3 Legal Protections You MUST Have In Place if You’re Selling Homemade Products

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Hey guys!

Savanna Bell here with My Massage World and this week’s video is inspired by a question

that was posed in our private members’ only Facebook group about homemade products like

sugar scrubs and things like that.

So it got me thinking, there’s some serious risks involved with selling this sort of thing,

and I don’t think a lot of therapists are aware of these risks.

So let’s look at the 3 big legal protections you MUST have in place if you’re selling

homemade products in your massage practice.

So whether you’re selling your own products or someone else’s, there are three major

considerations to make if you’re selling anything like sugar scrubs, lotions, lip balms…anything

of the sort.

#1: You MUST use a preservative for the absolute majority of these products.

If there is even a speck of water, or water-based ingredient, or if the product is likely to

be exposed to moisture in the air or have someone’s fingers scraping into it, it needs

a freaking preservative!

Both because that’s just the thing to do to be a decent human being that works to not

harm others, and you really don’t want the lawsuit that can happen if you’re guilty

of not doing this.

Now you may think, well it’s just little old me and my products I only use the best,

all natural, organic ingredients, blah blah blah.

That’s great and all, but guess what.