then so I love

the saying what got you here won't get

you there right that's a little that's a

little bomb for you right there well got

you here won't get you there and I

forget we're here that might've been

from James Wedmore love him check out

his stuff but think seriously about that

you know for a lot of you guys you may

be in network marketing you may be in

business you may be training a team of

network marketers and you're giving them

these great tools to get started you

know for maybe that first year but

they're like okay I did all of those

things I got to this place I got to this

rank and I'm still doing those things

and I'm just plateauing I'm just plot

toeing because I I'm ready to level up

and so I think what I really want to

encourage you to do is if you're in that

place don't just stay within the company

trainings because those are gonna get

you here but they're not gonna get you

to those top tiers and if you ask pretty

much any top network marketer many of

them across all different companies many

are my friends and my clients and I

promise you they're not just doing the

five things that the company tells them

to do every day they're hiring business

coaches they're taking courses they're

on YouTube they're on all these other

platforms integrating all of these more

advanced business techniques and maybe

they're sharing with their team maybe

it's not as duplicatable but if you want

to scale your business and not be

spinning your wheels and not be spending

16 hours a day growing this thing it's

important to have some things in place

that fit your needs

how are you currently showing up on

social media be it live video your posts

Instagram some kind of content and how

are you creating value for your specific

avatar for a specific niche in the

market so to give you an example you

know some people are like well I hope

women lose weight and get healthy right

that's everyone you know that that's

everybody that's not a man and some

people like why don't I don't

just narrow down to women I like really

wanna also talk to men it's like okay

then we're literally talking to the

whole population everyone has different

things that are pain and pleasure points

so we've got to get more specific so

let's say you want to work with women

people like okay I want to help women

lose 20 pounds okay we still have to get

more specific than that that's that

that's just like the top layers like

let's keep digging through so what is

the problem that you're solving think

about it if you were gonna create

courses what what kind of courses would

you create if you're gonna run online

accountability or challenge groups what

is the focus of those groups like think

about if I'm gonna create some meal plan

ebook or meal plan Fitness guide for

somebody who wants to lose 20 pounds if

I make this 20 pounds for somebody who

is in the last you know 12 weeks of prep

for their bikini fitness competition

hopefully they don't have 20 pounds to

lose if they you don't only have that

much time left but let's say that's the

case right 20 pounds and and they're

trying to prep for a bikini fitness

competition well their exercise routine

is gonna be very difficult when T pound

weight loss for moms who are postpartum

who just had a c-section okay well

clearly the nutritional needs of those

individuals are gonna be completely


the postpartum mom may be in the middle

of breastfeeding she can't do certain

work out things because she's still

recovering from her c-section and she

has no abdominals right cut him totally

different workout plan somebody who's a

bikini fitness competitor is you know

probably in their peak state of or their

peak conditioning so that plan is gonna

be very different do you guys see like I

know those are two kind of like extreme

examples and maybe it's easy to see when

I make them that clearly polarized

you're like well yeah obviously for

those but like what about for mine well

what about for yours you've gotta start

writing some things down just start

journaling think about the people who

you've loved working with write so that

you can get really really clear about

who that person is that you would like

to serve now have you're saying well I

would love to you know work with people

who are bikini fitness competitors

I'm not a nutritionist I'm a personal

trainer I don't have that expertise yep

that's okay start with what you have now

and you don't need to be the be-all

end-all expert you really don't I swear

you really don't when I first started in

the online space I started as a research

expert I was just that person that was

kind of like I learned this I was

listening to content training myself

consuming like for real like 12 hours a

day like crazy person obsessed but I

became a walking encyclopedia and so

then you know was able to kind of

regurgitate a lot of those things and

slowly start implementing those things

into my own health or my own business or

whatever the topic was but realize you

don't have to be the Guru you don't have

to be the be-all end-all expert you

don't have to be the walking

encyclopedia we've got Google at our

fingertips isn't that just the greatest

thing oh today's day and age like if

somebody is in your group and they ask

question and you're like I would like to

answer it for them great you could do

that or you can empower them to go and

you know look it up themselves so that

they learn how to fly themselves so

realize you don't have to be the bee

Lendl expert and I hope that for some of

you or you it kind of makes you feel

like oh oh thank goodness like

permission to not be the expert here's

the thing instead of trying to have all

the answers and know it all especially

for those of you who are like

certification junkies you're just

collecting certifications to just like

wait until someone like anoints you with

a crown so that you can start posting on

social media you don't have to be the

expert be a contributor contribute to

the conversation show up share your

answers right share your answers and

allow people to see a little bit of what

you're learning see what your journey is

like see what you are experiencing so

let yourself off the hook right wipe off

wipe off the sweat brow the little beads

of sweat and just realize like how do

you start a business how do you pick a

niche how do you find your expertise I

really think it starts with what do you

