How to sell products in Amazon Mexico for foreigners

if you want to sell animals in Mexico

tax ID can help according to specialists

e-commerce sale will increase by 6% in

Mexico by the end of the year 2020 a

great moment to expand your Amazon sales

in Mexico in 2019 Amazon opened their

biggest distribution center on Latin

America in Mexico City this is a fourth

distribution center working in Mexico

with a total investment of one hundred

and twenty five million dollars Mexican

customers love pouring products and are

very used to American pop culture in our

clients experience Mexico is not a

high-risk market due to a lot of

consuming habits similarities if you

want to sell fulfillment by Amazon in

Mexico you will need a register of

federal de contribuyentes or RFC which

is essentially a Mexican tax ID in order

to get an RFC you will be asked to

provide proof of Mexican address and/or

incorporation in Mexico with Amazon FBA

Mexico you will be able to access

million of Mexican clients with Amazon

Prime one-day delivery

Amazon will handle logistics for you an

exponential worth in yourselves you will

be provided with Amazon customer service

international replacements are high cost

if you use Amazon warehouse in Mexico

this will decrease return costs the

process to incorporate a Mexican legal

entity can be set up without the need of

traveling to Mexico but you will need

not arise powers of attorney in the u.s.

embassy to avoid the travel you will

need to provide three options of names

for the entity so they are authorized by

the economy ministry in Mexico in Mexico

you must have at least two persons or

corporations to create a Mexican legal

entity regardless of the corporations

for the persons not being Mexicans

select what kind of corporation you want

in Mexico Sociedad de responsabilidad

meet Adam s RL diesel legal entity with

more similarities to the limited

liability company LLC create the bylaws

of the corporation and not arise them

with the public notary and enroll it in

the public register in Mexico you will

need a Mexican address for the RFC

process there are shared rent companies

like we work that can provide it with

the proof of address the company will be

able to get a Mexican tax ID our F seen

people goods to Mexico you will also

need an import permit this is an online

process with no cost the company will be

obligated to pay income tax 30% and be

18 16 percent in monthly basis if you

have any questions you can contact us at

contact ou at tax ID MX