Network Marketing | Selling Avon products and Relationship Marketing

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How to sell products like Avon?

Name: Become an Avon representative
Text: Sign up to become an Avon representative by visiting their website and submitting an application online.
Name: Purchase and receive your starter kit
Text: Once you are accepted as a representative, you will receive a starter kit that contains everything you need to get started with selling Avon products.
Name: Learn about the products
Text: Familiarize yourself with Avon's product line and learn about the benefits and features of each one. This will help you better sell the products to potential customers.
Name: Build your customer base
Text: Utilize various methods, such as social media or word of mouth, to promote your Avon business and attract potential customers. Offer special deals or discounts to encourage sales.
Name: Provide excellent customer service
Text: Ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases, and follow up with them to offer additional products or promotions. This can help build customer loyalty and increase sales in the long run.


hi guys my name is nicolet mashile i am

also known as the financial bunny

welcome to the financial bunny tv i'm

absolutely excited today because i get

an opportunity to speak about ways to

make money now one of the biggest things

that we always teaching south africans

is how to decrease their spending how to

spend less but the reality is you cannot

bake less cake you can bake more cake or

rather you cannot eat less cake because

eventually you will run out of cake but

you can bake more and today that's what

the conversation is all about now

remember none of my videos constitute as

financial advice if you are looking

financial advice please do speak to

somebody that is certified and

registered with the fsca so i'm going to

be speaking about four side hustles that

you literally can start today that are