How To Sell Other People's Products Online

so if you don't have your own product

how can you make money online well

there's lots of different ways but what

I'm going to share with you is how you

can actually sell other people's

products online and what we call that is

affiliate marketing that's where

somebody else has the product and you go

sell it for them and they give you a

commission for that and it's a great way

to start out online because - to create

your own product and to sell it online

it can be quite challenging in the

beginning because if you've never done

it before if you've never done customer

service if you've never had to deliver a

product or if you've never set up any

kind of merchant account or a way to

receive money then it can be quite a bit

of a challenge and you've got a lot more

responsibilities and it can slow you

down if you need to make money right now

so when you go sell somebody else's

product the products already there you

can already figure out if it's selling

or not and then all you have to do is

just find the market that would be

interested in that product and you're

going to send them to it so I'm going to

go over some three little short points

here to kind of give you an idea of how

you can sell other people's products

online and where you do this at and

where I would suggest the biggest place

for you to go check it out first would

be Clickbank calm that's just filled

with all kinds of products there that

you can find and sell online and it's

just awesome because when you sell

somebody else's product let me tell you

you don't have to deal with any of the

headache you don't have any of the

overhead you know nothing nothing to

deal with other than getting people to

that offer that want to buy what that

person is selling and you make money so

it's just awesome so I like I said it's

a great place for you to get started so

what you're basically doing is you're

the middleman or you're the information

provider so you'll create a website and

you'll get people to that website that

would be interested in the offer that

you found that you're going to be

selling so let's just say that you're

going to sell a dog training product

okay so you would want to get people to

your website that are interested in dog

training specifically people that are

interested in buying dog

training and you do that by focusing on

buyer intention that means you focus on

creating information that people with

the intent to buy would be searching for

like I need a dog obedience training now

or man I've got a big problem what the

heck can I do about it now something

that's urgent where they want to get the

the product right away so that they're

spending money right away so you're not

educating a bunch of people and then

they're leaving and that's it okay so

you have to be careful and just study by

your intention we talked about it a lot

here on Google tree but just take a look

at that and you'll get the idea so

you're the middleman you're the

information provider what you're and how

you're providing information is you're

setting up a website you're first

finding the the market that you want to

be in right so you're finding something

that you'd be interested in writing a

lot about that you'd be interested in

creating a lot of information or you

know just you're going to be studying a

lot about this market that you'd be

going into so make sure it's something

desirable and then once you find that

you're going to be creating short

reports videos miniature ebooks or

slideshows and we call this content okay

so you'll see in the next sentence here

I've got the word content in parentheses

what I'm talking about is short reports

videos mini ebooks or slideshows and

there's other types of content but we're

just going to focus on these right now

because those are those are pretty

valuable pretty valuable pieces right

there that you can do so what you'll do

is if I was going to get people to my

website about dog training I've been

creating short reports about dog

training videos about dog training mini

or slideshows and what I would do with

these things right here is I would put

them on my blog I would upload them at

SlideShare if it was a slideshow YouTube

if it was a video mini ebooks I'd

probably publish it on Amazon for free

or any other book publishing site short

reports I'd be putting those over it

article sites creating articles over

like Ensign articles com or you know you

can just search big article directories

you can basically create all these free

reports and articles upload

there but but how do people get from

your content to your website and then

from your website to the offer and then

how do we know or how does the person

that created the dog-training product or

the product that you're selling how do

they know that you were the one that

sold it well that's a good question so

here it is the next thing you're going

to do is you're going to drive people to

an opt-in page on your website or your

blog where people will download the

content consume the content or the

information and then click through to

your affiliate offer so what happens is

is you know anytime that you've got an

opt-in situation you can use like get

response or leadpages and you can create

an opt-in page and at that opt-in page

they're going to give you their name and

email in return for whatever free thing

that you're going to be giving them so

maybe you've got five free tricks that

you can teach your dog that will make

you the big hit at the party so you're

having a barbeque people are coming over

and if your dog if you teach your dog

these five tricks and then you have your

dog perform them at the party you're

going to be a major hit so I want you to

make sure that you get that and so

they'll put their name and email on the

page they'll click that they'll end up

at your website where they can download

the miniature ebook where you teach

those five tricks and inside that

miniature ebook there's going to be

affiliate links that are going to go to

the affiliate offer so when you sign up

a Clickbank to be an affiliate marketer

you get a set a special username and so

when you go find that the product that

you want to sell you're going to take

your special username and insert it at

that person's offer and they're going to

provide you with a jump link or they're

going to provide you with an affiliate

link and basically it's got a tracking

code in it that when you use that link

on your website or your landing pages or

inside of any of your content anytime

somebody clicks on that link it

registers to that product owner that it

came from you

so they know how much to pay you so

that's how that works okay they just you

create an affiliate link it's attached

to you they know it's coming from you so

any traffic that you send to their

offers or send to their products they

that then buy it tracks that back to you

and that's why you set up an account at

a place like Clickbank where they can

monitor all the sales you've made and

then they cash you out there so

hopefully this information helped you

hopefully you understand that you don't

have to have a product to get started

selling online you can just go find a

product at Clickbank and you can

research your market and you can start

creating valuable content and then you

can get that content to people for free

and you can also get that content to

people by hiding it behind an opt-in

page because it's just so important that

you collect people's emails and you

start building a list because if you've

got a gigantic list of a bunch of people

that downloaded your free ebook and you

know that they ebooks about dog training

you have a great big list about dog

training people there they're all dog

training people right they're all people

that have dogs or dog training so you

can sell them other products that might

be related to that so you can multiply

your income so hopefully this video

helps and if you've got any questions

you know just you can comment underneath

the video and I'd love to help you out

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