love what are you passionate

about what what is your greatest passion

what lights you want fire and then

really think about your stories and

struggles and challenges I think if you

just tell your truth step into your

personal truth and share what you know

you're gonna win right so think about

that way and honestly don't begin one

mistake I see a lot of people making is

they want to choose a specific expertise

or a specific niche because they're like

well I posted on social media I ask

people how they saw me and they were

like we love when you post recipes so

they decided that they were gonna make a

recipe book and I'm like holy pump the

brakes do you actually like creating

recipes and they're like well no but

that's like what gets the most likes on

my social media and everybody's asking

for recipes so I feel like I even though

I hate cooking and I hate creating

recipes and I hate finding recipes I

should create a book around recipes and

I'm just like no like you don't like you

don't need to do that if you hate

posting recipes and you love instead

creating affirmations and mantras for

people to step more into their body love

freakin do that then like you don't have

to you don't have to be the recipe

person and recognize to that if you

haven't been speaking to a specific

audience all this time any market

research that you do on social media is

gonna be a little bit skewed you're not

gonna get accurate results because those

are possibly not your people so be okay

with just following your own intuition

on what you should create next does this

make sense so far

so this other little piece is like you

know a lot of people they're living in

their inbox they're hanging out in there

they're making the making a little tent

in there and their kids their

significant others their friends are

like hey let's hang out let's talk at

dinner and you're just like no I live I

live here in my inbox now so you know we

don't we don't want to do that right you

don't want to set up camp living for the

next ding like that's not that's not a

smart or probably not a fun way to


so you grow your business I don't mean

like Oh like if you're doing that for 12

months out of the year

and ask yourself what is living in your


actually accomplishing so maybe you're

hitting your monthly goals but is it

allowing you to step forward get on live

video create content feel creative maybe

make some YouTube videos maybe go and do

some photo shoots like do all of these

other things that are gonna create

attention and grab people and make them

come to you instead of you going after

them right are you doing those things so

why are you living in your inbox if it's

not working for you and you're burnt out

and you're bored and you're not having

fun in your business anymore and you're

like do I even like doing this I'm just

in my inbox all day do I even like this

so is doing that why are you doing it

because maybe you think it's the only

way I'm telling you it's not is it

allowing you to stay small is that

becoming your go-to excuse that oh well

I just I guess I couldn't do a live

video today because I had to answer

questions so is there some kind of fear

or some kind of block around getting a

little bit more visible is that is that

a little convenient for you right now

what and and this doesn't just have to

be being in your messenger this could be

any area of your business what are the

things that you're doing right now in

your business that you're allowing to

take up all this time that you could

either outsource or just completely

scrap and get rid of that are not

profitable things that they're not

money-making activities where if you

actually shelf to those things you could

step forward and become more visible and

another reason people stay in their

inbox is because they have no concept of

creating boundaries and they feel bad

they literally feel bad and they're like

well I just feel like if I give people

all this value and I answer all of their

questions then they're gonna buy for me

eventually and there's two sides to that

like I'm all about giving value you guys

see me here you know on Facebook on the

podcast all over the place I do my best

to show up consistently and give tons of

value are you doing that or can you do a

little bit more we all can we haul

cannons in some way but when you start

showing up on social media and being

visible and providing value publicly you

have to spend as much time in your inbox

because you've already built that know

like and trust with people and when you

build that know like and trust you

actually close the sale you expedite the

sales process and you shift the

perceived value around what you have to

offer so if you go to your own social

media platforms right now and you do a

little audit if you were a brand new

potential customer what would you see

what would you learn about you and you

guys can even tag team up if you've got

a friend who is on another network

marketing team or somebody who you know

who's also a life coach or health coach

or business coach do a little do a

little audit and tell the other person

what you see because people aren't

scrolling that far down so how

frequently are you showing up what kind

of content are you putting out there and

does somebody know immediately when they

get to your page what you do who you

work with on the problem that you solve

do they see any video content of you can

they get a sense of who you are within

just a few seconds if not you may want

to make some changes if you start to

implement some of those things by

getting more visible and being more

clear in your messaging you won't have

to spend as much time in your inbox and

you'll be you'll feel like hey I earned

the right to not answer this person's

question I don't live in my inbox if

people have questions I either you know

I'll answer one or two and then I will

redirect them to my Facebook group to

some kind of video content or let them

know about my coaching offerings right

because if somebody's coming to me

they're coming because they want to have

their problem solved and I'm happy to do

that but I also am a very busy human

being and I value my own services and my

time and I know that there is power in

somebody actually investing right

there's someone and you guys know this

too when you've got that person who's

been in your inbox for six months and

