I'm gonna show you guys what I do to get

customers to come into our business

every single day welcome back to my

weekly building my business vlog the

four local market places that I use

every single day offer up let go

Craigslist and your Facebook marketplace

let's go ahead and get started these are

our display model chairs and I want

someone to coming here right now and buy

them so I'm going to go ahead and take

50% off these chairs right now and list

them on those marketplaces that I just

described so just start off open up your

camera on your phone so what I like to

do is I like to take three photos of the

product and I'll go into why I like to

take three different photos in a moment

now that I have three of the photos I'm

gonna go ahead and walk over to my

computer to show you guys how you can

list these very very efficiently some of

you might be asking me hey boo I'm

trying to sell stuff online like you why

are you showing me local customers the

reason why local customers and local

sales are so important to me is that it

helps build your brand when a customer

is able to walk through the door and buy

something give you their credit card

give you cash and leave with your

product you're able to sell something

and cut out all the other costs

associated with selling on online

marketplaces like the marketplace fees

shipping and other chaos that could

occur when you ship something across the

United States so let's get back into

this so earlier you guys saw that I took

three photos of two chairs I'm trying to

sell at 50% off so normally that set is

250 bucks I'm gonna put it for sale

that's set for a hundred bucks I wanted

you to see what happens

I personally

have an iPhone and I have a Mac right in

front of me so when I took that photo it

was easy for me to transfer it to my

computer you guys have to figure out how

you're going to transfer your photos

over to your computer once it's on your

computer I look at how you fish it you

could be you can obviously post these

products on your phone but I'll show you

how fast I can post it using my computer

so right now I'm on Facebook itself in

Facebook there's a marketplace I know

you guys use Facebook for a lot of

reasons but check out the marketplace

sometimes there's a lot of activity so

I'm going to go ahead and click on sell

something items for sale I want to go

ahead and choose a category that was

furniture what am i selling I'm going to

keep it very simple and I'll tell you

guys the reason why in a second two bar

stools and the price of two bar stools

is $100 even here I'm in Clackamas

Oregon and I'm gonna copy and paste what

I'm selling the marketplace Facebook

lets me pull us up to ten photos I'm

gonna post three because I have those

three photos I took earlier so I'm gonna

go ahead and post and as you can see

thing that has re went into the

marketplace so I'm going to go ahead and

move on to my next marketplace locally

which is Craigslist I want to go ahead

and click on post to classifieds I'm

gonna go ahead and click on the County

I'm in here I'm an owner of these items

so I'm gonna click on for sale by owner

since I'm the owner and I'm gonna go

ahead and click on furniture same thing

since I already saved it I'm gonna paste

two barstools a hundred bucks total

Clackamas and my postal code I'm only

pre filling it

what I need to fill in these are our

showroom models so I'm gonna put them as


since there are showroom model I'm not

gonna fill in anything else because

again Craigslist isn't asking me to fill

anything else in I'm gonna go ahead and

add the photos

which are the three photos I'm gonna go

ahead and click done what's ahead done

it brings me back to a page where I

asked me to publish it thing as you can

see very quick and easy from your


the third market place in a work on is

let go I want to go ahead and click on

sell your stuff in the top right corner

when I click on where you add your

photos I'm gonna drop in all three of

these photos with let go they're gonna

ask you the price first so I'm going to

put a hundred bucks that's for two by

the way and then it's gonna ask you now

if you want to add more description the

title is optional the description is

optional but I'm gonna fill both of

those in and now as you can see the

product is listed on offer up it's

slightly more tricky to list it on your


tricky eyes and you can't listen

computer you can go in on your computer

and erase your listings but you can't

list it so I'm going to go ahead and

open up my offer up app to start the

selling process you have to go ahead and

hit the camera it's gonna ask you to

take a photo or select the photo I

already took three photos earlier so I'm

gonna go ahead and hit select I'm gonna

choose the three photos next I'm going

to make it very simple the title two bar

stools hit done hit next then I'm gonna

go ahead and also choose two bar stools

in my description I want to go ahead and

change the condition of it as an open

box and our automatic is set as

furniture I'm gonna hit next I'm gonna

set this out a hundred bucks for the

pair and I want to go ahead and hit post

it's 4:00 p.m. I'm about to go home

earlier at about 8:00 a.m. this morning

I showed you guys how to post on for

local marketplaces I waited until my

ship was over to check my phone to see

if anyone anyone at all

in the portland local community has

messaged me my phone was chiming and

dinging and making noises all throughout

the day by a purposely ignored it so i

can show you guys the responses that we

got eight hours later my facebook

marketplace shows 17 messages my let go

app shows six messages and finally an

offer up 38 people in oregon want these

chairs for a hundred bucks earlier in my

video I told you guys to write short

descriptions and short titles the reason

why is interaction you want to interact

with these buyers who want to buy from

you so when you listed your product

someone's going to send a message

they're gonna try to set up

communication with you and that's what

we want there has been a lot of

communication for these sparse tools

that I'm selling locally I know you're

selling a lot of stuff online and you're

shipping things out from your location

consistently but it's super important to

our business growth that we have

customers coming in and buying our

products the reason why is when they buy

it they're building your brand locally

they're telling other people about your

products they're telling their network

we sell business products in our four

major categories so these people who are

buying our products also have friends

and acquaintances in these categories so

that's my tip why we love to sell things

locally the final key this is the final

final key that's very important and even

I have to remind myself every single day

is respond back we just spent about 5-6

minutes doing all that work to sell

these two stools but you need to respond

back says you saw my phone earlier

there's a lot of messages that occurred

during the day while I was working now I

need to go back

these people know like hate is for sale

first person who comes in gets the

stools so I just open up my offer up app

and John will like to buy this gazelle I

want it for 100 wallets for sale for 100

so as you can see here it's their lucky

day I want to go ahead and pick one of

these people and let them know

first-come first-serve to close out this

video don't forget about your local

customers they want to buy your stuff

too but they don't even know who you are

or where you are so help them out by

selling on these four local marketplaces

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