every couple weeks or every couple of

days they're asking you another question

they're like oh hey ones like WordPress

is a wordpress that you use what's the

best one to use or hey like which what

is the best greens to eat or you know

so-and-so said XYZ to me and I don't

to respond like I don't care what

industry you're in there's gonna be

people who are going to try to get

information for free and it may not be

you know ill intended or whatever but

they may be those people who are brain

Pickers and if you're not giving them

something to potentially buy and invest

in they're not gonna do it right so

redirect them you don't have to spend

your entire life living in your inbox

answering questions for people who are

not wanting to invest in you because if

they like you that much and they're

asking that many questions then they're

ready right they are ready and they will

figure it out so moving into this next

piece what is your money paradigm I

actually don't really like using the

word money block I think it sometimes

creates for people a block that was

never even there going ah it's a money

block oh my god I have to figure out

this money block no no it is is your

money belief and it may be allowing you

to do things that you want to do or

preventing you in some way holding you

back in some way but it is your belief

around money there's no you know right

or wrong and or you can call it a money

paradigm right so when we're you know

for network marketers there's a really

interesting thing that I see come up

with specific companies not with all

companies but like I was saying there's

this huge amount of people especially in

the lower tiers devaluing their time and

services and I think a lot of them see

themselves not as a real business owner

like they're like no no this is a real

business and they're constantly having

to validate and and convince other

people that what they're doing is legit

but at your core what are the things

that you're telling yourself what is the

story that you're telling yourself is it

that money's hard to come by nobody

wants to buy my stuff people always tell

me no I constantly get crickets and ask

yourself like what is real money to you

what is real money and you may have a

significant other friends who were like

oh online business that's not real money

what like what do you mean that's not

real money yet is like it's like dollar

bills like numbers going into my bank

account like to me that's real money but

there may be some kind of

for you about that this this isn't real

money so ask yourself if that's not

where is the quote-unquote real money is

that only valuable or only able to be

validated if it's in a corporate setting

like as being a waitress real money or

is that fun money or being in a truck

marketer is that Hobby money is that

side money or is that a real business is

that your real money you're a little

coaching thing you know you're a little

health coaching thing you're doing on

the side your business coaching thing

you've got a couple of clients are

people kind of scoffing at it or are

people like dude that's awesome you're

generating another stream of income like

I don't care if it's $12 a week that

adds up over the time that you know if

you're doing it for five years guess

what you've now made an additional

stream of income so are you put it

putting and placing judgment on the type

of money that you're bringing in does

the the way that you're bringing in

somehow make it less legit and if

there's other people kind of saying that

stuff in your ear you might want to just

shut that down for them so just to kind

of quickly recap on your boundaries on

your time on your freakin prices on your

prices get visible helping people how

can you help more people on video on a

bigger scale how can you get up and

teach how can you how can you be the

coach before they sign up with you the

most beautiful thing is when you have

people reaching out to you who you've

never met before who have watched a

couple of your videos who are like oh my

gosh you are my coach and you're like I

don't even know who this person is but

this is freaking cool like they're ready

to work with me because this one video I

spent 30 minutes creating a video they

watched it they connected with me and

now they are like you're my person let's

do this like that's crazy and just those

little tiny things deciding to get on

video deciding to write that story post

and expose your truth and show up

authentically and vulnerably deciding to

ask for the sale even if it's freaking

scary even if it's like

scary like these are all the things that

move us forward not not just like on

it's like this small little thing no the

dial is moving every single time it may

be moving one degree ten degrees point

zero zero one degree but it's moving and

it's moving the direction that you want

to go so it all counts it's all valuable

so make sure that you're celebrating

every single one of those wins even if

they feel small those those are those

are the ones that are sometimes the most

important so you've got to acknowledge

them alright the other little quick

thing to recap is you know living in

your inbox is is not gonna allow you to

scale your business to that next level

so if you're making you know a thousand

dollars a month and you want to make

five you've got to get more visible and

get out of your inbox if you're ready to

scale it up to six figures what are some

things that you need to do study some

people who are already doing what you

want to do and pay attention to how they

are running their business how are they

showing up what types of posts are they

putting out there and really start to

study successful people because success

leaves clues and you know own own the

heck out of your boundaries man because

if you do that it's amazing when you

start to respect yourself and your own

time so will other people if you have no

boundaries and no respect for your own

time and you let people on your team or

your clients or whoever if you let them

run the show you're gonna feel out of

control right and if you're not already

inside the Facebook group come and hang

it's a free group I do lots of fun free

challenges and trainings in there we've

got some awesome stuff planned for then

for the next couple of months so come

hang you can go - hey Jen / group

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